OK, so here’s the scenario: you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time now and you’ve distanced yourself after seeing that he stopped putting effort into your relationship.

You’ve seen that he always makes excuses for not seeing you or keeping up with your plans and you’ve had enough of it! But wait, apparently he does care. He starts acting strangely, kind of caring and loving. Like he’s afraid of losing you. Well, my dear, that’s most probably the case. Here are some weird things men do when they are afraid of losing you:

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1. He cancels plans to be with you

Doesn’t matter what kind of plans we’re talking about. He’ll cancel them all just to be around you and show you that he cares. He will initiate dates very often and there is no stopping him from showing himself at your door in the middle of the night.

He simply wants to be around you so that you know that there is no way in hell he’s going to make you feel unappreciated.

2. He gives you gifts for random occasions

OK, to receive a gift now and then makes every single one of us feel very special. But if you have a kindergarten of plush-toys in your room, you better know that he’s scared of losing you.

He will start to behave like there is nothing in this world he can’t buy you to make you happy. It’s kind of a way of showing you that you are worthy of everything you desire.

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3. He avoids fights

Even if he doesn’t agree with something you’re saying, he will back down and tell you that you should agree to disagree. He won’t make a fight out of it because he doesn’t want to upset you.

He’s making sure that he doesn’t raise his voice and that he doesn’t use harsh words that might make you feel uncomfortable. I know that this might seem like he’s being a little pussy, but it’s actually cute to know that he cares enough to give up on an argument in order for you to feel safe.

4. He cares about your family and friends

He wants to make sure that you know that he gets along with all the people that are important and close to you. He wants all of them to like him so that you know how lovable he actually is.

Of course, he will do this in a subtle way—he doesn’t want you to know that he’s desperate. But just know that this will happen if he starts to fear that he might lose you.

5. He meets your every need

Most men don’t think that the needs of women are rational, so they choose which ones they will will respect and which not. But, when a man is afraid that he might lose you, he will do all the crazy things that you want and need in a relationship and he won’t think twice about painting the sky green if that’s what you want.

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6. He talks about your future

He starts mentioning things like marriage and kids the moment he feels like he’s going to lose you. He doesn’t want it to end, so he constantly brings up the topic of your future together. He doesn’t want anything or anyone else else but to wake up next to you for the rest of his life.



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