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12 Zodiac signs that make DISASTROUS couples if paired up


They say that matches are made in heaven but then why, at times, apparently heaven made matches turn out to be absolute disasters? What can really go wrong in a fairytale romance that turns it into an episode of ‘crime patrol’? Well more than habits and mismatches its ‘the fault in our stars’. Well as cliché as it might sound but stars do have a role in governing our everyday personalities. Astrology has always been an intriguing field that has on many occasions provided an insight into stories that could not have been comprehendible through any other way.

It is the patterns that matter. Behavioral patterns over the years have been shown to be exclusive to horoscopes. Understanding the vital forces of the universe that surround us will surely help us understand ourselves and the people around us better. Astrology has preset compatibility standards among the different stars, these standards in some cultures are taken into account with religious devotion at the time of matchmaking and hence they have lesser divorce rates.


It will be very unfortunate to waste a lot of time and emotions in building up a wrong astrological match that ultimately leaves you in despair. So it is better to understand pre-handedly the nature of your zodiac sign and the kind of partner that will suite you. Knowledge is indeed power and specifically an astrological education will help you in scoring the best in a short time period.

To guide you through the astrological compatibilities and incompatibilities given below are 12 astrological mismatches to watch out for!

  1. Lion and the Virgin (Leo and Virgo):

Leo and Virgo fall at complete opposite poles in the horoscopic sequence of nature. Both the stars possess extremely opposite natures and their bringing together is nothing but a call for ultimate doom.

Leos prefer glamour. The charm and highlights of the glamorous world out there keeps them captivated. They day dream a lot and live less in reality. Virgos on the other hand as compared to Leos are introverts. Where Leos prefer to party all night, Virgos desire a small intimate social circle with less attention. Leos prefer the center stage while Virgos are better backstage.

Madonna (Leo) and Guy Ritchie (Virgo) are a famous example of such a disaster where the two of them stayed married for eight years before divorcing in 2008. The Queen of Pop declared that her successful director husband lacked empathy and sensitivity. Jennifer Lopez is another Leo who has made similar mistakes twice. Both her marriages fell apart badly.

The only way such a relationship can work is if the Leo guarantees that his/her Virgo partner does not feel left out at any point and their feelings are taken into consideration equally.


  1. Fire and Water (Aries and Scorpio):

When Scorpios marry Aries, it almost never works. It’s simple math that goes against them. Their union is like that of water and fire, intense and passionate but ultimately both put each other out.

Both the stars are strong-headed and stubborn by nature when not making out in the bedroom, they make showdowns with ultimatums happen. Scorpios have a strong element of jealousy and Aries, by nature, are bubbly and flirty which severely puts a Scorpio off and makes them lose their cool. They make the sort of couples who apparently look happy but, inside, the premises of their bedroom are each other’s arch nemeses. They will argue in cars, on bus stands, in shopping malls, at home, everywhere as long as they get a chance to keep up the appearance of a happy couple later on. Both of them are fierce fighters and do not accept defeat easily.

A famous example of such a disaster is Meg Ryan and her ex, Aries actor Dennis Quaid, who got married in 1991 and divorced Ten years later. Quaid had accused Meg of cheating and the relationship went down in shreds.

The only way to save an all Aries-Scorpio couple is compromise. Survival is their only option because they cannot fully live with each other’s jarred edges. One or the both of them has to continuously compromise to keep a relationship going.


  1. Venus and Uranus (Taurus and Aquarius):

Venus governs Taurus and Uranus governs Aquarius. One is the bull while the other is the water bearer. One jump into the water and the other drowns in it. Venus being the planet of Romance, love, beauty and calm can never sit in harmony with Uranus that symbolizes the unexpected and is the rebel planet.

The biggest lacking factor in such relationships is ‘communication’. The lack of communication leads to a lack of coordination and hence compatibility. Aquarius refuses to take talks head on while a Taurus is always pushy about arguments and conversations. Every time a Taurus brings up a controversy, the Aquarius refuses to entertain it and hence they fight. The lack of communication gives birth to misunderstandings, doubts and suspicions which ultimately drift both the partners away.

