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What Each Zodiac Sign Has To Do To Be Better In A Relationship


Patience is not one of your strong points. That’s why you have the habit of rushing into things.

You want it all; you want it now, and that usually is not the way the person you are into functions.

Try to take things one step at the time. Relationships aren’t rushed through. They are slowly built.

If you want something that lasts, you have to have the patience to work on things and invest in your relationship.

After the honeymoon phase of the relationship, your interest starts to fade slowly.

You hate the rut, and you get bored easily.

You love that feeling of intoxication a new relationship brings you, and you miss it when things get a bit more serious.

Don’t underestimate your partner. There is something new to love and admire about them every day. You just have to learn how to look.

You have a habit of going to extremes. You either require too much love and attention or you need space.

That kind of behavior can make the other person crazy. You have to find the balance between your extremes.

Start by finding out what is it that you want, and communicate that to your significant other.

Your love life will definitely improve once you are clear about your desires and expectations.


You are guarded, and there are titanium walls protecting your heart. The thing with walls is that they are keeping you isolated.

If you don’t risk getting hurt, you won’t have the chance to experience love.

Tear down those walls, and be bold. You can take things slow and open up bit by bit, but the important thing is that you start.

If you don’t, the other person might feel like you don’t feel enough for them.

Some of the best advice that will improve your relationship skills is talking a bit less and listening a whole lot more.

Once you get something into your head, there is no reasoning with you, and you strongly defend your beliefs.

This can often lead to arguments and miscommunications in your relationship,

Try to be more open to things your partner has to say. Keep in mind that every story has two sides to it and that you might not always have all the answers.



One of your fatal flaws is that you love so deeply, you get lost in the intensity of your feelings.

You neglect your own life, interests, friends, goals, and do everything to make your partner happy.

That is not good for you because you have a side of you that’s extremely social and one that is ambitious which requires you to develop—and not just relationship-wise.

You will start to feel like you are in a prison, and you will blame your partner for that even though you are the one who created the imprisonment.

If you are not satisfied with who you are and what you are doing, you won’t be satisfied in your relationship either.

So start with yourself. Make yourself happy. Live your own life, and allow your partner to live theirs.

They will appreciate it big time. They will admire you more if you are not clinging onto them all the time.


You have to toss from your head ASAP the idea that relationship needs major sacrifices.

You shouldn’t put yourself second and bend over backwards to please your partner.

You don’t need to be the one who gives more, tries harder, and loves deeper. All you actually need is meet the other person halfway in all of it.

Relationships are made for two, and they should never be one-sided.

Not everything is up to you, and the sooner you realize that, the happier you will be on your own and with another person.

Also, you need to let the other person breathe, and give them their own space.

You tend to be needy when you are in love, and you want constant attention.

You get mad when your partner goes out without you, when you don’t get texts every second you are not together, when he doesn’t manage to see you every day, and in similar situations.

That’s just too much for anyone to handle.

Learn how to prioritize your partner without making them your entire universe.

If you don’t prioritize yourself too, you are bound to lose the other person sooner or later.

The other person will respect you and want you more when they realize you have your own life to live, and they will be grateful that they are a part of it.



Expressing what you feel has always been a struggle for you.

You hate the idea of being weak, and if you come clean about everything that lies in your heart, you are making yourself vulnerable.

That’s not something you easily do.

The thing is, you can’t make firmer bonds with your partner until you communicate your feelings, needs, and desires.

Be open with them, and try not to think about getting hurt if things don’t work out. Take a chance on your partner.

Love is worth the risk. You will regret more not trying at all than failing in a relationship.

Your cockiness is cute and appealing at first, but if you take it too far, it can be a major turn off. So watch out for that and show your humble side, too.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is admitting that you love to be in control of things.

In relationships, you are the one who makes all of the decisions and imposes your opinions.

Your significant other should be your equal partner, not your employee—keep that in mind.


You are a perfectionist. You expect too much from yourself and by default, too much from your partner.

In reality, none of us is perfect, and as soon as you make peace with that fact, your love life will improve tremendously.

You don’t leave anything to chance, and your partner might lack spontaneity in your relationship.

Try to relax, let things be, and enjoy the moments. Not everything needs to be planned.

You don’t need to be on top of things all the time, solving everything all by yourself.

Allow them to support you and be there for you. It will only make your bond tighter.

