2021 5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Better Off Single This Year

What have the stars prepared for your love life in 2021?

Should you grab every relationship opportunity you get or it is better to spend this year by yourself?

Well, if you belong to one of these 5 zodiac signs, you’re definitely better off single in 2021 and here’s why.


The first sign that should definitely stay out of romantic relationships this year is Gemini.

There is a lot going on in your life right now and you literally don’t know where you’re headed.

You feel like both your heart and head are nothing but a huge mess and every direction you take will be the wrong one.

Well, that can only mean one thing: this is not the time for making important decisions.

Your long forgotten ex might try to make a big comeback into your life.

I know that this is the one who got away and your first impulse will probably be to give them another chance or at least get some closure.

After all, you’ve been waiting for this comeback for years.

However, 2021 is the year in which you should do your best to clear your head and to give everything a little more thought.

Please, don’t rush things. You’ll make a better choice if you take it slowly and give yourself enough time to reach a final decision.

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If you are a Libra, you are also one of the signs who should stay away from romance in 2021, for your own good.

You’ve been through a lot lately and even though you refuse to admit it, you still carry some heavy emotional baggage around that won’t magically go away, even though that is what you hope will happen.

Instead of jumping from one relationship to another, use this year for some introspection because you could definitely use it.

Sure, rebound relationships look like fun and games at first, but later on, they just give both you and the other person unnecessary headaches.

It’s about time you figure out what and who you want for real, without any distractions.

Ignore your fears and doubts and take your life into your own hands. A resolution to your dilemmas won’t fall from the sky just like that.

Listen to your heart and intuition and I assure you that you’ll make the right choice for your future. How to get a Libra Man fall for you


You’re an emotional person and your heart gets wounded more often than you’d like to admit.

That is exactly why you should use 2021 to end your healing process the right way.

Ignore everyone who keeps telling you that it’s about time you move on from your heartbreak and put yourself back in the dating pool.

Remember that there is no shame in grieving. Instead of considering yourself weak, stay in touch with your emotions and come to recognize your true strength.

Not everyone has the ability to process everything that is hurting them and you’re extremely special for knowing how to do that.

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Let’s face it, you’ve had more than enough of trying to reach compromises with different people.

More than enough doing your best to meet the other person halfway and putting their needs in front of your own.

This is the year in which you’ll be way better off without all those things.

The year in which you should stop wasting all of your energy on making others better and refocus it on yourself.

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If you’re a Scorpio, you also belong to those who will be happier if they stay away from relationships in 2021.

There is a huge possibility of meeting someone new in 2021, but that doesn’t mean that this person is right for you.

Be careful not to confuse fleeting lust with true love.

As much as you are attracted to this new person that came into your life, trust your gut that keeps telling you that they’re everything but relationship material.

Instead of rushing things, take one step at a time.

Don’t be scared that you’ll lose your soul mate just because you don’t want to jump into a relationship right away.

Whoever is meant to be yours will always find their way to you – there is no doubt in that – so why worry?

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