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We’re Calling Out The 5 Most Confusing Zodiac Signs


We all know at least one person who by no fault of their own is completely confusing. Astrology has an amazing influence on our personalities and really does make all of the zodiac signs very different and unique. It’s about time we created an astro forecast on the most confusing zodiac signs and to our knowledge; there are 5 stand out candidates. Are you one of the 5 most confusing and cryptic zodiac signs? We reveal all.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of total incomprehension after leaving a work meeting, going on a date or even just going for coffee with a friend. That feeling of complete perplexity is brought on by the 5 most confusing zodiac signs. From not knowing where you stand with someone to being absolutely lost and puzzled by someone’s feelings for you, we’ve all been there! Discover more about the zodiac signs here!

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Who are the 5 most confusing zodiac signs?

Some people are just unintentionally unclear and confusing; it’s just a fact of life. We’re about to reveal the 5 most confusing zodiac signs who could literally twist your brain with their baffling words. Being confusing and quite frankly bewildering doesn’t spare anyone, so do you make our list or do you consider yourself to be clear?

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