Uma Thurman a strong-willed, stubborn and confident Taurus had a difficult time when in 2014 her ex- Arpad “Arki” Busson, (an Aquarius), pressed charges against her over the custody of their baby daughter, Luna. A long legal battle pursued which made both the ex-partners lose a lot emotionally and financially until finally a legal agreement was made between the two but the damage was already done. This would not have been easy Taurus-Aquarius matches are polar opposites and hence none of the two is willing to step back.

Such a couple can only make it if they learn how to communicate properly and with dignity.


  1. The Mutable and the Cardinal (Gemini and Cancer):

Gemini governed by the mercury and Cancer governed by the moon have very little common ground. A Gemini-Cancer union will mean two opposite poles brought together. Their biggest drawback is the lack of anything in common. Such a combo of two people is just not meant to be. Both of them, being air and water, are restless and suffer severe bouts of frustrations and mood swings. Therefore, they have a very high tendency of irritating and shutting each other off. They will compete like arch nemeses and set all the blame on the other and leave none for themselves.

They, by nature, have very different ambitions, aims and priorities. Cancerians prefer a quite well-settled lifestyle whereas Gemini has a tinge of worldly attraction. They always prefer to be in motion. Such a heavy contrast is nothing but a call for destruction. Gemini Cancer matches are a bad idea.

One such example of a bad idea is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Cruise being a cancerian preferred the quiet life style, whereas Nicole Kidman, being a Gemini, preferred to be out in the world more. The pair managed it for 11 years together, but ultimately fell apart.

One plus of such a couple is the great sense of humor they both have but at the end of the day there are matters more important than a good laugh. If only Gemini had more patience with Cancer and was willing to cooperate in helping them tackle their insecurities and if only Cancer could provide the loving security that Gemini craves, this relationship could work out but seldom is such a case.


  1. The Goat and the Archer (Sagittarius and Capricorn):

The goat and the archer together are again a big mistake. To make such a duo work, both of the partners will have to be practically forced to continue because the tension between these two stars is too much a thing to handle willingly. Both the stars lack sexual chemistry and the life inside the bedroom is a doom. The stars since always have been against the making of such a couple and time stands witness to several disasters involving these two stars.

One such example is the disaster of Capricorn Ava Gardner and Sagittarius Frank Sinatra, They somehow managed six years of marriage of which they were only two years together and the rest, separated. Even this long a time in a relationship is a miracle for them. Capricorn and Sagittarius is a doomed astrological match.

Gardner cheated on Sinatra as she slept with actor Robert Mitchum. Capricorn and Sagittarius lack the spark together and hence are a bad idea.


  1. The Virgin and the Twins (Virgo and Gemini):

While the Virgin is calm, the twins are dynamic and vicious, they have very little or almost no common ground. The lack of mutual interests leads them to be one of the worst stars to be placed together in a duo. They will often have nothing to talk about. The monotony will kill them.

They are destined to bore each other to death. The twins are mischievous while the virgin is clever and hence in a game, neither of the two really succeeds.

An example of a Virgo Gemini disaster is Courtney Cox (Virgo) and her ex David Arquette (Gemini). Their split was just a matter of time as Virgos are known to work very hard and they stress a lot about what they do. Deadlines are not their thing and they bring their worries home from work whereas a Gemini on the other hand take a more passive and relaxed approach and get irritated when he/she sees their partner stressed about something they consider nothing.

Financial issues also dominate this relationship. Geminis love to spend and spend like kings. They love outings and spending sprees, whereas Virgos prefer to save for rainy days. This contrast does not allow them to be on the same page. Financial issues eventually weigh them down and leave their relationship in shreds. The only thing that can come out of such a relationship is hurt and more hurt.


  1. The Fish and the Lion (Pisces and Leo):

Pisces being water and Leo being fire are bound to be the death of each other. It is a very imbalanced and an uneven match. The relationship does not have a lot of space to grow in and hence it grows apart. Such a duo can be quite frustrating and irritable. A Leo will demand attention while the Pisces are generally too self-centered and wrapped in their own thoughts to pay that level of attention to anyone. One such example of a care demanding Leo is Selena Gomez. Like every Leo that you will ever come across she too does not like to feel like an afterthought. It is the main disconcerting factor in their relationships.

