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Zodiac Signs In Relationships Ranked From Tame To Wild


The reason that so many people always want to know someones sign when they first meet them, is because it can tell you pretty quickly what kind of personality you are dealing with. Who wants to deal with putting the time into getting to know someone these days when you can just look up their zodiac profile! And within the zodiac you have the entire spectrum of human traits, so of course you have the meek sign that just wants to stay home all the time to the crazy sign that will always want to be out and about and give you no rest. Some people prefer a low key partner and some people prefer someone that is a bit more high energy. Hey, different strokes for different folks! And the zodiac signs really do range from very tame to very wild. Do you think you know which sign is going to be the most wild in a relationship?

For our purposes here, we are using wild to mean someone that is very high-energy, outgoing, and demanding of time and attention. Very passionate and expressive partners that will never be happy doing date night at home and want to experience new things with the people they care about in their life. The tamer signs are more calm and level-headed and maybe even make better partners in some ways. There is a pot for every lid out there though and sometimes the most opposite couples end up the happiest together! If you aren’t sure if you want a more calm or wild partner, why not date them all to see?


24. Virgo Man: Will Always Remain Calm, Cool, And Collected

Security, safety. These are going to be the tenets of your relationship with a Virgo man, and those are not bad things to have in a relationship! They like when things are done the right way, and do really strive for being perfect. While that can bring up its own host of issues, you can remain certain that a a straight-headed Virgo man is going to always do the right thing. He is also very reliable and will come through for you, and having a dependable partner can really be word changing. Especially if you have been with someone that is not so reliable. No surprised and very predictable is the best way to describe a male Virgo partner. For people who like some more passion and excitement in their relationships, pass on Virgo.

23. Virgo Woman: Perfectionist, Detail Oriented, And Critical

This lady is going to have high standards. For everything in her life. She believes that everything has a right and wrong way to be done, and in her case it better be done the right way. She is extremely detail oriented and plans everything in her life meticulously. There can be no room for anything to go wrong. This kind of extreme care and due diligence in every aspect of her life can be too slow and boring for some people, but Virgo as a partner has a lot of offer. Stability, good advice, and she will literally organize everything in your life you just need to ask. And sometimes you don’t even need to ask. She is safe and predictable and she definitely will never do you wrong.


22. Capricorn Man: All Work No Play

Capricorn is goal-oriented workaholic. This means that they have a very poor approach to their work-life balance, as in they have no balance. It is all work for Capricorn which means there is not a lot of time of their personal relationships and a life outside of work. They are truly happy being at work all the time. This is not the partner that will whisk you off your feet for last minute romantic getaway just the two of you. This is the partner that will show up late from work for the 5th time this week and maybe he brought you some Chinese take-out he picked up on his way home as a treat for you. They also take themselves pretty seriously and have a hard time just letting loose. Again, this works for some people but not for ones who want a bit more fun and excitement in a relationship.

21. Capricorn Woman: Takes Herself A Bit Too Seriously

The number one thing in a Capricorns life that they will put most of their energy into, is their professional goals. They can’t help it, it just is what it is. This is girl that did not go out drinking 5 nights a week in University because while everyone else was too hungover to go to class or sleeping in class, she had stuff she knew she had to achieve and was not going to risk socializing to lose it. Sometimes a Capricorn does not even realize how isolated they have made themselves because they are so focused on their work and goals and when they do it can be too late. This is not to say that dating a Capricorn is impossible and you will be totally neglected, but be ready to spend a lot of time on you’re own. And when she is home, you guys will not be doing anything too crazy.


20. Taurus Man: Careful And Low-Risk

Just like the powerful bull that symbolizes them, Taurus likes to take a slow and steady approach to their life. They are very stubborn and determined, and will finish whatever they have set out to do. On the one hand, Taurus loves the finer things in life. He will want to go experience new restaurants and new experiences. They enjoy food, shopping, and entertainment. This means they are a great person to go on dates with because they like going out and doing that kind of stuff. So they are defiantly more exciting than Virgo and Capricorn, but they do not bring the fire to the relationship that some Zodiac signs do. They are also dependable and will always be there for you, nothing too wild about them.

