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20 Sweet Nothings She Can Say To Steal His Heart

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They will probably never admit this, but men love to be complimented just as much as women do. It’s a human thing!

And while it’s all fine and dandy to tell him on text how awesome she thinks he is, it can never compete with the way he’ll feel if she says that to him directly in-person. In fact, it works even better when they are cuddling together or just sitting side-by-side on a park bench after their third date.

If done right (read: with honesty and the full strength of one’s heart), she will notice a distinct change in his behavior towards her. In a good way. He might even go out of his way to do more for her!

So here are 20 sweet nothings that will steal any man’s heart. But before diving in, here are a few words of caution:

If the man a woman is with doesn’t treat her right, the following will not make him fall in love with her. Deep inside her gut, she doesn’t condone behavior like that. No one does. So her words will fall flat at best and sound like she is trying to convince herself he’s good at worst.

Plus, if he loved her, he wouldn’t need to be bribed with kind words to treat her right. He would be sweet to her on his own and that would inspire her to say the following to him. Enjoy!

20When He Makes Us Feel Safe And Protected


“I feel so safe when you are around me.”

Men love to hear this. It makes them feel strong and manly for all the right reasons. Of course, only say it if you truly feel this way—although, you probably do if it’s meant to be!

After all, when you say you feel safe and protected when he’s with you, you are indirectly telling him that you trust him wholeheartedly and know that he has the strength to defend you from the big bad world out there.

Plus, it makes him want to take care of you even more after that because now he feels appreciated. So yay!

19When We Are Happier Than A Cat Who Has Found A Christmas Bauble


“You are my little ball of sunshine!”

Every time I say this to my boyfriend, his face splits into a huge grin. And then he follows it up by singing “… you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”.

So yeah, I know from personal experience that it works!

And even if your guy isn’t as expressive as mine, he will still feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside when you say this.

Especially if you surprise him with a quick tight hug and then tell him this. It’s a little silly, sure, but it accurately describes how great he makes you feel.


18 When We Are In Cheeky Mood


“Why are you so cute? It’s positively criminal!”

Here’s another line that is all tongue-in-cheek. Just make sure you get the emotion and cadence right because this line should never be delivered in a dead-pan. That would make it sound sarcastic and rude.

The right way to do this is as a mock-complain. As if his cuteness is causing cars to crash into the sidewalk and making people lose their minds. Like he’s doing to you…

Yup, it’s super dramatic. But life is no fun if you leave all the drama for the movies!

17When Our Heart Is Bursting With Love!


“I have never met a more wonderful man in my life.”

Ladies, we would love to hear our man say the same to us. Er… the feminine version of it, of course.

Just remember: the right way to do this is with an awe-struck look on your face because you can’t believe how wonderful he is.

And say it when he has done something really sweet for you. Like nursed you back to good health when you were sick or encouraged you to go after your dreams when you were feeling disheartened.


16When We Miss Him


“I wish you were here. I miss you so much!”

Now, here’s the thing with this line, ladies. You must never use it frivolously. Like when the two of you have been apart for, say, just two hours. That would make you sound clingy.

Instead, use it only when you have been apart for a few days or more because one or both of you are traveling or have plans that won’t let you meet each other.

The only exception to this rule is when you are in a long distance relationship and are meeting each other after a long time. Cause we get it. Even half an hour apart while they are taking a shower can feel too long!

15When We Want Him To Keep Pampering Us


“I love it when you do that…”

Want a man to keep doing the things you like? Just tell him so. And he will do them even more.

After all, no one likes to be nagged about what they are doing wrong. But we all like it when we are appreciated for the things we got right.

So if you love how he offers to massage your back when you had a long day at work, tell him so when he does it the next time. The key here is to say it when they do it. The impact is more that way.


14When We Know He’s Our Best Friend


“I enjoy your company more than anyone else’s in the world.”

You will be surprised to know that not many of us let our boo know this. So when you say it to him, he will feel great about himself and will appreciate you even more.

After all, don’t you like it when someone tells you that they enjoy your company the best because you are the coolest, or always have something interesting to say, or have a positive aura about you?

Just remember: this line won’t work if you actually don’t feel this way. So don’t lie!

13When Our Friends Tell Us He’s A Great Catch And They Want One Too!


“My friends are so jealous I have you.”

Take it from me, this line works like gold. But only if you do it right.

Because at the heart of it, this line is a cheeky way of telling him that your friends think he’s awesome.

In fact, it’s even better if your sister or favorite cousin said it. Because then it’s obvious that your family likes him. And that would make him feel closer to you.

A word of caution: don’t lie and tell him this if none of your friends or your family has ever said anything of this kind. Because those lies always come to light sooner or later.


12When We Can’t Believe How Much We Love Him


“There isn’t a language in the world that can convey how much I love you.”

Let’s face it, the emergence of language might have been the reason why humans conquered the world, but when it comes to expressing emotional subtleties, all languages are not created equal. Especially English, where the word love remains the same whether you want to say “I love you” or “I love strawberries.”

Do you now get why this line is so deep and romantic?

So don’t mess it up by saying it casually. Do it with all seriousness, and only when the two of you have been together for a while now and love each other greatly.

