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20 Signs She Should Take As Hints That He Is Not Interested In You

He’s About To Dump Her:

We know that relationships are hard work; it takes two people who are willing to compromise and meet halfway. If the woman in the relationship is the one who is putting in all the work, and always putting the man on top, then the man is not worth a second of her time. We would rather a woman love 100 times than staywith a man who clearly does not want to be with her anymore.

Some men are better at expressing what they are feeling through actions, and that applies to breakups, too. Men tend to have a difficult time vocalizing that they want to break it off, which is why it is important to pay attention to the red flags mentioned below.

Sadly, sometimes love is blind, and when we’re in love, we tend to see things differently. Signs that we would normally pick up on if they applied to our bestie and her man we tend not to pick up on when it comes to our partner. Love can clearly be delusional, but when a man is unhappy and wants to call it quits, there are ways to instantly know in advance before he makes the call.

These signs may not always guard against heartbreak but will help a woman be aware that her man is no longer feeling her — and, she could decide to dump him before he ends things. These signs below will let any woman know that a breakup is around the corner.

20He’s Picking Random Fights With Her


If your relationship has suddenly become constant fighting, don’t delude yourself, he is without a doubt unhappy. This warning sign could help any lady avoid stress and heartache, so if you’re in this situation, do not disregard the arguing.

For the littlest things, he keeps on nitpicking at you or criticizing you, and then turns the conversations into arguments. If he is going 0 to 100 really quick for the smallest things, and very often, he is doing this for three cruel reasons.

Firstly, by always arguing, he thinks it’ll make you dump him so that he gets away with it. Secondly, taking this route means he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Thirdly, this is going to be his reason to break it off with you, without him taking full responsibility — because it takes two to argue, correct?

19Always Going Out Without Her

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If you legitimately feel like he keeps on leaving you alone on purpose, it is because he is. Ladies, even though we know men make it a priority to always see their boys, spend time with them, and do guy things, there is a certain limit to how much he does with them when in a relationship.

If he is off gallivanting around town every night of the week with them, and without you, it is a sign that he wants out. This is especially the case if he used to only have a guys’ night every so often. If it seems like he’s always going out with his friends, it’s a clear indication that he is no longer interested in the relationship. It is even more telling if he goes out without telling you about it.


18He Doesn’t Show Her Any Affection

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If you feel like you need to get your needs for affection filled elsewhere, then why you are in this relationship in the first place? No woman should feel that she needs to constantly ask for smooches or hugs from her partner; you should not be pulling his ear for something that is generally automatic in relationships.

You should not feel like you are walking on eggshells because you’re too scared to constantly ask your main squeeze for affection. And, if he makes you feel that way, drop him like it’s hot. We do not need Albert Einstein to tell you that men are always extremely affectionate towards the women that they love. Let’s be honest, what is a relationship without affection? Nothing.

17He’s Hanging Out With Other Women

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He is suddenly hanging out with women that you’ve never heard of before. They may have been in his life before you came along, which is fine, but it is a red flag if he is suddenly prioritizing them over you.

And, if he is spending more time with other females, you’re probably the main topic of their afternoon lunch or night out; he needs advice from other women on what to do, and attention from elsewhere.

He is surely asking them how he should vocalize to you how he has already moved on. Do not be naïve and disregard the fact that he is suddenly hanging with those girl friends who were not around before.


16To Go Out With Her, He Can’t Find Time

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So, we have established thus far that a man who wants to call it quits spends more time with other women, and little or no time with his girlfriend. If he finds amusement in discovering all the hippest new places in town without you, he does not mind if you are not in his schedule.

If a man is content in a relationship, he’ll want to bring his lady along with him on dinner dates, and he’ll want to show her off. Instead, the man who wants to get rid of his girlfriend will be too busy to ever spend time with her, when in fact he actually is not the busy bee he is making himself out to be.

Just kick him to the curb, because this sign means he clearly dislikes being in your company. He is your partner, you should not have to pen him in weeks in advance.