19. Taurus Woman: She Does Not Take Any Chances

The Taurus lady is a careful on, and she does not take very many chances. Even on love, maybe especially so actually when it comes to her heart. She likes to create a little world for herself to live in with nice things and a couple of people she cares about. She does not care for change or surprises, so definitely don’t go planning a surprise birthday party for her or anything. She doesn’t care to experience the bigger things in life outside of her bubble, so for thrill seekers a Taurus woman won’t be the best partner. If you love shopping this is your girl, but if you want someone to go hiking and camping with look again. And don’t bother trying to change her or trying to get her to expand her horizons.

18. Libra Man: Easy Going And Charming

Libra is represented by the scales, and this is because they are defined by balance, grace, and equality. They are very charming and calm, and have a way of talking to anyone and getting them to open up. They have a very soothing energy which makes them perfect for a more wild partner whom they can get to calm down and chill out a bit. Libra is a huge people pleaser which is nice to have in a partner, they want to do whatever they can to make you happy. They will not do anything shady behind your back because doing the right thing is very important to them. So they won’t lead you on, and will be upfront about their feelings and thoughts. Libra makes a very stable partner.

17. Libra Woman: Level Headed And Fair

You will not be dealing with crazy girl antics with this one. She is very calm and rational, and able to think through both sides of a situation before making her comments and judgement on it. Something that can be kind of rare in women! Especially young ones. She is not the girl that is going to be blowing up your phone because you forgot to text or call her, she realizes you are probably busy. No jumping to conclusions, no unhealthy co-dependant behaviours. She is just a very stable and caring partner that can offer a wonderful listening ear and great advice. Libra is a very steadying force to have in anyones life, and maybe for some more wild people they would do well to have a Libra in their corner.


16. Cancer Man: Very Gentle, Soft, And Sensitive

For some people, this is the perfect man. Emotional and needy. That is Cancer. While they have a tougher outer shell, it is really not that thick and it is there to distract from their very soft underbelly. Cancer man will always want to be around you, and will love to just stay in and hang out instead of going out. They can be a bit moody and even throw the occasional tantrum just because they are so sensitive, but other than their mood swings there is nothing overly wild about them. And as they get older they manage their moods better and become more mature all around. They are way more of a lover than a fighter. Cancer just wants to curl up on the couch and tell you how beautiful you are.

15. Cancer Woman: Emotional, But Very Nurturing And Caring

Cancer is considered to be the most motherly of the symbols. In the sense that they want to nurture and provide love for anyone! It just naturally within them. This makes them great home makers whose role in life is to build up her family and take care of them. And even though they can lash out when their ultra sensitive feelings get hurt, it is because they are the most gentle and sensitive sign in all of the Zodiac, even Pisces. Cancer just wants to cook you dinner and be there when you get home to cuddle and chat. Sometimes even the most wild person wants to have a more safe partner, like Cancer. Opposites do attract after all, and a home base with a Cancer in it is a good one.

14. Pisces Man: Just Wants To Cuddle With You

Next to Cancer, Pisces is the most sensitive and emotional sign of the Zodiac. It’s not that the other signs are not emotional, they just don’t let their emotions have so much control over them. But Pisces literally can’t help it. If you are going to date a Pisces man, get ready for a very co-dependant relationship. He will need reassurance of your feelings for him often. And Pisces is not wild or adventurous by any means. They are low-key, and their predisposition to be anxious means they feel most comfortable on their own turf. They will go out it’s not like their hermits, but you won’t be doing anything too crazy. At least not together! If you wanna go sky-diving, you are going to be on your own.


