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The Most Positive To Negative Zodiac Signs, Ranked


Staying positive, upbeat and cheerful comes naturally to some people and can seem like mission impossible for certain zodiac signs. Which half does your zodiac sign fall into? Does your zodiac sign have a totally positive or completely negative attitude towards life? Is your zodiac sign positive and upbeat or a real Debbie downer when things don’t go your way? We reveal where your zodiac sign places in our positivity ranking.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a different attitude and outlook on life which is why we are able to divide them into positive and negative signs. Some people are very optimistic and always manage to see things in a positive light and others just see everything in black!


The most positive to negative zodiac signs

We admit it, it’s not always easy to keep a smile on your face, especially when going through a breakup or any other kind of difficult situation. But, some people are better at handling what life throws at them than others. Does your zodiac sign manage to be cheerful even when absolutely nothing goes your way? Or, does your zodiac sign want to give up the second the going gets tough? Are you a positive or negative star sign?

Our ranking of the most positive to negative zodiac signs speaks volumes about your outlook on life and your attitude.


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