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Red Lips & 20 Other Things That Will Definitely Get His Attention

    Feeling invisible is one of the most frustrating feelings a person can go through, especially when it seems like you never get noticed. But attracting the attention of the right person isn’t always about having the prettiest face or the best figure in the crowd.

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Sometimes, getting someone’s attention simply comes down to science. Being able to walk into a room and attract the gaze of the person you wish would notice you isn’t easy, but it’s possible. There are a number of subtle yet powerful science-backed things you can do to make someone notice you, and most of them are pretty darn easy! The colors you choose to wear, the way you choose to stand, and the things you choose to say can all make a massive difference as to whether the person you’re interested in takes a second glance at you or not. And while not every trick will work on every person, these tips have been tried, tested, and proven to work on the majority of guys. Not only will they attract his attention initially, but they’ll also increase the chances that he’ll remember you. Check out these small, simple things you can do to hook his interest from the second you walk in the room.

Duh: Red Lips And Red Clothes

One way to ensure you always stand out from the crowd and hook his attention, at least for a little bit, is to wear red. Red lips are a big one since a lot of men are attracted to this. But fire-engine red doesn’t suit everyone (and can be hard to maintain all night). You could always rock a red outfit instead.

Making Eye Contact And Smiling

Believe it or not, but little is more effective than good old-fashioned eye contact when you’re trying to engage another person. A lot of people shy away from staring someone in the eyes, especially if they’ve just met them. But not only does eye contact suggest that you are interested in the person you’re looking at, but it also emits a sense of confidence and directness, which will catch his attention. There’s also smiling, which is undeniably powerful. A smile is pleasant to look at and contagious, and increases the chances that someone will risk coming over and talking to you.

(Subtly!) Replicating His Behavior

You’ve heard that imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? Well, there’s even more truth to that saying than you might think. Studies have shown that when we really like someone, we mimic their behavior without even realizing. So if you replicate someone’s movements, it subconsciously sends off the message that you’re interested in them, which in turn will make them more likely to approach you or engage with you in a social setting. Remember to keep it subtle, though. Shamelessly copying someone you’ve just met could very easily give a completely different vibe from what you’re going for.

Getting Up And Talking To Him First

Men are almost always expected to get up and make the first move. A lot prefer it that way—they feel a biological need to be the pursuer of the game, and they enjoy making the first move. But there are also a lot of men who are sick and tired of being expected to put themselves out there all the time and would be totally flattered if a girl came up to them first for a change. This doesn’t just attract his attention, but grabs it by the horns. And chances are, he’ll definitely remember the girl who wasn’t too scared to approach him first.

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16Talking With Our Hands Shows Off Energy And Enthusiasm

Have you ever noticed someone who talks with their hands? They tend to be quite noticeable, because they give off a vibe of being passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic. Those are qualities that humans are naturally drawn to, which is why by using your hands to talk, you could get him to notice you from across the room. Not everyone is attracted to someone who’s super outgoing, but it’s always easier to approach someone who’s bubbly and talkative rather than someone who is shy and reserved. Anything you do to show that you’re interested in making conversation will increase your chances of getting approached.  

Wearing A Bold Accessory He Can Comment On

There’s always risk involved when you decide to approach a stranger, and there is a list of things that could possibly go wrong. They might reject you point blank, or you could say something stupid, or you could not have anything to say and make a total fool out of yourself. The more a guy feels like these things are going to happen if he approaches you, the less likely he is to do it. By wearing a bold or stand-out accessory (or coloring your hair a bold color), you come complete with a conversation starter and make the task of approaching you so much easier than approaching someone else.  

Dangling A Shoe Off Our Foot Shows Relaxation

This might sound a little strange, but who are we to argue with science? A report on Cosmopolitan showed that by dangling your shoe off your foot while sitting down in public, you actually increase your chances of getting attention. How on earth does that work? Glad you asked. By letting your shoe slip off your foot, you’re sending the message that you’re in a relaxed state and aren’t getting ready to sprint out the first chance you get. This makes you easier to walk up to, because there’s less chance you’re going to be cold and dismissive.

Raising Our Eyebrows When Making Eye Contact Suggests Familiarity

Words are powerful, but the amount a person can say with nothing but their facial expressions is truly astounding. When you raise your eyebrows after making eye contact with someone, you subtly give off the impression that you recognize them (even if you don’t). Try it. Without understanding the theory behind it, a guy is likely to be at the very least interested in knowing more if you raise your eyebrows. Even if you’re not his type, he’ll wonder if he knows you from somewhere. And if he was going to approach you anyway, this should give him the push. It’s certainly a conversation starter!

Avoiding Giving A Sultry Stare

Blank, sultry stares and pouts always work for Victoria’s Secret models, and they always work for the Kardashians. But in a regular social setting, you want to avoid the sultry stare if you’re trying to get someone to notice you. For starters, a warm and beaming smile is a lot rarer than a pout, so if standing out from the crowd is your end game, that’s what you should think about doing. A blank stare might make you look intimidatingly pretty, but it gives off the vibe that you’re not a happy person. The smiler is always more likely to get approached than the pouter.

