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This Is How You’re Unconsciously Ruining Your Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You will rain on your own parade because of your negativity and pessimism. You are walking through life with no silver lining.

Usually, you speak before you think which can cause you to crack and say things you didn’t want to say.

When someone gets you angry, you get easily upset. In those moments, you can’t control your anger.


Sometimes, it’s better to let things go for your own sake.



You are known to be soooo stubborn and that is what is ruining your life. You can’t accept the fact things won’t always go the way you planned them.

When it comes to that, you tend to release that anger on your loved ones. That’s a personality trait you have to get rid of.

Relax, take a chill pill and accept the fact you can’t control everything that is going on around you.



You are indecisive and that is your biggest problem. When faced with choices, you are not sure which road to take.

When you do take ‘the right’ one, you regret it immediately. These ‘wrong’ choices force you to settle, whether in your job, love life, etc.

Your inability to make choices ends up hurting a lot of people. For example, you jump into a relationship too soon, so you end up regretting it and hurting that person.

If you truly are indecisive, take a step back and think things through rather than making a wrong decision which will have collateral damage.



You always think about other people’s emotions and you put their needs before your own. There’s no harm in doing that, but you take things a little bit too far.

Due to the extra emotional side of your personality, you invest all of your energy and time in one person you believe deserves it. Unfortunately, some people don’t deserve to be treated that way, so you pay the price later on.

Be careful and don’t give your trust to everyone so easily—this is for your own sake.


Your main trait is your pride. God forbid someone sees the vulnerable side of your personality—you won’t let it.

You always appear to be strong, as if nothing can move you, but you do feel things despite the fact you pretend to be emotionless.

Bottling up feelings inside you is what ruins your life without you even knowing it. You think showing your vulnerable side is a sign of weakness but it’s not.

Vulnerability is a perfectly normal trait that every human being possesses. Give in and don’t be afraid to show what you really feel, once in awhile.



You are constantly putting yourself down and that is what is ruining your life. Every time you fail to achieve your overly ambitious goals (which was expected), you blame yourself, thus destroying your self-worth.

You are no stranger when it comes to self-criticizing and that is why you are your own worst enemy.



You are a natural caretaker which is why people often take advantage of you. You know they are just using you, but you keep your mouth shut.

That’s why, after building up all the negative emotions inside you, you tend to lose it and take it all out on the person you love the most.

In that way, by causing others pain, you are unconsciously ruining your life.

As soon as you feel you’ve got something to say, say it! Don’t hold it inside!


Along with Taurus, you are the most stubborn sign in Zodiac. You don’t open up easily to people, so it’s extremely hard to win your heart.

Sometimes, you think you are better off alone than in a relationship because you find it hard to trust someone.


But, once you succeed in letting someone in, you can continue to be self-protective which leads to selfishness.

This way you are unconsciously hurting others; thus, you are ruining your life.

Have a little faith in people because not all of them are going to break your heart—and if some of them do, it will heal.



You are a textbook example of someone who has a lot of ideas but doesn’t move from the same spot. You are afraid to do the things which you have in mind.

You do this because you are afraid of failure.

Take a risk once in a while. Believe me, it will pay off in the end.



Due to the fact that you are ‘crazy ambitious’, you are ruining your life by failing to accomplish impossible goals you’ve set up for yourself

When you are completing a task, you get too focused, thus ignoring everything that is happening around you. In this way, you are unconsciously hurting other people and yourself.

You are always on the go and that is causing you to miss out on life, big time.

Slow down and remember that work and goals are not more important than the people you love and who love you back.



You are living in your past which haunts your future. You are in constant fear that your past events will catch up with you.

You have to make yourself believe you are the only one who has the power to influence on your future, not the things you did in the past.

You carry unnecessary baggage around and you push people away because you think you will ruin their lives but the thing is that you are only ruining your own.

Open your eyes and forget about the past. The future is what holds your happiness.



You are the purest and most good-hearted sign of the Zodiac, yet you attract and are attracted to the wrong people. You are the true example that opposites attract.

Due to these toxic people you are surrounded by, you can’t fulfill your whole potential because they are pulling you back.

You are getting used to this pain and you are making yourself believe you deserve it.

No one deserves pain and neither do you, so get your act together and simply say, “That was enough!”



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