The start of such a combo will be fairytale. They will be swept off of their feet. But romance is not everything. When the initial phase fades and it is the time for a long term commitment Pisces and Leos fail together. They eventually start to see the incompatibility factor between them and hence slowly grow weary of trying to cope with each other.

Pisces are known to shun the motivation, creativity and enthusiasm of a Leo. Leo demands worship and Pisces never truly cares enough to submit. Such a relationship is a nightmare and eventually at some point calls quits. The only way such relationships can somehow survive is the two of the partners together make their needs very clear to each other right from the start. Otherwise there is nothing but frustration in such a case.


Mercury and Pluto (Gemini and Scorpio):

The biggest setback of such a couple is the lack of quality time spent together. Initially they will experience intense sexual energy but eventually it will fade into a haze of frustration.

One such example is the Scorpio Katy Perry and Gemini Russell Brand who just after one year of dating, walked down the aisle together only to be divorced two years later.

Both the stars are too extrovert for their own good. They are easily pulled into doubts about each other and cannot handle time apart easily. The Scorpio in the couple tends to be almost too open which sets the Gemini off and scares them into their shell.


The Water Bearer and the Crab (Aquarius and Cancer):

The reason why Cancer is represented by the crab is that they are too clingy for their own good and for their partners. Once they dig their nails in you it’s almost impossible to distance yourself and you ultimately start feeling suffocated. This clingy nature of cancer contrasts with the free-thinking, easy-going and loves to be out in the evening nature, governed by the water sign of Aquarius. It’s a call for an absolute disaster.

Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama are an example of such a disaster. The clingy cancer nature of Lohan has proven that she just won’t let go. The couple was last seen together in 2014 – ten years since their break-up.

An Aquarius wants the kind of freedom and liberation in a relationship that Cancer will never allow. Cancer needs to feel safe, protected, in possession and secure. Hence they don’t like their partners owning a separate space and distancing themselves from them. The lack of mutual trust never really allows such a duo to work.


  1. The Scales and the Fish (Libra and Pisces):

Libra being governed by Venus and Pisces by Neptune never work out well. Initially their relationship seems to be very optimistic and good going even to them but eventually when the times no longer remain smooth and the going gets tough they are unable to cope with the pressure of reality together and tend to ignore it.

They prefer waiting and seeing the problem escalate to the extremes rather than facing it and solving it together. They dig the grave of their own relationship without even realizing the intensity of their actions. One such example is Libra Gwyneth Paltrow and Pisces Chris Martin who “consciously uncoupled” after 12 years of marriage as they would frequently turn their faces away from each other and ultimately it had to end.

  1. Fire and Earth (Leo and Taurus):

Leo and Taurus together is a bad idea. They are simply not meant to be. Their union is not favored at all by the stars and their contrasting natures approve. Both of them are very demanding and have high expectations which are far from reality. They drain each other every day physically and emotionally.

They are constant attention seekers and get very irritating towards each other’s demands of affection and care. Both of them have tough egos and a strong sense of pride that does not let any of the both compromise. Mick and Bianca Jagger suffered a similar fate. They failed to make a Leo-Taurus union work.

Such relationships look perfect from the outside but in reality are far from it.

  1. The Ram and the Crab (Aries and Cancer):

An Aries and Cancer form a great team together as long as the relationship is severely platonic and emotions do not come into play. Emotions turn it into an inevitable disaster. Aries have wanderlust and crave long travels where as a Cancer prefers quite settled lifestyle. They contradict a lot with each other and are never really on the same page

An Aries will always find their Cancer partner to be way more sensitive, emotional and moody than required whereas a Cancer will find Aries too impulsive, insensitive, indifferent and uncaring. They will never find faults in themselves but always in each other. They simply do not know how to apologize.

Actress Jennifer Garner and actor Scott Foley are an example of a failed Aries/Cancer match. They could only manage to survive four years of marriage together and yet it was considered to be a miracle.



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