Talking In A Higher-Pitched Voice

Does the way you sound affect how attractive you are to a guy? Research shows that it kind of does. It probably won’t make or break your appeal, but studies have shown that guys are naturally more attracted to girls who have higher-pitched voices. We’re sure there are guys out there who appreciate the husky vibe, but many are fond of a higher sound. Think Marilyn Monroe. This doesn’t mean you have to make your voice sound like Snow White’s to get a guy to buy you a drink. A slightly higher voice just might increase your chances of standing out in his mind.

Forget Walking – Strut Like It’s A Runway

You probably don’t need science to tell you this one. Strutting with confidence will almost always guarantee you a second glance and is a lot more effective than regular old walking when it comes to getting attention. You don’t have to overdo it, but just remember to keep your head held high and your shoulders back, but not hunched. Heels can also be a way to attract attention if you want it. Of course, they literally help you to be noticed among a group of people, especially if you’re on the shorter side. But they also make a strut extra fiery and powerful.

Sitting As Close To Him As Possible

Studies show that a guy is more likely to remember you if you sit in close proximity to him at a bar or a party. This also makes it easier for him to work up the confidence to approach you, because you’re right there. You don’t have to throw yourself at him, but you also don’t have to make it any harder than it already is to approach you. Staying near him gives him lots of opportunity to come up and talk to you, will help him see your beautiful qualities more clearly, and will send the message that you’re more available.

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Playing With Our Hair

What is it about guys and hair? A number of studies and surveys conducted have turned up reports that men have a thing about a girl playing with her hair in front of him. We’re not sure if this has to do with her giving off a vibe that she’s playful and easygoing, or if it’s a way to show off her luscious locks which he loves. Either way, playing with your hair is always an effortless way to hook a little attention. Never underestimate the power of a simple hair twirl in the middle of a flirting session.

Making Him Laugh With A Joke

Hanging Out In Groups Rather Than Solo

You might believe that you’ve got a better chance of being noticed if you’re by yourself than if you’re with a group of girlfriends. But research shows that’s not really true. In fact, you’re actually more likely to get his attention and interest if you’re in a group rather than if you’re all alone. Being with a bunch of other people confirms that something about you must be likeable since other people seem to like you. The illusion of popularity is often a strong tactic. Plus, our eye tends to drift toward groups of people rather than singletons.  

Not Crossing Our Arms For Too Long

Body language can have a lot to do with how attractive you are to a guy. As a rule of thumb, the more open your body language is, the friendlier and more sociable you seem and the less likely you are to reject him if he takes a risk and makes a move. The one thing you shouldn’t do is fold your arms. This kind of body language sends out a couple of messages, neither of which is useful if you’re trying to hook someone’s interest. Folding your arms screams that you’re either in a bad mood or uninterested in your surroundings.  

Making Sure He Can See Our Hands

This is another trick you probably had no idea about. Science shows that when we can see another person’s hands, we’re more inclined to trust them and want to get to know them. That’s why people walking with their hands in their pockets always come off as a little bit standoffish. Keeping your hands out of your pockets and where he can see them might not draw him to you like a magic magnet, but it will decrease your chances of him subconsciously feeling like you’re not someone he wants to surround himself with. Every little bit helps!  

Appearing Unoccupied Or Even Bored

When you give the impression that you’re unoccupied or bored, you’re more likely to get noticed and approached in public. It’s a matter of logic—people are less likely to make a move on someone who is busy or preoccupied with something else. Approaching a stranger is difficult enough, and guys want to make sure they have a high chance of being accepted rather than shut down, so they’re not likely to think twice about anyone who looks unavailable. A great way to show that you’re unoccupied is to stay off your phone, and to casually glance around the room every now and then.

Walking Around The Room Instead Of Hiding In The Corner

Social situations can be a lot of fun for a single gal, and they can also be totally daunting. We totally get the temptation to hide in the corner as soon as you arrive at an event, but try to resist it if you’re looking to get noticed.   When you do that, you just give potential love interests less chance to actually know you’re there, which lowers your odds of meeting a match. Rather than immediately sitting down at your table or retreating to the corner, take the time to stroll slowly around the room, giving everyone a chance to see you.  

When Showing Off Anything, Let It Be The Neck And Shoulders

Men are often thought to be visual creatures, which leads a lot of women to believe that they have to reveal some skin in order to be noticed in a bar or at a party.

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As this list shows, there are plenty of other ways to lure someone’s interest, so you should never feel like you have to wear less than you’re comfortable with. But if you do feel like showing off your style, research shows that men are incredibly responsive to the neck and the shoulders. Tie up your hair and throw on a strapless dress for a look he’ll remember.


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