Long gone are the days where you had to dig into the old and dusty tomes to learn the mysteries of astrology. With online astrology courses, you can now tap into the centuries-old knowledge from the comfort of your home.

You can even learn about the insides and outs of zodiac signs and different houses in a birth chart on the go.

But with so many online astrology courses out there, you can find it hard to decide which one to choose. On top of that, astrology is quite a big discipline, and there are several different practices and schools. To help you out get started, we put together the list of top 4 online astrology courses for you.

Intro to Astrological Symbols with Tony Howard

Intro to Astrological Symbols is an online astrology course designed to cater to the needs of people new to astrology. If you are making your first step as the zodiac signs interpreter, this is the course for you.

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With the basic knowledge this course provides, you will be able to master the more complex studies and deeply understand the key concepts in astrology.

The course is well structured. It will help you learn all about the basic symbols necessary for more advanced astrological studying. You will learn about 12 houses, 12 signs, and 14 planetary symbols.

The course lasts for four weeks. During the first three weeks, you will learn about astrology, planetary archetypes, the 12 signs and houses, and 14 planetary symbols. During the last week of the course, you will learn how to use the ephemeris and set up a chart.

This course will also help you learn how to choose a house system whenever you start a new study. You will have the chance to practice setting up a chart in an astrology program and how to put ephemeris to use.

The Q&A sessions and weekly homework and assignments will help you stay committed to the course and astrological studies. If you want to stay tuned to the course and you have an upcoming paper assignment, you can easily outsource it at WriteMyPaper4Me.


Vedic Astrology Parts I, II & III By Janet M Perez

If you are interested in mastering east astrology, also known as Vedic astrology, Vedic Astrology courses part I, II, & III are everything you need. You will learn how to use only the birth date, time and place to make predictions about the future, set up a chart, and tell your clients all about what stands behind their every-day life choices.

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Vedic Astrology online astrology courses made it to our list because they also teach basic astronomy concepts.

The first course in the series tackles the knowledge that will help you understand how the universe is arranged, which is very important in astrology as it will help you learn how the signs influence the planets, planets’ position, and what each planet means. You will learn the critical role of the Moon and hear all about the Rahu and Ketu – the Moon’s nodes.

The second course in the series goes even deeper in the Vedic Astrology studies. You will learn about planetary states and relationships, primary strengths in the backstory, friendly and enemy planet signs, house analysis, and fixed significations.

Finally, the third course will help you master the planetary unions (Graha Yogas), learn how to interpret Rahu and Ketu in a natal chart, predict times in people’s lives with Dasha Cycle, and how to assess whether an individual has an indication of some mental imbalance.

Online Astrology Courses at Faculty of Astrological Studies

The Faculty of Astrology Studies has a long-standing reputation as an education center in the astrology community. It was founded back in 1948. Today it offers online astrology courses to international students. The faculty offers two courses Foundation Course and Professional Diploma Level 1.

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What we liked about these courses is that you can pick any module that you like and learn only the things that personally interest you.

The Foundation course is designed for students that are absolute beginners. You will learn the basic language of astrology and how to interpret a birth chart. The course consists of three modules that teach you plants, signs, houses, what ascendant is and what it signifies, and skills to read a birth chart.

Diploma Level One course is reserved for students that already have basic knowledge in astrology. It also consists of three modules.

Students who enroll in this online course will be able to learn about transits and solar returns, progressions, and directions, and how to combine various forecasting techniques to interpret a birth chart better.


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Astrological Forecasting for Everyone by Alexander Kolesnikov

When it comes to “easy” online astrology courses, Astrological Forecasting for Everyone is probably the easiest one. The course creator, Alexander Kolesnikov, has decades-long experience in astrology. But he is also very pragmatic.

He developed a course that can help absolute beginners master the basic astronomical concepts. They will be able to write a daily authentic astrological forecast (horoscope), without diving deep into astrological complexities.

Well, there are still some technicalities the course has to take you through such as planets, signs, and houses. The course is designed to keep you engaged and interested in learning. The quizzes and handouts make learning so easy and will help you retain knowledge more efficiently.

After the quick introduction, Alexander will take you on a magnificent journey through basics of the natal astrology, houses, planets, long-term and short term astrological predictions. There is over one hour of online lectures covering the planetary aspects, including what they are, what are configurations, and how to interpret them.



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