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If your man tells you these 6 phrases, then he is serious

If your man tells you these 6 phrases, then he is serious. Once a man meets the right girl and falls head over heels in love with her, his behavior and outlook on life change dramatically. There is an opinion that men do not like to show their weaknesses and avoid any display of emotions.

In most cases this is true, but there are still exceptions. Once a man meets the right girl and falls head over heels in love with her, his behavior and outlook on life change dramatically. Girls can have a strong influence on guys. Love, in general, can bring even the strongest man to his knees.

Love is so strong that it can make any man more submissive, vulnerable, and sensitive. Most guys don’t like to get sentimental, but when they do, it means they’re really into you ladies. No one in this world could make them feel this way, but somehow you managed to do it. Don’t take it for granted and don’t laugh at your men when they try to be nice to you. It can take a lot of courage for men to behave this way.

If your man tells you these 6 phrases, then he is serious:

1. I want to be devoted to you and only you alone

There is a misconception that all men are polygamous by nature. Many people believe that a man is simply not capable of remaining faithful to only one woman. It is not true. A man can remain faithful if he finds the right girl.

If your man is ready to be devoted to you alone for the rest of his life, then he is really serious about it. He’s not playing with you. You are the whole universe for him and he doesn’t even allow the thought of being with another woman. Everything is exactly as he says. Just him and you, and no one else.

2. Every time I think about my future, I can’t imagine that you won’t be in it.

Now your man is no longer actively searching. He no longer lives only in the present and makes plans for the future, in which you play a major role. If your man says he’s thinking about your future together, then he’s really serious about it. He stopped fooling around and matured as a person and as your boyfriend. He chose you as his life partner, and this is no joke.

3. The very thought of not having you in my life scares me.

Any man will find it difficult to admit his fear. No man will voluntarily admit that he is afraid of something if he does not trust you. When a man is willing to show you his weak side, that’s one thing. Well, if he admits that it is you who are the reason for his weakness, this is a completely different level.

This shows that he is looking for strength in you. He counts on you to help him overcome all difficulties. He can only be strong if you are close to him. The very thought that you will no longer be in his life scares him and he is not exaggerating.

4. I want to introduce you to my family

If he is confident in your relationship, then the next logical step is to get to know his family. Family means a lot to him because it is thanks to him that he became the man who fell in love with you. It is to his family that he owes his success and his entire life.

He already knows that you are his future and therefore he wants you to know about his past. His family members are those people who, just like you, mean a lot to him, and therefore he wants them to accept you.

5. For you, my life is like an open book.

Men very rarely show their emotions openly. It’s not often that you meet a man who can immediately tell you everything about himself. Men, by nature, are persistent and mysterious.

However, at a certain point in the life of every man, a girl appears who can break through the wall of secrecy, and everything instantly changes. If a man is ready to open up to you and show his personality from all sides, then his feelings for you are sincere.

6. I love you

In the entire history of relationships, this phrase is most likely the most frequently used. But still, nothing compares to the moment when you hear those words from the right man at the right moment. If a man says it sincerely, you will immediately understand. You can say with confidence that his love is not a joke.


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