5 Reasons Why Strong Women Attract Narcissists And Psychopaths

No one is resistant to a sociopath’s charm. There is a misconception in society that only strong women are able to resist toxic men.

It is believed that the qualities of strong women make them immune to this type of men. Well, that is just not true. Strong women are not some kind of inhumane robots with no empathy or compassion. They feel as any other woman does. So why would it be easier for them to resist a toxic man’s charm?

Falling for narcissists and psychopaths has nothing to do with intelligence, education or independence. I’ve met dozens of women of all profiles, from common everyday ladies to highly educated women, who have fallen prey to such men.

None of them are an exception when it comes to loving an emotional manipulator.

Manipulators, narcissists and psychopaths are even more likely to be attracted to these strong women. They find their qualities desirable because they have more material to work with. These women offer more positive energy to drain.

Here are the main reasons why strong women attract narcissists and sociopaths:


1. They know how to make you feel special

It’s extremely hard for strong women to find people they connect with instantly and when they do, they think that it’s fate, that it’s meant to be. But for a person with toxic tendencies, it’s not fate. It’s all a part of the plan.

Because, narcissists and sociopaths will pretend to be exactly what you want them to be. They will like the same stuff you like. They will act exactly how you want them to act. Basically, they will do anything just to get under your skin.

When they finally get your attention and make you believe they are your forever person, the terror begins. They know you’re in it for real now, and you won’t back down that easily. You will fight for them because you care for them.


2. They look for intelligence and success

You’re probably targeted because you are successful and intelligent. They see you as a trophy they must have. The fact that you’re successful or wealthy makes you even more desirable.

They make you a target, and actually, you have little or nothing to do with the fact that you end up dating a narcissist or a sociopath. They want everything you have to become theirs, so they can brag about their ‘win’.

3. Their boldness is attractive

The fact is that the more narcissistic a man is, he will be more attractive to women. His boldness and a bit of a cocky attitude give the impression they know what they want, and they will get it.

When the center of their attention is you and you know you are wanted, it flatters you, and you feel special. Don’t be ashamed—it’s true, and every woman feels it.

So, it’s so easy to fall under their spell because they project everything you want to see in a man…at first. Later on, they change their stripes and show who they really are.


4. They are skilled manipulators

They can fool anyone. They are skilled manipulators in disguise. They do it so professionally, and they wait for a substantial amount of time to show who they really are.

They stay hidden until a later stage in the relationship when you get too much involved, and you can’t get out. Then, they already have you in their grips, and they use you as a source of their supply.

The aftermath is just horrific. What you have to go through to get over a narcissist will, at the moment, may make you never trust anyone else. If you’re dealing with getting over a narcissist, read my new book “On Getting Over A Narcissist” here and hopefully, you’ll find answers based on my painful experience.

5. They are charming and confident

This is the thing when you see a charming man—you’re going to fall for him…and even more so, if the man is confident. You don’t want a needy immature man by your side. You want someone who’ll know how to take care of themselves.

That’s the bait which catches you. That’s the road you take, and although the road had warning signs all over, you couldn’t (or didn’t want to) see them.

When a narcissist charms his victim, he seduces her, and in the end, he sucks her dry. Shy, strong, outgoing, introverts, empaths…any kind of a woman can be a target of a narcissist or a psychopath.


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