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Zodiac Sign

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Tell You About How Many Kids To Have?

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  We’ve all played with dolls and dollhouses when we were kids. We enjoyed feeding them, changing them and rocking them to sleep. As time went on, some of us dreamed of getting our own kids one day. While others absolutely dreaded the idea of having kids as it meant sleepless nights, endless changing of diapers, hurried meals, and no vacations. If you’re still in the stage where you’re toying with the idea of entering parenthood, you might want to check out how many kids to have based on your Zodiac sign. But follow your head and heart for the final decision. FeedFond reveals what your Zodiac sign says about the number of kids you should have. Read on!  

12 Aries, The Warrior Mom

Because Aries is impulsive, chances are they will love the first taste of motherhood and won’t stop till they get enough kids. So, three to four kids are the norm for an Aries mom. And since moms under this star are also the fighting kind, momhood will be a piece of cake. Aries moms know exactly how to be a strict parent and stop those kids from getting spoilt. Their confidence and energy will straighten out any kiddie situation. Aries moms like to be independent and pursue their own hobbies. She knows when to let the kids go and breathe a sigh of relief.

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11 Taurus, The Serious Mom

Taurus moms like a small and neat family with two kids who are close to each other in age. More than two could be a little too much. The patient and nurturing personality of Taurus moms make them the ideal mom for kids too young to understand the ways of the world. The serious Taurus mom knows the importance of teaching good manners to her kids and also to enjoy a lighter moment with them. She combines the best of both worlds. The icing on the cake is that a Taurus mom is a not a spendthrift and will shelter the whole family.

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10 Gemini, The Mysterious Mom

Stars predict twins for the Gemini mom! That’s because of you’re the twin sign of your Zodiac and also because you have two sides to you which makes you mysterious and unpredictable. You’re a stickler for intellectual pursuits and will do your best to have your kids read and learn from an early age. However, don’t get impatient with your kids. They know you’re never boring and they will have the leeway once in a while. Your dual nature will often lead you to express different opinions on the same matter. The Gemini mom is full of love for life and her kids will enjoy this enthusiasm and passion in her.

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9 Cancer, The Natural Mom

Cancer moms are born to be moms. With a strong maternal instinct, Cancer moms like to spend as much time as possible with her kids. So, two kids are enough for her. And since she needs the time to devote all of herself to motherhood, she needs some space before having the second child. For this, she doesn’t mind staying at home and letting her career take a back seat for a while. Cancer is the mother of Zodiac so it’s no surprise that moms with this star sign have a deep connection with their kids’ lives and to make sure they grow up with plenty of happy memories.

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8 Leo, The Passionate Mom

Leo moms are passionate and just like their star sign, they want to have some lion cubs of their own. Two to four cubs are enough for Leo moms. They are great at multi-tasking and demand no less from their kids. They believe strongly in independence and instill this strong value in their young ones. So the kids of Leo mothers grow up to be self-sufficient and with a mind of their own. The passion of Leo moms makes them very dedicated to their kids. They know the ins and outs of their children. The children, in turn, respect and look up to their moms as their idols.

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7 Virgo, The Organized Mom

Because Virgo moms like to lead an organized life, just one child is enough for them. More than that will be stressful. For them, having discipline and order in life is essential. Virgo moms are very devoted and love to shower all their affection on their sole child. They will have all the play dates and doctor appointments organized neatly and will plan from before to avoid anything to upset their peace of mind. However, Virgo moms also know when to relax and take things easy. They will find ways to turn their momhood into a fountain of wisdom for other parents.

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6 Libra, The Balanced Mom

As the star sign of Libra shows justice and balance, the Libra moms in real life are all about balancing. So, it’s small surprise that Libra moms tend to have an even number of children – two, four or even six. Being kind in nature and placing a lot of worth on equality and fairness, Libra moms do not shy away from adopting kids. Your calm demeanor will see you through in sticky situations that involve kids. Having kids will make you more organized and planned. Libra moms are meticulous about their children’s lives and will do their all to ensure things go on the right track.

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    Scorpio moms are not satisfied with one or two kids. They love to have their own baseball team. Very strong and determined, Scorpio moms have equal affection for all her brood of kids. Though moody at times, Scorpio moms are very protective of family and children. They love to be among people who love them and who could be better than their own children! Scorpio moms are a pro at motherhood and know exactly what to do from the moment they have their first kid.

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4 Sagittarius, The Adventurous Mom

Sagittarius moms are adventurous by nature and so, would rather have just one child so that they can cope with the demands of motherhood without giving up their adventurous streak forever. However, the kid of a Sagittarius mom will definitely have a memorable childhood with all the places they visit with their globe-trotting mom. Sagittarius moms love being free and independent so they should carefully think about having a child. Motherhood is sure going to mean making some adjustments.

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3 Capricorn, The Real Life Supermom

Tough by nature, Capricorn moms can easily handle two to three kids along with the household chores and a job. They value an organized way of life and believe that wielding power can lead to a better family structure. So, when it comes to parenting, Capricorn moms can deal a strict hand. Which means their kids grow up to be citizens who strictly abide by the rules. Capricorn moms understand that parenting is no joke and they do a good job. But they also have a softer and feminine side to them which they don’t show often.

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2 Aquarius, The Adaptable Mom

Aquarius moms have a childlike nature. They’re also adventurous like Sagittarius moms and so, it would be best for them to have a single child. Aquarius moms can also balance well between playing a good cop and a bad cop for her child. She is adaptable in all situations and her knack for reading and trying out parenting hacks make her ready to face all kinds of trials. She’s flexible and will always support her child no matter what kind of profession they go for. Aquarius mom knows when to deal strongly with their child and when to relax.

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1 Pisces, The Warm Mom

The star sign says that Pisces moms can have a minimum of five kids. The sky is the limit when it comes to Pisces moms. Very emotional in nature, Pisces moms can’t wait to give all their love and devotion to her kids. They are also warm and look for perfection from their kids. Pisces moms, despite having their hands full with many kids, will still be trendy and smart. The warmth of Pisces moms spread far and wide, inviting other friends and families to spend time in their home, surrounded by love and affection. Which star sign are you and how many kids do you have? We’d like to hear from you so do share in the Comments section below. If you don’t want kids, maybe you should get the perfect dog based o your Zodiac sign!

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