We Ranked Who Are Shameless To More Reserved Based On Zodiac Sign


We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of shame—feeling simultaneously guilty for doing something wrong and embarrassed because we made ourselves look ridiculous. It’s no fun. Most people will do anything to avoid feeling shamed publicly. But nothing is worth than feeling ashamed of yourself. Remember messing up as a kid and hearing your mom or dad tell you, “You should be ashamed of yourself?” Yea, it makes you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, and nothing could ever pull you back up.

Some people are totally shameless—and we don’t just mean “wild” or “crazy at parties” or “show offs.” No, we mean that they literally have no shame. They do their own thing, they don’t care what anyone thinks, and you’re pretty sure that they have never been embarrassed in their lives. Why are some people shameless, while others are more reserved and hold themselves back from expressing themselves fully?

It could have something to do with their zodiac sign. Some signs naturally seem to be shameless, while others are much more withdrawn. We’ve ranked them all right here. So if you’re curious to see which zodiac signs are totally shameless, and which zodiac signs are more reserved, read on!

Shameless: Gemini Girls

Gemini girls do whatever they want. They live life on their own terms. Now, there are some signs who share this mindset in spite of occasionally feeling ashamed or embarrassed. For example, they might go ahead and do something wild, but they might be fighting feelings of shame the entire time. Gemini girls, on the other hand? No way. They learned early on that people will judge you no matter what you do in life, so why on earth should you hold back from what you really want to do? They spend time with the people they want to and tell off the people who bother them. They go after the job they want, not the career that their parents say they should have. And yes, they’ll dance on tables if the mood strikes.

Shameless: Leo Guys

Leo guys are total show offs, and do you think they ever feel ashamed of it? Nope. The way a Leo guy sees it, no one is going to advocate for you if you don’t advocate for yourself—so why not just step out and show the world what you’re made of at any given opportunity? But there’s one factor that makes a Leo guy the most shameless man in the entire zodiac. These guys are the kings of bouncing back. Seriously, a Leo guy could literally fall flat on his face while trying to impress a girl at a party, spill his drink all over her, and see everyone around him laughing at him. And the next day, he would still text that girl as if nothing had ever happened.

Shameless: Gemini Guys

If Gemini girls earned a spot on our “most shameless” list, you already know that Gemini guys couldn’t be far behind. Sometimes, men and women who fall under the same zodiac sign don’t actually have many traits in common, because society encourages us to act in different ways according to our gender. But Gemini guys and girls are really two peas in a pod. Gemini guys are just as shameless as Gemini girls, and this becomes especially apparent when you see the way they act while dating. Gemini guys wouldn’t even embarrassed if a girl they went on a date with one night caught them hooking up with another girl the next. They would literally just laugh, shrug it off, and probably text someone new the next day!

Shameless: Aquarius Girls

Aside from Gemini girls, pretty much no women in the zodiac experience less shame than an Aquarius girl. Aquarius girls have literally zero interest in following the rules of society. In fact, the rules don’t even seem to exist in their world. They threw the rulebook out the window after they took their first steps, and they have no time for anyone who tries to shove it in their faces. Some may think that Aquarius girls are rude, careless, or even immature at times. But this is far from the truth. People simply aren’t used to seeing others live their truth unapologetically the way that Aquarius girls do. These girls walk down their own paths, and they do not care if they have to do it alone.

Shameless: Sagittarius Guys

Sagittarius guys are carefree. People may try to put them in a box, but good luck with that, because these guys aren’t listening. Sagittarius guys have learned to accept mistakes as simply part of life. They figure out this lesson at a much younger age than many other people—in fact, most people never truly learn to accept this—and therefore, they seem shameless compared to others. They just feel like there is truly no reason that they should carry around the burden of shameful feelings if they have done something wrong. People often find this confusing, but Sagittarius guys simply feel that wallowing in shame is useless and unhelpful. If they screw up, they move on with their lives and try to do better next time.

Shameless: Leo Girls

Leo girls may have a little more tact than Leo guys do, but make no mistake, these women are truly shameless. They are just better at hiding it! Basically, Leo women have realized that in order to get what you want in life, you have to be willing to step on a few toes every once in a while, mess up, and then get back up and do it all over again. Nothing stops them in the way of going after what they want, and sometimes, they are a little too confident for their own good. But honestly, this is how they get so far in life. While some people may cower in shame after being told off for making a mistake, Leo girls simply shake it off and come up with a new strategy.

Shameless: Sagittarius Girls

Sagittarius girls have always been known as the free spirits of the zodiac. Even more importantly, they are relentlessly positive. This is also what makes them shameless. Sagittarius girls view shame as an unnecessary and negative emotion. Therefore, they don’t want to waste any time feeling ashamed. They also feel that anyone who tries to make them feel this way, or tells them that they should be ashamed of their actions, is simply trying to bring them down. Now, this does not mean that Sagittarius girls wouldn’t apologize if they did something wrong. They definitely would—they don’t like knowing that they made someone else feel bad. They simply won’t dwell on it for long, and after apologizing, they will move on with their lives.

