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This Is How Anxiety Makes It Hard To Follow Your Dreams

It’s not that you don’t want to be successful in life and reach your goals. It’s just that your anxiety is draining the soul out of your body and you’re left without any energy to go through the day.

You have all these plans in life and you know where you want to be. You know how your house should look, you know which countries you want to visit, and you know where you want to work. You know which people you want to meet and you already know what to tell them and how to make them laugh and like you. Everything looks so perfect in your head, doesn’t it?

And then in the morning, your anxiety pays you a little visit and whispers in your ear, “Maybe you should just stay in bed…”

There you go. All of your ideas and dreams and intentions for that day are blown away. All the confidence you’ve been building previously just vanishes. Just like that.


You start thinking that this could be the day you fail and the best thing to do to avoid it would be to stay in bed. Avoid the day ahead of you entirely.  And suddenly, your apartment looks so good and your bed looks so safe.

That’s what anxiety does to your dreams. Anxiety is ruining everything before it even begins. It’s just not giving you the chance to try.

It all starts in your head and you start feeling it for real. You start seeing yourself as a person that has achieved her biggest dreams and anxiety ruins that as well.

Anxiety makes you remember every single mistake you’ve made in your life and it plays them on repeat. It feels like it’s giving you all the reasons why you can’t make it. You play your mistakes and you feel like you’ve been a failure from the very beginning. You are not the one destined to succeed and you beat yourself down for even allowing yourself to think you could make a difference in this world.

Anxiety makes you feel afraid all the time and you are mostly afraid to make a mistake. You think if you even make the slightest mistake everything will go to hell and everyone will know you were the one to send things to that destination.

Because anxiety makes you feel like you’re the one to be blamed for everything.

Even if you are a team player, you have this feeling like everyone is pointing fingers towards you. If you succeed, it’s no big deal, but if you fail, you’re the one to blame. No matter if the reality is different, it’s you that feels like crap for not giving more of herself regardless of having given the best of you.

Anxiety makes you excited and afraid at the same time. You want many things and you have the path to get there. It feels thrilling to see yourself standing there, but at the same time, you start drowning in your fear.

“Anxiety is the troll that grabs your bliss, your peace, and shakes it into submission.”

If you are among those lucky ones that get to be spared the anxiety attacks from the very beginning, you have no idea how much easier everything feels. At least, you get the chance to try, you get the chance to succeed, and to get everything you want.

But once you get it all, it doesn’t last. Something shakes it up.

And it does, it really does.

It makes you anticipate the bad things that might happen right when the things get perfect. It’s like the depression that follows a glorious vacation, so they say.

You knew these things already, didn’t you? You just haven’t had the chance to see them sorted out like this. But there is something that nobody ever told you. There is something that you might not be aware of because you keep looking at the shady side of the anxiety.

Anxiety makes you stronger. It doesn’t make you feel stronger, it really makes you stronger.

Think about it—you face your dreams every single day. You always have two choices—to stay in bed and do nothing to contribute your dreams or to get up and face everything anxiety could throw at you that day.

You could embarrass yourself, you could say the most awkward thing in the world, but you still get up every morning and you decide to make the odds be in your favor.

Although your first instinct is to run, you don’t run. You refuse to let anxiety define you. You refuse to let the bad days last forever. Eventually, you’ll be the one to win this battle you’ve been fighting your entire life (or so it may seem to you).

You’ll be the one to make your dreams come true and to stand proudly before everything you’ve accomplished. You only need to remind yourself that you are stronger than your anxiety. It may be that your anxiety is extremely persistent with those whispers in your ears, but your will to get up out of the bed and do wonders is much stronger. Don’t forget to remind yourself of this every single day.

You do deserve a standing ovation for your bravery and you’ll get another one once you make your dreams come true.



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