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5 Golden Rules We Should Remember Before Graduation

  You are young and the whole life is in front of you. You reached a moment in your life when you are on the crossroad and you need to figure it out what your next step will be. Don’t worry and don’t be overwhelmed by the situation. Everything can be fixed if you really want it. Choosing the right course or moving to a new place is something new to you but if you try hard, you can do impossible. Before going crazy over all that stress in your life, check some of the golden rules we all need to know before we graduate. Who knows, maybe the answer is there, you just need to find it!
1. Don’t listen everything your parents say – It is true that parents are our best friends but even they can overdue sometimes. It is okay to listen to their advice but the final decision will be yours. It doesn’t need to mean that if something worked fine for your parents will also work for you. Check how you feel with certain people and in certain situations, avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive ones. That’s the key of being successful in all fields of your life! 2. Don’t forget old friends – Even if you moved from one place to another and everything got drastically changed in your life, there is no excuse for forgetting old friends. Just remember that they were there when you were down, they comforted you and you could have called them at 2 A.M. and they would come to see you without a question. It is very difficult to find real friends so don’t forget about people who can make your day!   3. Learn how to accept yourself – Accepting yourself is not easy when you are young. There are things you don’t like about yourself but step by step you need to accept yourself with all your pros and cons. I know it is difficult and I know it takes time but that’s the way it goes. You can start with small things and then move to bigger ones. You can change your daily routine and spend some productive time with the people you like. You can make a breakfast for you and your best friend and spend all day doing nothing, just to feel better. You can try to cut off cigarettes even for one day. The bottom line is that you need to be the best version of yourself because trust me, one day that will be the most important thing in your life!   4. Be yourself – Young people are under so much stress every day. They need to study or work and also they need to look good and have time for friends and studying. STOP! It is time to breathe. Do it right now. For yourself. For days to come. Don’t act like someone else so others can like you. Be yourself. With your good and bad days. Because that is real you. What would happen with the world if all people would wear masks? Is that some kind of trend now? I feel people don’t want to show their real face because they care about other people’s opinion. That is not good because you are losing yourself over someone who will maybe be in your life for a short time. Don’t do that because you will regret. In the end if you didn’t do all that good stuff in your life at least you know you weren’t hiding behind a mask. It was the real you and that’s what counts the most!   5. Take care of yourself – A lot of people will advice you to take care of yourself when you are young but sometimes you will not be able to understand them. What does: „Take care of yourself“ mean? Of course I am going to take care of myself, I am not crazy to make some harm to myself. Well, I must admit that I wasn’t completely sure what people have told me until I was 30. When someone says: „Take care“ it means they really care about you. It is another way for them to show they love you. And when you figure it out, that feeling is amazing! So my darling, take care of yourself and never take your life for granted! These are golden rules every young girl or boy should know about their life. Sometimes things are not exactly like they look like at first sight. Sometimes you need to read between the lines so you can understand something. And it takes time and space for that. So don’t be bustling and lose your head to understand everything now. It takes some time to understand certain things and from my opinion you can’t understand some of them enough when you are young. When the day finishes and you go to bed, make sure that you don’t regret about anything and start every new day with a smile!  


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