15He Pays More Attention To His Phone

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What’s another way in which a man will hint to a woman that she is no longer his main priority? He’ll spend all his time with her on his phone. If on numerous occasions you find yourself murmuring to him, “What is wrong? You seem distant,” listen to your heart because there is something wrong. You do not feel that way for nothing, you feel that way because your gut is correct and he is purposely acting distant.

Before he makes the move and tells you adios, know that if you realize his phone intrigues him more than you do, you can actually let him go first. He evidently really does not want to spend time with you, and if all communication when spending time together has crawled to a halt, there is trouble in paradise.

14She Does Things That Don’t Bother Him Anymore

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Once upon a time, he was badgering you about so many things; he let you know all the things that bothered him and made him jealous. But now, it feels like you’re in an open relationship. Why? Because he no longer cares about you, so he no longer cares about what you do.

He would get ticked off when you’d go dancing with the girls, and now he begs you to go. You’ll now probably appreciate when he was an overprotective boyfriend because you knew he was so into you. However, when he no longer wants to be involved romantically with you, he won’t even be upset or angry if you flirt with men when he’s around. Don’t send out an SOS. Give up on the relationship because he’s not worth the effort.

13He Doesn’t Care If He Attracts Her Anymore

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Throughout your entire love story, your man would always throw on his best outfits and tidy up solely to impress you, and now he could not be bothered if he looks like a caveman. If this is an issue for you, read on, because it is a red flag.

While a woman may at some point get comfortable in her relationship, and not mind leaving a little bit of body hair on her, it is different for a man. A man who makes it a top priority to always groom his beard and have a clean cut will continue doing so in a relationship until he does not care about her anymore.

That’s because he does not want to put the slightest effort into being attractive to her anymore. She’ll keep on nagging him to shave, get his hair cut, or go get waxed, and he’ll keep on ignoring her, and she’ll give up and explode — and that is exactly what he wants.

12He Is Telling Her Things He’s Never Said

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If he is going to break up with you in the near future, he’ll start being a completely different person than the one you fell hopelessly in love with. We know men love to be playful and tease the women they love but keep your ears open and listen attentively; there’s a big difference between joking and being insulting.

Here are examples of things a man will say to his ladylove, things that he’s never uttered, if he wants to run away from her. He’ll insult her or poke at all her insecurities and he’ll tell her she’s too much or too clingy — basically anything that is hurtful means his feelings are no longer lovely ones. No woman deserves this from her SO.

11He Doesn’t Say He Loves Her

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Love is blind — oh it is — but if a man can no longer say those three words, do not be blind, please.

A “little” red flag here, but if he no longer tells her he loves her, and when she says it he never replies, his feelings have completely gone out the window. His black heart does not feel anymore love towards her, and he hopes she’ll notice when he stops saying it.

The cat is out of the bag at this point. He wants to plot his way out of the relationship, so he is starting by cutting you off emotionally. The lack of “I love you” is a really big sign and should be taken seriously.


10He Says Bad Things About Her Behind Her Back

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Why would any man want to talk badly about the woman he supposedly loves? He would when he no longer envisions a future with her and does not even care about injuring her feelings. Yes, he is going to that extent to sacrifice their love. We highly doubt she is going around and talking smack about the man she loves.

He is subtly hinting that the love is gone, but in other ways. It takes guts to talk behind your partner’s back, but if you no longer have respect for that person, it is not difficult at all. This sign should be a dealbreaker, especially if you catch him talking badly, or he’s a repeat offender.

If he loves you, he’ll be putting you on a pedestal, not bringing you down.

9He Keeps Information On The DL

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Before, he used to get home and run to her to rant about his day at work or about his night out with the boys. Now, he barely shares information with her anymore. Why does this happen?

When a man wants to call it off with his partner, he starts becoming more selective in what he blurts out. This means that he now decides very carefully what he wants to tell her and what he wants to hide. He is not eager to share anything with her anymore and becomes selective because the connection they once had is no longer present.

Once a man loses feelings for a woman, he shuts down. So, if information does not get shared with you anymore, do not take this sign lightly. When the romance begins to fade, he no longer has interest in telling his partner about his life. This can include important life events, like birthdays or career promotions.


