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6 Types Of Guys Every Girl Wants That Aren’t So Dreamy After All


1. The Hotshot

He is one of those guys who seem to be perfect. He is smooth with his words. He has you believing that every word that comes out of his mouth is the bare truth. He has all the right moves. He is sweetly funny and charming, and he hardly leaves any girl indifferent. And that’s where the problem lies.

There are a lot of women who can’t resist his appealing nature. So once he sweeps you off of your feet and the thrill of the chase wears off, he will just move on to the next girl.

2. Hopeless Romantic

The relationship with this guy will feel like your greatest romantic movie fantasy rather than reality. He will go above and beyond for you and do his best to impress. Romantic candlelight dinner on the rooftop, sweet notes or love paragraphs around the apartment, flowers, thoughtful gifts and the list goes on.

The problem with this guy is that he is so in love with the idea of love, that he takes reality out of the equation. So when reality kicks in some bumps on the road, arguments, boring everyday stuff, etc., he won’t be able to deal with it.


3. Macho

He is the complete opposite of a hopeless romantic. The idea of romance makes him nauseous because he feels like he would be emasculated. However, that doesn’t make him any less appealing. His manly nature makes any women feel safe and protected—not to mention very feminine.

And while he would fight dragons and lions to protect you, he won’t be there to listen when you need him. He won’t be there to hug your problems away. He doesn’t know how to behave in the bad situations, so he runs from them and ignores them completely, leaving you all alone.

4. The Light of the Party

He has the most incredible energy. He is all about parties and fun 24/7, and that’s what makes him exciting. A relationship with him will be full of fun and excitement. He will always have a new adventure on the horizon for the two of you.

The dreamy life with him ceases to exist the moment he loses the spotlight. He doesn’t know how to exist when he is not the center of attention, and he will reveal his true ‘not so pretty’ face soon enough.

5. The Talker

It’s no secret that nine out of ten women fall for what they hear. A guy who has good communication skills is the perfect boyfriend material. He will listen attentively. He will tell you stories about him, his achievements, things he did right.

The dream about this guy will finish the moment you realize that he is all words and no substance. He will only tell you what he believes you want to hear. He will never say anything negative about himself. He will give promises he can’t keep and he will string you along for as long as he can.


6. The Funny Guy

A sense of humor is a valuable trait. If a guy can make you laugh, he can make you do anything. You won’t be able to keep a smile from your face when you are with him. Once you spend more time with him and some more serious life situations arise, you will see he is not your dream guy.

He will treat every situation as a joke. You will need someone to take things seriously when the situation demands it, but he won’t be your guy. Instead of support and solutions, he will offer more jokes or ignore the entire thing completely.



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