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These 20 Ways To Encourage The Crush Who Can’t Take A Hint

A crush is someone we like, someone we want to date, and someone we can’t get enough of in life. However, sometimes, these crushes just can’t take a hint! We flirt, we try to let our feelings be known, and we work to get noticed by these special people… yet… nothing.

It can be like we don’t even exist to these people at times, which is super frustrating. We all want someone to hang out with, go to the movies with, cuddle with… So what is this person’s deal, we wonder?!

If anyone out there is struggling with getting someone to pick up on all the hints being dropped, look no further. Here, we have 20 ways to encourage these crushes a bit. Plus, all of these methods are super easy; we may be doing some already and may feel good about implementing a bit more into our lives—all for love. By using these wise ways, we will surely get the attention of those special guys or gals.

So stop the stressing and start encouraging love with these 20 helpful hints that will wake crushes up, open their eyes, and remind them of what is right in front of them.

20Get Interested In Their Interests

A good way to let someone know that he/she is being crushed on is to get interested in their interests. Does a certain guy like watching and cheering on a certain team? Then express interest in said team by wearing team colors on game day or even by inviting the guy to a game.

Does a specific gal like listening to a specific band? Then start listening to this group, too, make sure she knows that it is being listened to, and maybe even invite her to a concert. If a crush knows that someone has shared interests, this will increase their chances of also being interested.

19Share Personal Interests With Them, Too

On the other hand, we can also share our own passions with the people we like. For instance, when hanging out, we can show these people our favorite spots, take them to our favorite restaurants, let them listen to our favorite album, or read our favorite book with them.

This will give them a glimpse into our life, and when they see that we are opening up, they may just return the favor. Shared interests are quite important for successful relationships of any kind, so we need to make sure that we are sharing this all with our special friend!

18Genuinely Show Care

A simple way to let a person know they are liked is to just care about them! This is almost a necessity for basic human interactions since everyone should be striving to give kindness and compassion to others. But when we are talking about a crush… This definitely applies, and even more so!

Care about these people physically, emotionally, mentally and so on. Ask personal questions. Buy them gifts. Lend a helping hand. There are numerous ways to show care, and we should all be taking advantage of this. Therefore, we should all be making it super clear that we care.

17Take A Pic Together


Let’s paint a little picture here… A girl, whom we will call Jane, likes a boy, whom we will call John. Jane and John are hanging out with mutual friends. They could be on the way to see a movie, at a fair, or eating at a restaurant. Of course, everyone has out their phones, checking social media, texting, and even taking pics.

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Well, this is the perfect opportunity for Jane and John to casually take a photo together. Everyone else will be, too, so it won’t seem strange. Then, Jane can post this image on social media, with the perfect caption, and John will realize that he likes Jane as more than a friend and vice versa.


16Engage Via Social Media

On that note, we must remind everyone out there that social media is the go-to place for flirting! If/when we have a crush, we can follow/friend that person. We can like or comment on their posts and pictures. And if/when we are feeling really brave, we can send them a direct message, too.

What we say could be totally casual, or we could get straight to the point by letting our feelings be known or asking this person out on a date. And if it doesn’t work out, that is okay. We live, we learn, and we find a new and better fish in the sea!

15Slide That Phone Number Into The DMs

Okay, we just want to elaborate on the previous point… As mentioned, when feeling brave, people can direct message their crushes, and by sliding into the DMs, people may be able to give out their phone numbers. When digits are exchanged, a new way of conversing comes about. It is more intimate. It is special.

And it could be the beginning of a beautiful love story! Just be smart about how this is done and to whom the number is given. There is a fine line between bravery and between being a bit too forward and a little too open.


14Surprise Them With A Gift

We can dress in a captivating way. We can physically be present in someone’s life. We can send cute texts. But sometimes, people are just clueless! Well, another fun way to encourage a crush is with a gift. This goes a long way!

Firstly, it shows that we care and that we, yes, have a crush. And, furthermore, this gift can also show we really know our special someone, if we are giving them their favorite chocolates, something in their favorite color, or a gift that is themed around their favorite show, group, team, or hobby. Plus, who doesn’t like presents?!

13Pay Attention To Their Compliments

We have discussed clueless crushes, but there are also crushes who seem to know we like them and they even seem to like us back. However, taking that leap and sealing the deal can be tough.

This is why it is important to pay attention to their compliments. If/when this person says he/she likes our clothes, enjoys our company, thinks we smell nice… Hold on to that! Make it mean something! Have the perfect reply (a return compliment) ready! And then, of course, always wear that outfit and perfume or cologne, since it is obviously a great choice.


12Write A Letter

Texting and social media are both great, but go the old-school route to really stand out. Letters are personal and precious. They are sweet and simple. They are the perfect way to express feelings, to show true emotions and to get noticed by that crush!

It can be something short and to the point—like a classic check-yes-or-no version—or it can be more like a novel, with pages explaining what we love, what we need, what we imagine, and what we want. Both will definitely get us noticed, so we are saying to go ahead and go for it!

