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The Most Unforgivable ” Relationship ” Mistakes Based On His & Her ( Zodiac Sign )


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Making mistakes in a relationship is inevitable. Everyone, at one point or another, will make a mistake during their relationship. Believe it or not, but even those couples you think are perfectly fairytale have probably made mistakes.

The thing about mistakes, though, they can be, and usually are, forgiven with a nice apology and a warm hug. When you really love someone, you are likely to forgive a lot of your partner’s flaws. Oh, he forgot to bring flowers to your moms house during a visit? It’s okay, we forgive him. So she didn’t remember to come to your friend’s birthday party? No biggie, we still love her.

Though a lot of the little slip-ups are easily excused, there are certain mistakes that are completely unforgivable. We each have specific circumstances in relationships that we simply cannot excuse, and a lot of these are determined by our own personalities.

Your own sign can actually determine a lot of details about your love life. One of these details involves things in relationships that you most likely refuse to deal with. Have you ever wondered what you might not be able to forgive in your relationships or what your significant other feels is the absolute last straw? Well, here are those unforgivable relationship mistakes, based on your sign.

Capricorn Woman: Behaving Irresponsibly

Capricorns are basically one of the most responsible signs. They live by traditions and are typically very serious people. This Earth sign are the masters of self-control, so you can imagine how much irresponsible people drive them crazy.

The one thing a Capricorn woman won’t be able to deal with in relationships is someone who behaves irresponsibly. She keeps her life in order and usually has a tight schedule set in stone. She is both hardworking and ambitious and definitely won’t forgive her partner if they start to get sloppy with their life choices.

Capricorn Man: Forcing Him Out Of His Comfort Zone

Capricorn men are most definitely creatures of habit. They hate breaking tradition and falling out of line. Now, imagine how well they’ll perceive someone who tries to force them outside of their comfort zone. He will not forgive a partner who consistently tries to make him change his lifestyle or habits.

He is who he is and he does not want to change. He might seem stiff and stubborn, but he can’t help it. He might also have a difficult time accepting his partner if they are completely different from him. If you find yourself involved with a Capricorn man, tread carefully because he can sometimes seem condescending and unforgiving.

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Aries Woman: Forcing Her To “Need” You

She’s courageous, confident and determined. She doesn’t rely on anyone except herself, and she definitely doesn’t want some man thinking she needs him in order to survive. Her fast-paced lifestyle most likely leaves no room for anyone trying to hold her back.

Aries women are completely self-sufficient and usually keeps to herself. She won’t be able to forgive someone who starts treating her like she can’t take care of herself. She doesn’t want anyone thinking she depends on them for anything really. An Aries girl needs a partner who is just as independent as her and doesn’t rely on her all the time.

Aries Man: Always Being Reluctant Toward New Adventures

There are few things an Aries man loves more than living life in the fast lane. This Fire sign is impatient and impulsive. Aries is one of the most active of all the signs. Frankly, it is in his nature to take action and make things happen.

Therefore, he needs a good adventure every now and then. He most likely hates people who choose to stay safe in their comfort zones and needs someone who is down to try something new and exciting. He won’t be able to forgive someone who is always hesitant toward his new adventurous ideas.

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Virgo Woman: Losing All Ambition

Virgo women need a partner who is ambitious. They pay attention to all of life’s details and are extremely hardworking. A Virgo knows where she wants to go in life and is clearly organized in her every day routine. She cannot forgive a partner who starts to lose all of their ambition.

This Earth sign can, at times, be overly critical of her partner, but it’s just due to her analytical nature. She is very practical and has a methodical approach to everything, including her relationships. Once her partner steps out of her clearly drawn out lines and starts forgetting their own goals, she will probably drift away from them quickly.

Virgo Man: Making Him Feel Like He Can’t Help

A Virgo man is a man who likes to have the answer for everything. If there’s a way, he will find it. Virgos tend to be the know-it-alls. He’s going to seriously fret if his partner has a problem and he cannot help.

Of course, there are going to be times that he really just can’t help, but if he can, let him. If his partner refuses to let him help all the time, he will likely grow seriously frustrated and start to see this as unforgivable.

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Gemini Woman: Questioning Her Motives

Geminis are affectionate and gentle, but at the same time, they can be inconsistent and indecisive. She knows she drives her partner nuts with the ups and downs, but hey, she’s the twin sign – they’re infamous for having two different personalities.