8His Finances Suddenly Got Tight

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Nothing in his life changed. There has been no career change, no salary change, yet he is changing the way he treats you. It is a big red flag that something is wrong.

Every couple likes to indulge sometimes by going out on dates, like dinners, yet that has become nonexistent. He used to love spoiling her, but now getting a rose for her is like a big deal. Unless they are not living together and he is being tighter with his cash so he can move out with her, there is no other valid reason why he’d stop spending money on her, unless he plans on escaping the relationship.

7She Caught Him Scoping

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Imagine her bestie is scrolling through Tinder only to find him appear on it — do we really need to tell you that he is no longer in love? It is quite clear that if any man is on a dating site or application looking for someone else, it is because he no longer wants what he has. And when he finds another person who meets his needs, that is when he is going to put one foot forward and dump his GF.

Also, any lady should be wary and keep an eye open if she caught her man scrolling through a bunch of girls’ IG pages. He is scoping what is out there because he wants another mate.


6What She Does Isn’t Good Enough

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No woman should feel like whatever she does is never good enough for her man. And if she does, it is because he is miserable and only wants her to feel the same. A huge telltale sign that he wants to end things is if he no longer appreciates anything she does for him; whatever she does, and no matter how hard she tries to please him, he makes it clear that her sweet gestures are not good enough.

The worst part of it all is that he purposely wants her to feel like all she is doing for him is going unnoticed. Remember, you are good enough, and if he makes you feel otherwise, he’s no longer in it for love.

5He Doesn’t Talk About Her In His Future Anymore

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One day, she and her partner are discussing how many children they want and what goals they share, and now he is totally icy about the future. What does this mean? That she no longer factors into his future plans. And what else? That he has cold feet and wants to drop the commitment.

He is seriously about to bail because he no longer sees any future with her. It is an obvious sign that he does not have any plans to commit to a future that involves her. Because why would he make plans with a woman he does not want to be in a serious relationship with?


4He No Longer Makes An Effort

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We cannot stress enough that a relationship must always be 50/50 — no ifs or buts. It should be 50/50 or nothing at all.

If she is the sole person in the relationship putting in all the work, he really is not happy about being with her. He does not feel the requirement to put any work at all into the relationship anymore because he does not want it.

Ladies, remember, a man goes hard for what he wants, so if he is not, it is because he doesn’t want her. No woman should bear the entire weight of the relationship on her shoulders. He was once Prince Charming, and now he just sits back, and that is NOT okay.

3He Gets Annoyed Easily

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Why would any man get annoyed by the woman he loves? Because he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Before, he thought she was cute when she would pout or be silly, but now he is just always annoyed by everything she does. Realistically, this would not happen in a healthy relationship.

Do not make excuses for his annoyance and think it is because he is stressed; no, it’s because he can no longer find joy in you and your cute quirks. Should this happen repeatedly, beat him to the finish line before he does.


2He Jokes About Leaving Her

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No guys, it is not funny — it may be funny once if he jokes about leaving his girl, but if it is happening often, it is because there is truth behind his “joke.” In other words, he is using humour to mask what he really wants to do. When people constantly joke about the same thing it is because they mean it. Just like comedians, there is always truth behind their humour — take this advice to heart and remember it.

As hard as it is to say, his joking about calling it quits is because he is actually considering leaving her, and wants to see how she’d react. It is so unjust and unfair for a man to do this to a woman he’s in a relationship with, especially since his jokes hurt her.

1He Wants Alone Time

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This is the most obvious sign that a man wants to head for the exit sign ASAP. If a man clearly tells his partner that he wants some alone time, and some space from her, something obviously is not right.

Addressing the issue may help, but for the most part this man is trying to slowly distance himself from her to then breakup with her, thinking it’ll make the process much easier. A day spent away from her may be acceptable, but when it becomes a routine for him to ask her for alone time, he is no longer interested in being with her. Who needs that much “me time” when they are with someone they love? Keep that in your notes.




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