13. Pisces Woman: Co-dependant And Needs Constant Reassurance

For those of you that just want to find a girl that wants to stay in, order take-out and watch Netflix like every weekend the Pisces woman might be the one for you. Pisces is very emotional and they don’t have the best reign on those emotions. For Cancer they will lash out, but Pisces does not have that same fire and is more reserved. She will want to hear from you multiple times through the day, and she also will need a lot of affirmation from you about her and your relationship. She might not be the girl that you take bungee jumping or to some crazy concert, but for someone she makes the perfect chill partner that just wants to love and be loved in the comfort of their happy home. They want to keep their worlds small and comfy.

12. Aries Man: Fearless, Protective & Will Always Take Charge

The Ram is a massive source of power, and it is part of what defines Aries. They are very brave and naturally take charge in any situation. They will want to be your protector, but also kind of your boss which can get to be frustrating. They do it because they think they know what is best for everyone, and it is just a part of their love language. There will definitely be some fights when you date an Aries, but what did you expect from a fire sign/ They get riled up easily and need to get their point across, especially Aries. Aries is full of energy too so they will want to get out and about with you and enjoy the world together. You need to be a strong person to be with an Aries in order to manage them and their strength but if you can make it work with them it is worth it!

11. Aries Woman: Opinionated Trailblazer

There is nothing tame about the brazen Aries woman. She is literally on fire all the time. Whether she is expressing it in a positive or negative way always makes all the difference. She can be a very demanding partner, but she will also do anything and everything for the one she loves. She can be impulsive and unfiltered which can lead to some fiery outburst that hurt your feelings, but she will always make it up to you. But her big personality makes it energizing to simply be around her, and she wants to go out and take over the world along with you. She definitely will not settle for anything she thinks is below her, so plan on working hard and keeping up.

10. Gemini Man: Always Wants To Experience Something New

Gemini is an intellectual, but that does not mean they just live inside their heads. They very much like to experience what the world has to offer, and like a flower they almost wilt if they are not learning something new or trying something new to add to their already extensive knowledge of the world. This makes them super fun and exciting to be around, for their partner but also for their friends and family. You are bound to be told a new book to read or movie to watch when you meet up with Gemini, or they’ll take you to a really cool art exhibit. There will never be a dull moment with Gemini, especially when you are dealing with sides of their personality.


9. Gemini Woman: Can’t Sit Still, Always Needs To Be Doing Something

She isn’t great at listening, and she isn’t great at just taking a chill to veg out. Gemini has too many things going on in her mind to just lounge around, and she wants to get out there and start doing them. Gemini has an unquenchable need for experiencing new things and learning new things. Sometimes it can definitely feel like you are dealing with two totally different people because she can be so polar opposite from just the day before, but look at that as an exciting part of her personality. You never know what you are going to get with her! Will she want to be alone and in her own thoughts? Or super social and all over you ready to go out together and seize the day?

8. Aquarius Man: Wants To Save The World

Aquarius is a big ideas person. They are always thinking about the big picture, especially when it comes to matters of social justice. They want to be a positive and deep impact on society, bring about more equality and opportunities to groups of people that need it. They are always going to be good for a deep and interesting conversation and they are very idealistic in general. Sometimes this translates into making them a very emotionally distant partner though. So while you won’t be bored if you date an Aquarius man because he will always want to be discussing something important or dragging you along to something or other he can be emotionally unavailable to you. They want to save the world, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for telling you you’re pretty.


7. Aquarius Woman: Aloof But Will Take You On The Most Fun Dates

The Aquarius woman is aloof for much the same reasons that male Aquarius is. She is concerned with things bigger than her small circle, and invests herself in the goals she has made to make the world a better place. Sometimes there is just not enough left of her to go around! But while you may end up slightly neglected and dealing with an emotionally distant partner, when you two go out you will definitely have a fun and wild time. No dinner and movie for this girl, she is going to be taking you down to the local animal rescue to volunteer to walk dogs. When thats over, she may feel like taking you to a co-op restaurant for some vegetarian lunch. Bungee jumping? Check. Volunteering overseas? Yes! Cuddling on the couch and being dumplings together? Not for this girl.

