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This Is Why You Are Not Satisfied With Your Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why you are so unhappy with your life?

No matter how hard you try to bring that joy that’s missing, somehow it always seems to slip away from you. That is pretty frustrating. Sometimes we ask ourselves: “Is there any point in moving on?” That feeling of unhappiness can become an endless routine in which we are stuck and we can’t seem to shake off.

We are all unhappy for different reasons but we all feel the same. Depressed and beaten down. At the end of the day, you ask yourself: “Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?”

But, most of us still have hope and we are still positive that things will go our way. We don’t give up.

Here is why your life seems miserable, based on your Zodiac sign. I suggest you read it and try to fix it! Because, one way or another, you are the master of your life and if you want to, you can change.



You are unhappy with your life because you are used to challenging everything and everyone you see. And where there is not enough challenge and no one to “provoke” a duel you are bored and thus you are unsatisfied with your life. You always aim higher which is good but you have to realize that failure sometimes is not as bad as it seems to be to you.



You are constantly trying to control everything around you. You have to understand that there are some things you cannot control, so don’t force them. Then the failure of not being able to have everything under control frustrates you and you are unhappy. Lay back and let things go their way.


There is total chaos in your head. Gemini is like a split personality and that is what is happening inside of you. One part of you thinks in one way and the other part of you thinks in another. And in all that mess you just lose your direction and you are feeling lost. And that is what makes you unhappy. Chose the path you want to take and stick to it!



You are very emotional and that is the reason you are unhappy. You put everyone else’s needs before your own. You want to please and listen to everyone and you neglect yourself. There is no better feeling in the world than helping others, but you have to think about yourself for a change!



You are stubborn but also very sensitive. Your biggest problem is that you want to be independent which is great but not if you are not ready. You will reject literally everything and everyone because you are so stubborn in your decision to be able to do anything on your own even when you can’t. And that is where the problem is. Accept help from others from time to time.



You are used to the fact that everything has to be perfect. And the moment when your life gets just a little bit off track, you freak out. If you, by any chance lose that sense of perfection you will go crazy. And when things don’t go perfectly for you, you are ashamed of it and you bottle those feelings up deep inside you and refuse to talk about it and that is what is on your mind and that is what is bothering you all the time.



You have the need to overanalyze everything. You have kind of a philosophical approach to life. Sometimes you can be very boring to the people listening to you and on top of all that you are obsessed with the fact what people think of you. You don’t even have to know them that well and you still wonder what they think about you. That will drive you crazy. Calm down, who cares what others think about you?



You are a materialist and your unhappiness depends on what you don’t have. Most of the time that something that is missing is something material. Fortunately, you are very easily distracted and you move on quickly to other things and forget about that what made you unhappy in the first place.



You are unhappy because you don’t have the balls to live the life you want to live. You are such a people pleaser and you want to please your friends and your family and you do what they want you to do. As long as you don’t pull your head out of the sand and start taking action on your life, you will be truly unhappy.


You are unhappy because you have a concrete plan for your success. And when you aren’t able to make it come true you get frustrated and unhappy. You are very hard-working and will do anything possible to fulfill your goal. But it is very hard to start doing something, so until you get going and start doing things you will be unhappy.



You are just not ambitious enough. It is true that you dream big but at the same time you are not working your ass off to accomplish something. Things aren’t gonna fall off the sky just for you. If you want something, you have to work hard in order to get it.



You will be unhappy if you don’t leave your footprint in this world. Pisces need to create something, whether in art, music, or business. They have to leave something people will remember them by. And when you don’t succeed in doing this you think your life was for nothing and no one will remember you when you are gone. That’s not true, don’t get obsessed over these things. Anyone who loves you will never forget you.

I hope you found something useful in this article and something you can improve to make your life happier.



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