11When We Can’t Sleep Without Hearing His Voice At Least Once


“I look forward to our conversations. They make my day.”

This line is better suited to the dating world than that of committed relationships.

Why? Because it’s relaxed and expresses interest but not outright affection. After all, you don’t want to scare the guy away.

So use it when you have been going out with someone for a while now and have progressed to speaking over the phone at least once a week along with texting every day. That would let him know that you like him. And if he’s interested, he will pick up the ball and increase your communication frequency.

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10When We Wish We Were Time Travelers


“If I could turn back time, I would have met you years back.”

Say this to him only when things are serious between you two, and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he’s all-in.

But don’t do it when he says “I love you” for the first time. That’s too early.

Allow your relationship to mature some more. And then maybe say this to him while on a romantic private date for two when your heart is brimming over with feelings for him. Because it’s not the words that would blow his mind, but the depth of the emotions behind it.

9When He Drops Us Back Home After An Awesome Date


“I had a great time. I can’t wait to see you again!”

Stay alert, ladies! Because this is the perfect line to get him to ask you out on a second date after you have just had an awesome time together.

In fact, you can use it whenever you spend some quality time with each other.

Just remember to tone down the enthusiasm depending on how good the date went and how long you have known each other. Because while it’s okay to sound super enthusiastic if the first date was really fun, it would sound too eager if you know there was quite a lot of awkwardness between you two.


8When We Don’t Want To Beat Around The Bush


“You make me so happy!”

Men love it when they can make their girl happy. It makes them feel capable. And happy right back! But it’s not just about the material things, or congratulating him for doing what you wanted him to do.

That’s why you should say this line only when you and your boo are in a relationship. Otherwise, it would sound too premature.

Just remember to say it when you are really happy because your words will have more power then. And watch as he promises to continue to keep that smile on your face forever.

7When We Can’t Get Enough Of Him


“Wow! You smell so good.”

Here’s a scientific fact: if you are interested in a man romantically, you will find his scent very alluring. And we all seem to know this instinctively.

That’s why men preen like cats when you compliment them with this line. Especially if you are snuggling together and your face is tucked inside the crook of his shoulder.

But you can also use it in the dating scenario when your date shows up all clean and smelling like aftershave. It might just perk up his interest in you—and he’ll appreciate that you noticed how nicely he cleans up!


6When He Dresses Up For Us


“Hey, Mr. Handsome…”

Most men think a five-minute shower is good enough personal hygiene. And that clothes at the bottom of the laundry heap magically clean themselves just by virtue of being at the bottom. *Shakes head*

So if he dresses up well for you, appreciate his effort and call him Mr. Handsome.

His face will light up immediately and he will be even sweeter to you the rest of that day.

In fact, if you want him to continue making an effort in the way he looks, tell him that you love it when he spends some extra time dressing up well because it makes him look really confident. That’s the cure for complacency, we tell you!

5When We Have A Hunch He’s The One


“I am so glad I met you.”

Take it from me, if you want a guy to ask you out on a date, drop this line after you have just had an interesting conversation with him and are preparing to leave. He will remember you favorably for a long time after that—after all, stroking his ego helps make you stick in his mind.

Although, to tell the truth, the asking out on a date thing will only happen if he’s interested in you too. But no harm even if he isn’t. He will always be more enthusiastic when he meets you next time!


4When We Know He’s The One


“I love everything about you.”

They say that you should never try to change the one you are with because it’s not possible.

That’s why it’s called true love when you accept someone for who they are and would be okay with it even if they never changed for the rest of their lives.

Catching our drift? Good.

Because this is a heavy-duty line that should only be used when you know with absolute certainty that you love him just the way he is. Because there are definitely no take-backs later—so make sure you actually know all his bad habits beforehand.

3When He Is Chivalrous And Charming


“You are a real gentleman!”

Chivalry is a dying art. So if he is one of those rare gems who still have good manners, compliment him for it and make his day with this sweet line. After all, being a true gentleman is something guys do because it’s who they are, not because they’re trying to impress a gal.

And be enthusiastic about it when you drop this one on him!

Trust us, most guys turn up the chivalry even more after this. And if you are lucky, you will get to see him pull himself up to his full height and look proud. Adorable!


2When We Can’t Believe Our Luck


“I never believed in love at first sight. And then I met you.”

Technically, this line only works when you are the rational sort who has never believed in love before you fell hard for him. Otherwise, your words will sound a bit fake.

So basically, it’s a romantic line for those who aren’t very comfortable being romantic.

And therefore, it must be delivered clearly, with full emotion, and all seriousness. Don’t let him think this is a joke!

Just take a deep breath before you do it. It’s only a different way of saying “I love you.”

1When We Want Him To Stop Worrying Because He’s Awesome


“I believe in you.”

We recommend using this line quite frequently. And also whenever he’s feeling discouraged or nervous before a big day. It’s like a pep talk in a single sentence.

After all, the world would be a better place if everyone had someone in their life to say this to them whenever they were feeling low or let down.

So be that person for him and watch as he falls in love with you every time these golden words drop off your tongue (and heart). And if he’s the one, he will do it right back for you!

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