A Gemini woman is born to have fun and interact with others. There’s little she loves more than communicating with someone she loves. She absolutely does not want to be the clingy girlfriend. She will not be that attached-at-the-hip partner, and she won’t forgive a partner who uses this as a reason to question her motives in the relationship.

Gemini Man: Forcing Him To Become A Homebody

He is a social animal; he cannot be tamed. A Gemini man needs to have friends, and he needs to be able to go out and explore the world. A partner who prefers staying home is not a good match for any Gemini.

His fascination with the world moves him to constantly seek new and exciting experiences. He won’t find anything new at home and will resent someone who makes him stay at home all the time. A Gemini man will most likely find the homebody trait unforgivable in a partner.

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Sagittarius Woman: Becoming Lazy In The Relationship

This Fire sign cannot stand people who are lazy. Sagittarius women are so full of energy all the time and need a partner who can keep up. She loves her freedom and loves traveling. A Sagittarius will most likely only feel fulfilled if she is constantly in touch with the world.

It sounds exhausting, but she won’t have it any other way. If her partner becomes too lazy to keep up with her, she won’t be able to look the other way for long. Sooner or later, the mistake will become too great and she won’t forgive it. There’s no real excuse for becoming lazy in a relationship.

15Sagittarius Man: Completely Taking Away His Independence

The philosophical explorer sign needs his freedom. Sagittarius men are born to wander the world. He really doesn’t like having to give up any of his freedom for a relationship, but the right person will get him to sacrifice some of this. However, someone who forces him to hand over all his independence won’t be forgiven.

He doesn’t like the idea of having to tell his partner when and where he is at all times. He doesn’t like having to make sure his plans are acceptable to another person. A Sagittarius man can never be fully tied down.

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Leo Woman: Controlling Her Every Move

Leo women are used to making all the decisions in her life without help from others. She is a natural born leader. While this is a good trait to have, Leos are also stubborn, self-centered and dominant. It is pretty hard to take control over a Leo, but if her partner manages to do so, she won’t forgive them.

Her confidence is what will attract her partner most, but it might also end up being what puts an end to the relationship. She’s going to have to work on seeing her partner as, well, a partner.

Leo Man: Constantly Being Confrontational

The “King of the Jungle” doesn’t like having to deal with confrontation in relationships. Confrontation often means someone is facing up to his leadership status. He alone is confrontational enough for the relationship.

Leo men are aggressively opinionated and really don’t like having to exert their dominance, but he will definitely do it if he sees it’s needed. A partner who is always being confrontational toward a Leo will find themselves at the wrong end of a Lion’s roar. He yells back louder and stands up taller when confronted. His passionate and warm-hearted side hates doing this, though, and he won’t forgive someone who brings out confrontation.

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12Pisces Woman: Being Totally Insensitive And Rude

She is friendly, compassionate, and selfless in almost everything she does. Pisces women are some of the most loyal and caring people of the world. She strongly dislikes people who are insensitive. If her partner starts to be selfish, insensitive, and rude, she won’t understand why and won’t forgive you.

This Water sign is usually one of the most tolerant signs, but this one thing will always rub them the wrong way. Typically, Pisces aren’t judgmental and know how to forgive. Don’t test her with being insensitive to others, though, because nine out of ten times, she will find this unforgivable.

Pisces Man: Hurting Him Emotionally

He’s so kind-hearted and loyal; how could anyone hurt him emotionally. Pisces men are some of the nicest men a person will ever meet. However, he’s seriously sensitive and almost always wears his heart on his sleeve.

Pisces men love hard and fast; they put their all into a relationship. He trusts his partner and respects them, so when he gets his feelings hurt, it’s a big deal to him. He will always try to calmly work through any problems, but sometimes he won’t be able to forgive someone who hurts him where it hurts most – his heart.

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Scorpio Woman: Lying To Her Face

No one likes to be lied to, but Scorpio women find lying one of the most unforgivable mistakes someone close can make toward her. Scorpios are born passionate and brave, but they also have a very jealous side to them and have a tendency to be distrusting.

She will never ever accept dishonesty from a partner. Scorpios are usually very secretive and have a hard time opening up, so having someone deceive them after they’ve opened up is heartbreaking. Even if the lie is done to “protect” a Scorpio, she more than likely will not forgive it or her partner.

