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Your Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Relationship Fear Revealed

There are certain things which are going to upset particular Zodiac signs, but those same things may sound good for other Zodiac signs when talking about relationships.

Every person in the world is different, and we have to remember that, particularly throughout all those relationships we experience in our lives.

Here are the biggest fears of each sign of the Zodiac, when talking about love or relationships:


The people born under the sign of Aries are afraid of failure in love and relationship too fast, with the inappropriate person. They work hard and don’t spend their time on something else. When a person appears into the lives of these people, they become overly attached quickly than usual, leaving them in relationships which they need to end soon.


The people born under this sign are afraid of betrayal. As they quickly let others in their lives and are constantly devoted to those they are with, there will be times when something will go wrong. They will find someone they believe is the perfect one for them, but later they will uncover that he or she is just a liar or cheater. This leaves them scarred in numerous ways.



Those people born under Gemini are terrified that their loved ones are going to lose interest in them. These people are far more insecure and doubtful then we can realize. The worst thing that may ever occur to them is throwing them away.


Those people born under this sign are afraid of the fact that their partner is going to use them at a certain point and then leave them. Although they give everything they can, they are always afraid of the fact that their loved ones will move ahead in their lives without them. They are struggling with this most of the time.


Leos aren’t the kind of people that show their fears easily, but at one point or another, other people can notice their insecurities when it comes to chasing perfection. They are afraid that their loved ones will think that they aren’t good enough so that they don’t have the ability to handle such things properly.


Virgos are afraid of friend zoning, although they are with their partner for quite a long period. They usually think that one day or the other their partner will put them on the back burner. 


The biggest fear of Libras is leaving them for a lover from the past. Libras are aware of the fact that when their partner leaves them for some ex-lover from the past, their partner was probably thinking about that ex all the time. Libras can’t handle such things.


Scorpios are afraid of being disappointed. This is their biggest fear. When their loved one builds up Scorpios’ dreams, and then he or she does not follow through in helping, Scorpios will become agitated. When their loved one isn’t there for them, and the trust between them is broken, they aren’t going to remain next to that person anymore.


Sagittarians are usually afraid of falling in love with a person that does not have the ability to match the energies they have. They need a person that will be able to keep up and not a person that will hold them back. In fact, falling in love with the wrong individual will leave them stuck, and this is the fear they would like to face.



Capricorns aren’t interested in love or romance like the other Zodiac signs. They are mostly afraid of commitment because they don’t like being tied down. Capricorns want to do something else, such as chasing their dreams; however, they don’t usually realize that such things could be done easily with someone next to them.


Aquarians are often afraid of giving more than they should to someone that is not in a relationship with them for the appropriate reason. They often fall for toxic people, so that they distance themselves even from the beginning. They will not open themselves up quickly to other people.


Pisceans don’t want others to take advantage of them. They have many things to offer, but not enough time. They don’t like wasting their time on people who are just bringing them down. They aren’t willing to bring someone in their lives until the person proves himself or herself to them.




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