6. Leo Man: Commands Attention, Wants To Have Fun And Enjoy Themselves

Dating a Leo man will never be boring, in fact it will probably be exhausting. They will have a massive social life they expect you to be a part of them, and even if its just you two they will still emotionally and physically exhaust you. They need to get a lot of attention from you and validation that they are best. A Leo man is like the sun, when he pays attention to you you feel so nice and warm and special. But then they sun is not shining on you, you definitely feel the cold and dark. And this is more often then not the course that a relationship with a Leo man runs. They can be very hot and cold, and you will always feel like you are competing with someone else just because they get so much attention in general. Just like their spirit animal the lion, they are totally wild and do what they want. And even though they might not be the best for you, you won’t be able to get enough.


5. Leo Woman: Dramatic, Loyal, And Loud

Leo women are extremely powerful and they will definitely keep you on your toes. She is much more loyal to her partner than male Leo’s are which makes her slightly less wild than them, but only slightly so. It is wonderful to be around her because she loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Her need for attention though and tendency to descend into dramatics when she does not get what she wants will not be easy for everyone to handle, and some people really just won’t want to deal with that aspect of her personality. But for those that have the patience and energy to be with a Leo, it can be an incredibly rewarding relationship because when their attention is on your it is so intense.


4. Scorpio Man: Wild In The Streets & The Sheets

Possessive. Controlling. Manipulative. These are all Scorpio traits. We don’t want to fully scare you off though because a relationship with a Scorpio can be one of the most intense and passionate things you ever experience. They are very physical, and they are very good at what they do in the bedroom so there will be no boredom in that area. They are a water sign which means they are very emotional and intuitive, and in their own way they can be very needy and co-dependant because of this. But Scorpio is not a sit at home kind of sign, they want to get out and meet people and do things. It is a pretty close tie between Sagittarius and Scorpio for who is more wild, but we will say Scorpio is probably the wildest in the bedroom.


3. Scorpio Woman: Very Passionate, Possessive, And Intense. Also Wild In The Sheets!

You’re Scorpio woman is going to want to know everything about you. Not just what sits on the surface, she wants to get into the nitty gritty of her partner and learn everything about the deepest darkest corners of their personality. This is how she approaches a lot of things in life, she wants to go deep with everything. She has a magnetic personality that makes so many people crazy about her, and her skills in the bedroom don’t hurt either. Her wildness is also based in her mysteriousness. While she wants to know everything about you, you will be hard pressed to find out everything out about her and the well runs deep. She brings so much passion and intensity to everything she does in her life, you may need to help her reign that in a bit and make her a bit more chill for her own sake.


2. Sagittarius Man: Will Take You On All The Adventures And Keep You Laughing

The goofball of the Zodiac will keep you laughing. Sagittarius is hyper and super high energy so for some people they can be exhausting to be around and they would just prefer not to be. For other, more fun people Sagittarius is the perfect wild partner. They will want to try and do anything at least once, and there is no chance you are going to get them to just chill. No couch potato here! They can be somewhat outrageous with the things they say which can label them as wild, but it is also not only their willingness but their need to have adventure and excitement in their life. If you have any Sagittarius friends you probably already know how wild they can be!

1. Sagittarius Woman: Carefree And Always Going 1000 Miles A Minute, You Won’t Be Bored With Her

She can be loud and obnoxious, because like her male counterpart in the Zodiac, Sagittarius is just always bursting with energy and is almost always hyper. They are like energizer bunny. She wants to feel and experience everything she can in this life, and adventure is basically her middle name. Not only will she keep you busy outside the home doing all kinds of things, she also has a very high appetite for the bedroom and is not scared of experimenting. Basically, with a Sagittarius girl you have to rest when you can. Probably when she is out with her friends you can get a little rest in! She is extremely carefree which can make her slightly unreliable and unpredictable, but that is worth it for everything else she offers!



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