Scorpio Man: Forgetting The Importance In Physical Contact

Men are big on the physical aspects of a relationship; that is not a secret. Scorpios, though, are the most sensual sign. They are extremely passionate people and feeling close to their partner is very important.

Scorpio men really hate not being able to love on their partner every minute of the day. They understand that life gets busy and life’s routine can be exhausting, but sometimes, they just don’t understand why it has to be that way. Because of their jealous and suspicious personality traits, Scorpio men find it difficult to forgive a partner who forgets why physical contact is important for the relationship.

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Taurus Woman: Betraying Her Trust

Watch out for the bull if you betray her trust. Taurus women can’t stand the fact that their partner has friends of the opposite gender. She hates having to be okay with her partner hanging out with other people when she isn’t around.

Taurus women won’t let her partner know how jealous she is, but it’ll slowly start to eat at her. Though this sign is usually practical and well-grounded, her possessive and stubborn personality traits start to take over when she really cares about someone. She doesn’t like feeling insecure, so if her partner betrays her hard-earned trust, she isn’t likely to forgive them.

Taurus Man: Behaving Carelessly

Taurus guys are super loyal to their romantic partners. He is going to be reliable and devoted to anyone he is in a relationship with. When they set out on a project, they will stay committed until it ends. One of the most important parts of a Taurus man is his sense of responsibility.

He lives for his routine and his to-do lists. A partner who starts behaving carelessly with their own life or the relationship will quickly start to stir up trouble in the Taurus man’s life. He won’t be able to forgive someone who refuses to act responsibly.

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Cancer Woman: Closing Off Emotionally To Her

Cancer women hate a partner who does not communicate. She can be very emotional and sensitive, so when her partner won’t talk to her about things that are going on in their life, she’s going to take it very personally. This Water sign attaches herself to people closest to her and is sympathetic by nature.

She understands why some people don’t like exposing their emotions to others, but she doesn’t agree with this. Cancer women feel their partners would just feel so much better if they opened up, and sometimes won’t be able to forgive someone who refuses to ever open up emotionally.

Cancer Man: Refusing To Open Up To Him

He is loyal, sympathetic, and emotional. He needs someone who opens up to him completely. Cancer men have a lot of emotions and feeling, and they just love to share them with those closest to them. He is going to need a partner who is just as willing to open up.

A Cancer man can sometimes become insecure and think low of himself, so he needs someone who isn’t afraid to help him through his feelings. He isn’t likely to forgive a partner who just remains a closed and locked book the whole relationship.

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Aquarius Woman: Appearing Too Close-Minded

Aquarius women are free thinkers. They are highly intellectual and are able to see all sides of life. They have no prejudices and love helping everyone. She won’t stand being in a relationship with someone who is super close-minded.

Aquarians question the norm. They think outside the box and search for different ways to perceive things. Someone who just sticks to what they know and refuses to see things any other way will drive her crazy. A relationship with someone like this won’t last, because she won’t be able to forgive you for being close-minded.

Aquarius Man: Refusing To Be Open To New Experiences

This Air sign uses his mind at every opportunity. He’s very progressive and independent. He doesn’t like to feel limited or constrained in relationships, so he needs someone who is willing to try new things with him.

Aquarius men might seem shy and quiet, but on the inside, they are extremely eccentric and full of energy. This energy needs to be released and he does so by having new experiences. He loves sharing these moments with someone he loves, but if that person refuses to open themselves up to it, he will probably see this as an unforgivable mistake.

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Libra Woman: Becoming Overly Negative

Libras are peaceful, and they thrive in partnerships. Libra women are often great lovers in relationships but won’t feel too kindly to a partner exerts negative energy all the time.

Positivity is likely her middle name. A Libra woman usually tries her hardest to make sure everyone around her is having a good time. So, someone who is just too negative will really bring her down. Libra women cannot forgive someone for being negative when she knows there is so much in life to be positive about and appreciate.

Libra Man: Holding On To His Past Mistakes

He’s a cooperative and diplomatic man. His gracious and fair-minded personality pushes him to find compromises and solutions when confronted with a problem. However, a Libra man will not forgive a partner who refuses to let go of his past mistakes.

He doesn’t like when things become confrontational, but he hates even more so, when it’s about something he can no longer fix or change. Libra men don’t like drama, so if his partner chooses to carry on with old fights, he will probably start to pull himself away from the relationship. He knows he has to talk about unpleasant things, but Libra men don’t like dealing with it in a negative way.

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