The same is with your feelings, your pain, and any unsettling thoughts.

Even though you don’t like feeling vulnerable, confide in your partner, and you will see that you will feel better.

Even if they can’t do anything about it, at least they will be there for you, and it will make all the difference.

By letting them in your mind, you are bringing them closer to your heart.



Before you become aware of your own worth, you will feel a little lost in any relationship.

You want to establish a peaceful environment in your relationship, and at times, that means going against your wishes and your better judgment.

The price you pay for your significant other to be happy might be too high. Think about that.

You tend to be too forgiving, too nice, and too understanding. It’s not uncommon for your partner to take advantage of that.

You need to establish standards, figuring out where the limit is and which things you should never tolerate.

Just because you love somebody doesn’t give them the right to trample all over you.

Don’t be afraid to fight. Don’t bottle up your feelings inside. They will explode sooner or later, and it won’t be a pretty sight.

It will also be too late to solve anything. It’s better to confront your problems head-on than leave them for later.

Arguing with your partner doesn’t mean screaming and shouting as that doesn’t sit well with you.

But it means sitting down and debating. It means telling them what they did wrong and how they hurt you.

That’s the only way in which your relationship can progress and be stronger than ever.


You are all about passion. That’s why it doesn’t come as a shock that you relate to your partner just through that.

Your feelings are intense, and when you love, you are all in—heart, body, and mind.

Sadly, your extreme passion can take you in the wrong direction, and you became possessive.

You care for the other person so much that you can’t stand them walking out on you or betraying you.

The thing is, your possessiveness and jealousy might be the thing that’s pushing them away, and that’s definitely something you have to work on.

You need a relationship in which you feel safe, and in order to have that, you have to trust your partner.

If they are someone you trust, you need to give them the benefit of the doubt, and allow them the space they need.

It will only bring them closer to you.

You are also pretty guarded which might prevent you from taking your relationship to another level.

Don’t keep your walls up once you feel comfortable and secure in your relationship. Allow the love to grow by letting your partner in.


It can be pretty challenging for you to be exclusive in a relationship.

You love your freedom, and you are always on the lookout for another adventure, another dose of excitement.

Commitment is nothing you should fear, and you will see that as soon as you are with someone you are compatible with.

A relationship doesn’t literally tie you down. You just need someone who gets you and loves you in a way that makes you feel free.

You also have to be vocal about what you want from your partner.

So any time you feel like they are holding you back or that you miss adventure, tell them and see what you can do about it.

They can’t read your mind or sense your needs. You need to communicate.



You don’t like major changes in your life, and you don’t like to feel like you have no control.

Sadly, life is all about changes, and most of them are out of our hands.

Try to accept that, and you will see soon enough that change can actually be good.

Instead of trying to control your partner’s behavior or the course in which your relationship will go, accept them for who they are, and see if you guys can work together.

You love to win. That is why you always expect your partner to apologize for your problems and issues even when you cause them.

It’s not easy, but be honest with yourself. You are not always right, and it’s not about being right here.

It’s about putting your relationship before your problem. That’s the only way in which you can win when it comes to love.

Your head is usually buried in work and obligations, and you often forget to relax and enjoy life.

Take care of yourself, unwind, and recharge. Do something fun with your partner, and spend some quality time with them. Work isn’t everything.



You are not made for just anybody. You need someone special and unique, and that’s one of the major reasons why you fail at relationships.

You were in relationships with people you are simply not compatible with.

You need someone who accepts you just the way you are, just like you do them. Someone who isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box.

You also have to realize that not everything is black or white.

You like to rationalize things, but your reasoning might not always sit well with your partner. Be more attentive to their feelings.

You also have a lot of days on which you feel too exhausted to talk.

Explain to your partner that these kinds of things are usual for you and that they have nothing to do with them.


More often than not, you fantasize about the future and things that could be. In that way, you miss the present moment which is potentially great.

Save yourself from daydreaming, and start living one day at the time. That’s the only way in which you will actually get to know your partner.

Be realistic, always. Love is not a romantic movie, and not everything goes as planned or according to your expectations.

You feel everything on a much deeper level than anybody else. There are things that will hurt you, but your partner will be clueless about them.

Make sure you speak up and tell them what’s bringing you down.

Your deep feelings can make you too attached to your partner, and you can lose sight of your own life and needs.

Don’t allow that to happen. Develop your creativity, and chase your dreams.



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