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What Makes Each Astrology Sign Ignore You All Of A Sudden


Aries likes the challenge. If you show them everything right from the start, they will get bored with you and they will leave. Also, they like that their relationship progresses bit by bit—with no pressure. If they sense you’re pushing things, they will cool off and move on with the search for that perfect someone.



They love stability. If they don’t have everything under their supervision, they will lose it. So, if by any chance you decide to be indecisive, a Taurus will leave immediately. The feeling of not knowing what comes next turns them off big time.



Geminis are real social butterflies. They love to go out and hang out with people. If you are not even one bit like Gemini—party freak—they will put you on ‘ignore’ right that second. They don’t like the stay-at-home type of people when there’s so many things and people to see and talk to out there.



Cancers are the type of people who will not stop digging deep into your emotions until they reach the most vulnerable part of you. They are like that themselves—emotional. They love talking about their feelings and they love confiding in others. If you choose to hide emotions from a Cancer, you can easily say ‘goodbye’ to him.



Leo is the loudest, the best, the most beautiful…all the best there can be. If you even try to take that away from them, you’re out! They’ve been used to being alone in the spotlight. They won’t let you steal their thunder, and they will turn from romantic to competitive.



You will never meet a more organized and more ambitious person than a Virgo. If you lack ambition or you are just a tiny bit lazy, Virgo is going to leave you. They really care about their lives and careers, and if you are not into that as they are, move along.



Libras always find a silver lining in whatever happens. They are the most positive people you can find. Also, if you are even thinking on raining on their parade, it will be the last thing you do to a Libra. No matter how hard life gets, Libra will always find a way to make it better.



Scorpios are real attention seekers. They need someone by their side to stroke their egos—to tell them they are the best, the most beautiful…etc. If you’re not making Scorpio the most satisfied sign alive, you’re not getting a ticket to ride their rollercoaster.



If you are looking for an adrenaline junkie and adventure freak, you’ve found one. Sags are all about bungee-jumping, sky-diving and pretty much anything new and dangerous you can think of. If you are a type that would choose a cozy couch on a Saturday evening rather than doing something stupidly dangerous with a Sagittarius, you’re not his type.



Capricorns make saving and helping people their mission. They will do anything that’s in their power to save you from heartache or help you deal with a problem. So, if you don’t open up to Capricorn and show them how vulnerable you can be, they won’t see you as a part of their mission of saving someone, and they will leave you.



They are really deep. Their conversations always have a purpose, and you can always learn something new while talking to them. They do not chit-chat because to them, that is shallow and stupid. Their usual topics are art, music, culture—serious stuff. If you are not mature enough to engage in these conversations, you’ve got nothing to look for in an Aquarius.



Pisces have trust issues. They live in their own dreamy worlds detached from everyone. If you manage to get a Pisces’ trust, if they see they can confide in you, you will be theirs forever. They need to know that despite all the secrets they tell you, you won’t be judgmental, and you won’t think less of them.



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