Shameless: Libra Girls

If you’re a Libra girl, or if you have a Libra friend, you may understand why Libras can have a reputation for being social climbers, or for being a bit too materialistic. They can be very concerned with how they look to others, which might make you think that they would be a more reserved sign—but actually, that is not the case. This might be surprising, but we’ll explain. Basically, Libras will often do whatever it takes to make a good impression on others, even if that means occasionally faking how they really feel, or even lying to look “cool.” And they don’t feel ashamed of it at all! They feel that it is their right to do whatever they can in order to get ahead in life.

Shameless: Pisces Guys

When we say that Pisces guys are shameless, we mean it in a very positive sense. The fact that Pisces guys are on the “most shameless” list might come as a shock to some of you—aren’t Pisces guys supposed to be super sensitive and emotional? Wouldn’t that actually make them more susceptible to feelings of shame? Well, this is actually not the case. Since Pisces guys don’t fit into the traditional masculine box—they are creative, empathetic, laid back, and unafraid to embrace their feminine side—they had to learn to let go of those feelings of shame when they were young. As kids, they might have felt ashamed for not fitting in, but as they get older, they forget all about society’s expectations and do what they want.

Shameless: Aquarius Guys

Aquarius guys have very similar personalities to Aquarius girls, so naturally, they would also earn a spot in our “most shameless” category. Aquarius guys have an insane level of confidence, but they don’t feel the need to show off (yes, we’re looking at you, Leo guys). Instead, they possess a quiet form of confidence—they feel comfortable with their decisions, and it doesn’t matter to them if anyone else cares. Therefore, if someone insults them or acts rude to them, they will literally just ignore the other person. They won’t waste a moment feeling ashamed of any mistakes because they know that life is just a series of constant lessons and everyone is always learning. Therefore, they just don’t see any reason to hold themselves back or beat themselves up over mistakes.

Shameless: Pisces Girls

Pisces girls may seem quiet at first, but once you get to know them, you will be amazed at how willing they are to open up and tell you their whole life story. Seriously, Pisces girls can actually be pretty wild behind the scenes! They are often seen as quiet kids when they are young, just like Pisces guys. Society will try to make Pisces kids feel ashamed for their sensitive nature, for wanting to be creative, and for preferring to be alone. But as Pisces girls get older, they will throw off those expectations and laugh at how they once tried to fit in and hide who they really are. Pisces women can be truly shameless once they grow up and become more comfortable with themselves.

Shameless: Libra Guys

Libra guys are so much like Libra girls. The women and men born under this sign both care a great deal about their reputations. As they get older, this quality may fade a bit, but a young Libra guy is actually a lot like a Leo guy. Basically, Libra guys just want to liked—no, scratch that, they want to be adored. Honestly, some of them probably wish they were worshipped. They simply lack the capacity to even feel embarrassed. They just do what they want in hopes that it will help them achieve their goals. Whether this involves schmoozing other successful people, sucking up to their professors or bosses, or even dating someone simply because they have good connections—you name it, a Libra guy will do it with no shame.

Reserved: Taurus Girls

You’re probably not surprised to see that Taurus girls are kicking off the list of “most reserved” zodiac signs. Taurus girls just don’t feel the need to act out. They also prioritize having a very small circle of friends over having a big social crowd around them at all times. They are not out to prove anything to anyone, and they do not need anyone else’s approval. They don’t always feel the need to follow society’s standards, although they do tend to lead fairly traditional lives. But they do feel ashamed when they screw up on the standards they hold for themselves. They really pride themselves on being dignified and living with integrity, and if they feel that they have fallen short in these areas, they can really beat themselves up.

Reserved: Virgo Girls

Earth signs are definitely at home on our “most reserved” list. Signs that fall under this element are nearly always more reserved than they are shameless! Anyway, Virgo girls absolutely fall under the “reserved” category. They are not interested in flashy antics, but they also hate messing up! Therefore, they keep to themselves most of the time. When a Virgo girl makes a mistake, she takes it pretty hard. She definitely ends up dwelling on it for a while, every single time she screws up. Shame always hits Virgo girls really hard, and many of them never learn how to deal with it in a healthy way. Instead, they might end up locking themselves in their rooms and wallowing in self-pity for a while until they’re ready to try again.

Reserved: Capricorn Guys

Capricorn guys are very serious. In fact, they might be the most serious guys of any sign in the zodiac. They don’t really mess around or party—honestly, they barely give themselves any free time most days! They spend the vast majority of their time working, and this is where their feelings of shame come in. If a Capricorn guy gets called into a meeting with his boss and hears that he needs to make some changes, he’s going to walk out of their hanging his head in shame. Capricorn guys really hate hearing that they made a mistake that was work related. This is where they feel their pride in life, so they really prioritize their work over everything else. They definitely do not want to screw up on the job.

Reserved: Cancer Guys

Cancer guys are very emotional creatures. They are similar to Pisces guys in this respect, but these signs also have some key differences despite the fact that they are both water signs. Cancer guys are definitely more reserved than Pisces guys. This is because Cancer guys are actually hurt more easily, even though Pisces guys are quite sensitive. And Cancer guys feel shame more often. Cancer guys are very concerned with helping others (just like Cancer girls). So if they get the feeling that they have let someone down in some way, they will get a deep sense of shame that is difficult for them to shake. They will feel like the pain their actions caused is now reflected back on to them, and that they have to make up for it.

