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The Best Guide Of Getting To Know The Virgo In Your Life

Virgo personality traits


1. Virgos pay attention to details

Virgos have ridiculously high standards and they are overly critical of themselves, especially when something they’ve done didn’t end up the way they planned. They are excellent planners and if you want to arrange something, make sure you have a Virgo on your team. They are masters of organization and they are not afraid to take control, so that’s why they are very good leaders.



2. Virgos are not impressed by things but by experience

If you’re going on a trip with a Virgo, you’ll learn that they don’t care about fancy hotels and dinners. They are more of a walk and explore type of person. Also, you’ll never regret going on a trip with a Virgo because due to their planning abilities, every part of your trip will be carefully organized.

When they meet new people, they are not impressed with what they have and how they are dressed. They will be impressed with the way you talk and what you talk about. They will definitely give you a chance to prove yourself through conversation.


3. Virgos are very practical

There is no problem that they can’t solve. They are very practical and they will never leave their best friend in trouble. If you were dumped or you’re sad about something, you can be sure that a Virgo will be by your side comforting you and planning how to help you get better sooner. They are known to let go of the people they don’t need or people that emotionally exhaust them. That’s why they are so practical. They don’t complicate things.


4. They can be very quiet

They usually won’t demand something out loud. They will keep it quiet and subtly ask for what they want. Those who get it will help them—and those who get it are the right kinds of people for a Virgo. Virgos are very modest, but they’ll never let anyone take control over their lives.

How to attract a Virgo man

Virgo men are a bit of a handful. They won’t jump into a relationship without analyzing things first and getting to know their potential partner. After a few dates and long but pleasant conversations, they will create a certain picture of you in their heads based on their impressions and if you don’t live up to what they are expecting you to be, then it won’t end well for the two of you. They can appear cool in the beginning, but that is just their harsh exterior because inside, they are over-analyzing everything. They just pretend they don’t care.

It’s very hard to win a Virgo man because they are searching for someone who will inspire them and share their values. They want an organised and tidy person. But, if you manage to win yourself a Virgo man, you can be sure it will be a committed relationship for the long run.


How to attract a Virgo woman

It’s pretty much similar to seducing a Virgo man. This woman is very intelligent and men are intimidated by her, so usually men are afraid of getting near a Virgo woman. She is also emotional despite the facade of indifference she is putting on. She does that to protect herself. She is very careful regarding relationships and she will never start something without assessing it first.

If you want to seduce a Virgo woman, you have to understand that materialistic things mean nothing to her. She is a practical woman and if you want to impress her, buy her something she will be able to use or eat. When she loves, she loves with all of her heart, but it’s hard to get win her over. She is very careful and private, and she won’t share her emotions that easily. You have to earn them.


Virgo in a relationship

They will do whatever it takes to be sure that you are right person for them. They will put you through hundreds of tests before they decide to give their hearts to you. While in a relationship, they will never give up when a problem pops up. They will think about it and try to find the best possible solution. Although they may seem a bit predictable and boring, they have a wild side to them which will definitely positively surprise you.


Virgo’s ideal first date

They enjoy learning new things, so you can exclude the classic dinner date to be your first meeting together. Take them to a class of some sort so they can learn a new skill. That’s just perfect for them. They are hungry for new knowledge. You’ll definitely earn some plus points for doing this and turning your date into a learning experience.


Virgo friends and family

Virgos are excellent problem solvers and if you have a Virgo for a friend, you can be sure that their advice is the best one you can take. They will never leave you hanging in a difficult situation because problem solving is a challenge to them—and they simply love a good challenge every now and then. They genuinely care for people and once they make a connection with you, you can be sure that is going to last for a lifetime.

They cherish family and respect it. They are very thankful for their upbringing because it has turned them into something they are very proud to be today. They are very traditional family-wise and they have no problems taking care of their sick and elderly.


How to turn on a virgo

Virgo is kind of a kinky sign. They love everything they wouldn’t normally do in their everyday lives. This may surprise you, but be ready for pretty much anything if you’re planning to have sex with a Virgo. Their fantasies include fetishes of all kinds—it just depends on if his fetish will be your cup of tea also.


Virgo men in bed

They are very modest in the bedroom and they will loosen up completely when they see you’re enjoying yourself. So, your pleasure is what turns them on the most. The one spot they absolutely go crazy for is touching their stomachs. You have to kiss and sesually stroke it. It will drive them wild. During sex, they are fans of dirty talk. It helps them relax and do the business the best they can.


Virgo and humor

They will use humor to express their real concerns about world problems and things that are bothering themselves. Their humor is witty and it’s fair to say that it’s not meant for everyone.


How to motivate a virgo

Tell them how great they are, how you admire their ability to pay attention to details and their touch for perfection. You can tell them how you admire how good they are with people and how their advice is always spot on. Tell them they always succeed in solving all of their problems because they don’t panic, they sit and think until they find a solution.



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