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This Is Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure, Empathetic Soul

There is nothing in the whole wide world more inspiring and beautiful than a woman with a pure, empathetic soul.

But somehow, these women are having extreme difficulties when it comes to finding love.

Have men become totally oblivious to the fact or is it that they simply don’t bother reminding themselves of it?

Why are women with a pure, empathetic soul struggling to find love these days?

Having a pure, empathetic soul means having a big, sensitive heart and not being afraid to love unconditionally, of which many men shit their pants.

So, the only true answer is that some men are simply not powerful enough to handle such a woman.

Indeed, a few REAL men are capable of loving them and that is why these women struggle to find love.

If you still don’t believe me, here are 8 more reasons why most men cannot handle these special women with a pure, empathetic soul!


1. Women with a pure, empathetic soul want to engage in long-lasting, loving relationships

These women are not looking for a casual romance or mediocre relationship.

Instead, they want to engage in a long-lasting and loving relationship that is reciprocated. And how many men want the same thing? (That’s what I thought).

Most men cannot handle the idea or they are simply incapable of giving all of their body and heart to one woman and to fight for their love.

And these women cannot handle men who are not capable of winning them or fight for their relationship.

Women with a pure, empathetic soul want the real thing and fakeness is simply not an option.

2. These women value honesty more than anything in the world

Being empaths, they are an open book and they value honesty more than anything in the world.

They don’t tolerate any kind of bullshit by men and that is why they struggle to find love.

They are determined to always be honest with the people around them and they expect the same treatment in return.


3. The energy they radiate is too intense (for some men)

Empaths are people with a special kind of energy and everything they do, they do it with their heart, including one hundred percent of their energy.

Their passion for life is seen in their eyes and they draw people to them with no effort (except certain men).

Some men are scared of the complexity of their being and the energy these women exhibit.

Or, better said, some men shit their pants because they are not powerful enough to handle such women.


4. These women can see people for who they are

These women have the ability to sense both the good and the bad in a person and that is why some men are afraid to be in their vicinity.

Some men are afraid that their dark past will be revealed and that is why they cowardly hide from these women.

They hide because they cannot handle the truth and they know that they will not be able to deceive such kinds of women.

5. They know what they want in life

These women know their dreams and goals and they are working on fulfilling them.

These women cannot stand other people trying to change them (for no apparent reason) and telling them what’s good for them.

And some men are simply incapable of handling it. They are afraid of an independent woman who knows what she wants (especially if their sole intention is to manipulate and play with them).

6. They love unconditionally and commit fully

These women believe in reciprocity and the beauty of true love.

For them, this is the most sacred thing in life and that is why they are careful to whom they give their heart.

If an empathetic woman senses that a man is still immature and is not in touch with his feelings, she will not want to waste her time with such a man because she knows what she brings to the table and she’s not afraid of eating alone.


7. Women with a pure, empathetic soul crave real intimacy

Female empaths crave both a physical and emotional bond with their partner.

They need a man who will not only be interested in their appearance and physical aspects but who  will be able to meet their emotional needs as well.

Women with a pure, empathetic soul want men who know what they want and who know how to treat a woman with respect.

8. They are independent

Some men think that loving someone means doing anything for them, which includes even changing yourself to their preferences.

Empath females are independent women and they are looking for a man who will be strong enough to accept their independence instead of cowardly trying to change them.

They want to be accepted for who they are, not for who others want them to be and that is why most men are incapable of handling a woman with a pure, empathetic soul.



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