11Keep The Conversation Going


Social media comments, texts, and letters have all been discussed here as ways to let our feelings out to our crushes. A final note on communication is to keep the conversation going, which is probably what we all want anyway.

When we like someone, we think about them constantly, we want to be around them all the time, and when we are apart… Well, we can talk about being together and tell them that we want them and remind them that we enjoy hanging with them! We must keep the convo strong to keep us in that special man’s or special woman’s mind!


10Dress To Impress

Words are nice, but if a crush sees someone who is dressed to impress, that is a clear win. From head to toe, we can show our interest just by how we look. We can groom ourselves, smell nice, and dress in the snazziest outfits when we are around these people. This will make it very evident how we feel and what we want.

But if a crush still isn’t picking up on this hint, then it may be time to try out a new method —one that is even more to-the-point, as people can sometimes be a bit dense!

9Get Physical

On way to take it up a notch is to get physical. Words and first impressions can be taken many different ways, which is why some crushes may need bigger hints like the ones listed out in this piece.

But there are some flirtation devices that are crystal clear: Jane hugs John more than she hugs her other friends. Jane tries to hold John’s hand. Jane makes sure her body brushes up against John’s when they are together. And Jane even goes in for a kiss, just in case John was not sure if she really liked him or not.


8Create A Mixtape

Another sweet way that an individual can show a crush how he/she feels is by making a mixtape. And don’t say this is out of date—it is adorable! Sure, it may be a mixed CD or a playlist created on a website now.

But if an individual takes the time to put together something like this and takes the time to carefully pick out unique songs and takes the time to share it with a crush… This definitely says something big and fab. Plus, in our opinion, when this is done with an actual cassette tape, it is even cuter.

7Invite Them Over To Watch Their Fave Show

As stated and as we know, people who like each other want to always be together. One way to make this happen is by inviting that guy/gal over to watch their favorite show. This can seem innocent—they were going to have to watch it anyway!—and it can be done in an easy way.

One message later, and they can be over, on the couch, hanging out. Then, what happens after that… Well, that is up to us all, individually, but let’s just say that this could also be the beginning of something romantic, fun, exciting, and loving!

6And Hint At Being Invited Over

On a similar note, we can hint that we want to be invited over to their house, too. It may be weird to have them at ours, our parents or our roommates may not like it, or it may be time for our crush to return the favor.

Therefore, some messages like the following examples could work to send: “Ooo, I can’t wait to watch TWD tonight. Are ya watching it at home?” “Didn’t you get the new Mario Kart? I’ve been wanting to play that!”

5Give Them That Extra Ticket

Time to paint another picture with Jane and John! John may have an extra ticket to a concert, and if he wanted Jane to know that he had a crush on her, he could ask her to attend the concert with him. And just like that, a first date is born.

Similarly, John may know that Jane loves Fleetwood Mac, may see that they are coming to town, may get two tickets and may tell Jane that he just happens to have an extra one lying around. Jane will love this idea and opportunity, and voila, another date is happening!


4Befriend Their Friends

When it comes to crushes, friends and friends of friends are quite vital. See, in the early stages of relationships, things can go south if the crush’s friends don’t like us or if our friends don’t like the crush. Therefore, one sure-fire way to get in good with this special man/woman is to get in good with their friends!

Even some of the tactics on this list could work, such as liking their favorite bands or buying them gifts. Just don’t get too sweet or be too flirty, as things could really get confusing for everyone who is involved.

3Use A Wing-Woman

Speaking of friends… A wingwoman can help with a crush. When we are not befriending our crush’s friends, we can use our own friends to do the hard work. These pals can talk us up to our crush. They can “accidentally” call our crush, forcing us to have to talk to this person. They can physically be a presence that gives us strength and bravery while performing all the tasks that are on this list.

Yes, good girl friends are fab—especially when it comes to getting noticed by a crush—so use them well and use them wisely during this process.


2Bake Them Cookies

People enjoy free tickets. People like presents. But people love cookies! This is another smart way to let someone know how we feel. It takes time to bake cookies. Ingredients must be purchased, a recipe must be found, and supplies must be at the ready. Then, when the cookies are done, they can be put in a cute container and hand-delivered, while they are warm and gooey.

This clearly has love (or at least “like”) written all over it, and crushes will surely appreciate the energy, time, and effort that went into this gesture (which is literally a sweet one).

1Use A Flash Mob Or Skywriter

We can share passions and take pictures together. We can spend time with this person and give them gifts. We can look amazing and let them know that they don’t look bad themselves. If a crush is still being clueless after all of this, then it is time for desperate measures.

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Yes, our last two pieces of advice are a bit extreme, but they may be just the things to jumpstart this relationship. So, if all else doesn’t make things happen, simply put together a flash mob or hire a skywriter to let this crush know your true feelings and thoughts and emotions!


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