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5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Each Astrology Sign

There are several weird things to know about each zodiac sign. Read on to see if some of them apply to you.


1. When you hurt an Aries, they will completely block you and never speak to you again.
2. They have a great sense of humor, especially when they are surrounded by their friends.
3. They get bored easily, so they want their life to be full of surprises.
4. They are always right! No exceptions! They can’t stand being criticized.
5. The idea of their perfect woman is a mix of a teacher and a porn star.



1. They want to live in their own world. Often, they feel like they are misunderstood in everything they do.
2. If they are angry, you should back away and let that ship sail.
3. They love fun people. If you are a bit of a drama queen, you better stay away from them.
4. Although they might seem a bit wild and restless, they hate dealing with confrontation.
5. They have a tendency to tell you they don’t care for you, but in reality that is not true.



1. They are never late and some even arrive early.
2. If you think they are talkative, think again. They are very shy and closed.
3. They are faithful in relationships and in friendships, but if you hurt them, they won’t give you any more chances.
4. They have such a sense of humor that their jokes sometimes become boring.
5. They can be easily disturbed.



1. They are the most faithful sign of the zodiac.
2. They don’t open their heart so easily, but when they do, that relationship or friendship is for life.
3. They LOVE their mom.
4. They have their go through phases where they are depressed for no particular reason.
5. They are loyal to their friends and family.


1. They are unpredictable. You never know what they’ll do. One moment they are in love and the next they want to blow up your house.
2. They do what they want, when they want it.
3. They will go the extra mile to make someone happy.
4. Don’t get into an argument with a Leo because you’ll lose.
5. They love themselves the most, so don’t expect them to love you more.



1. They overanalyze things.
2. They are always active. Even when they’re sleeping, they are planning what to do the next day.
3. They want to be in love but, at the same time, they are afraid they won’t find anybody to love them.
4. They won’t hesitate to say they are angry at you.
5. They are the most faithful sign of the zodiac.



1. They aim high and they will risk getting everything or nothing.
2. They can win an argument without actually arguing.
3. Sometimes they want to be alone, and sometimes they want to be surrounded by friends.
4. They are trustworthy and they always know exactly what to say to comfort you.
5. They will lecture you, only to then convince you the dishes don’t need to be washed right away.



1. When they fall in love, they love with all their hearts.
2. They can only tolerate happy people to be in a relationship with.
3. Scorpio women are very sensitive when their emotions are at stake.
4. They can’t stand someone asking too many questions.
5. They are very shy around strangers, but very open around their friends.



1. They know how to have fun, but they know how to set boundaries as well.
2. They tend to change plans at the last minute.
3. They are childish but when things get serious, so do they.
4. They are always in a good mood and they know how to forgive others.
5. You never know what they are thinking unless they tell you.



1. They know they only have 2 or 3 real friends, along with all those fake ones.
2. They won’t forgive you easily.
3. They will never quit at anything. They will use that power to help others to be persistent.
4. They are workaholics and they will sacrifice anything to achieve what they want.
5. They are loyal to their family.



1. They can help you with any kind of problem you have.
2. They jump into relationships.
3. When they are in love, they experience a million emotions in a minute.
4. They are very dynamic.
5. They don’t like insecure people.



1. They make friends easily but they are not surrounded by so many of them.
2. If you hurt them, you’re dead to them.
3. They know how to keep secrets.
4. When they sense something is wrong with them, they will do everything to conceal it.
5. They will give you everything and expect nothing in return.



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