Reserved: Aries Girls

Some people may find it odd that we’re calling Aries girls reserved. After all, isn’t Aries one of the more stubborn signs? It seems like they would go after what they want without feeling ashamed of it, right? And on top of that, Aries girls are supposed to be quite adventurous and spontaneous. How do you reconcile that with being reserved or even feeling ashamed of their choices? Well, Aries may be adventurous and stubborn, but they often feel a lot of inner conflict because this can mean walking alone, disappointing the people that they love and care about, and even earning a bad reputation because others get upset when they don’t do what is expected of them. Aries girls tend to carry a lot of shame inside because they don’t want to feel like a disappointment.

Reserved: Virgo Guys

Virgo guys are far from shameless. First of all, Virgo guys are fairly quiet compared to many of the other signs. Like other earth signs, they can spend a lot of time on their own and never feel lonely, so they are not very social. They also hold themselves to a very high standard. Virgo is a very practical sign, and they hold this as a very important value. They don’t feel comfortable with making mistakes—they can’t just embrace their failures and say, “Oh, well, that’s life!” Nope, instead they’ll feel like they’ve let down everyone around them, screwed up irreversibly, and wonder if they could ever bounce back. Spoiler alert: they always do, they just need to have more faith in themselves when they mess up.

Reserved: Taurus Guys

Taurus guys have many character traits in common with Taurus girls. For one, they are very reserved in comparison to many of the other signs. Taurus guys are not exactly anti-social, but while some signs simply prefer to keep company with a small group of people, Taurus guys will actively avoid crowds and make an effort to stay out of large social events. This doesn’t mean that they are troubled or that they can’t talk to people—they genuinely just enjoy having a lot of “me time,” peace, and quiet. They also don’t like messing up where anyone can see. Basically, they just feel extremely anxious about the idea of being laughed at by a group of people, or people gossiping about something embarrassing they did behind their back.

Reserved: Capricorn Girls

Capricorn girls really see no reason to screw up. Some other female signs, like Leo women and Libra women, feel differently, as we discussed earlier. But Capricorn women like don’t like to be flashy, because they feel that their work and their efforts should speak for themselves. Capricorn women are also some of the biggest perfectionists in the zodiac. Other earth signs may truly hate the feeling of messing up or making big mistakes, but Capricorn women will basically have a break down if they screw up in any way. Capricorn girls may end up feeling super ashamed over the smallest mistake. They could do something wrong once after doing ten amazing things perfectly, and yet all they will think about for the next week is the one thing they did wrong.

Reserved: Scorpio Guys

Reserved? Scorpio guys? Seriously. Yup, seriously, and we’re about to explain why. Now, those of you who are already interested in astrology know that Scorpio is known for being the single most emotional sign in the zodiac—yes, they even beat out Pisces for this title. One might assume that this translates to being extremely expressive as well. For example, you might think that a Scorpio guy would feel no shame over picking a fight in public, getting into a heated debate with a professor, or even blowing up at his boy. But that’s not the case. Scorpio men may be very emotional, but this is a trait that is highly discouraged in men. Therefore, they spend a lot of time squashing their emotions down and feeling ashamed of those emotions.

Reserved: Aries Guys

Yes, both Aries women and Aries men have earned themselves spots in our “most reserved” category. Aries men can actually come off as standoffish and stuck up. This is not because they actually fit those labels—they are simply very reserved guys. Yes, once you get to know them, they are very laid back and fun to be around. But Aries guys are used to feeling “different” in some way, and they would prefer to just avoid judgment than put themselves out there to be judged. They definitely do not like that feeling—but then again, who does? So they won’t open up to someone unless you have already proven yourself to be trustworthy. Aries guys can be great friends and a ton of fun, but they will always be more reserved.

Reserved: Cancer Girls

Cancer girls are highly emotional—this sign doesn’t hold a candle to Scorpio in terms of emotions, but like all of the water signs, they are highly sensitive. Cancer girls are just too compassionate not to feel shame. Does that make sense? Let’s explain further. Basically, they truly hate the feeling of disappointing anyone. If they know that they have let someone down—even if what occurred wasn’t their fault—they will probably cry themselves to sleep over it. They would do anything in their power to avoid hurting someone else, so if they find out that their actions offended someone in some way, they will feel a deep sense of shame. Cancer girls are extremely caring, but this is a double edged sword because sometimes, they care too much.

Reserved: Scorpio Girls

Yes, Scorpio girls often learn to hide their emotions, and they frequently feel shame when they do express those strong emotions. They are so used to being called “crazy” or even “hysterical” and “unstable.” They get sick of these labels, and they don’t want to be known as the crazy girl. So they often become more reserved as they get older—some Scorpio girls can be shameless when they’re young, but this attitude is often discouraged, and as sensitive water signs, this makes an impact on them. They decide that they will hide their emotions and no longer show that side of themselves to people who they do not know and trust. In this regard, they are actually quite similar to Aries guys—they don’t show their vulnerability to the world.


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