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Please, Don’t Fall In Love With Me



I am here, standing in front of you, with my heart on my sleeve, asking you not to fall in love with me.


Don’t fall in love with someone who is 100 shades fucked up!

Life with me will not be life worth enjoying.

It will be miserable.

But that wouldn’t be my purpose.

I don’t know how to love in a different way. When I love, I suffocate and analyze things.

Over and over again.

You don’t need a person like this in your life.

Move on, find someone with self-esteem who will trust you when you are late. Be with someone who won’t freak out every time when they don’t get the attention they crave. Be with the woman who will love all your pros and cons, knowing that we all are imperfect and that it is the way it simply should be.


Please, don’t fall in love with me!

I will fight with you because of the things we don’t have in common. I will use my anger as a defense mechanism because that is the only way I know to defend myself.

So, I am begging you, don’t fall in love with my smile, the look I have every time I see you and the late night talks while the rest of the world is asleep.

Because no matter how many past loves I had, you will always be the one who understands me the best, the one who gives me the love I crave so much and the one who perfectly completes me.

And if I lose you, I know that my life won’t have any sense anymore. I will totally lose myself over a man who was my everything but yet my nothing. So please, please, don’t fall in love with me!

Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with me just because you know that I will always be the wall you can lean on, don’t fall in love with the perfect words said in a perfect moment. Because maybe you like those things now but when you get enough of me, you will just leave and that will break my heart.

Maybe if I repeat it so many times, you will realize that we are not destined and you will leave me, trying to find your happiness with another woman.

Maybe if I convince myself that we are not meant to be it will hurt me less when you finally give up and leave. Maybe I won’t cry myself to sleep every night and maybe but just maybe I will be able to bring together all the broken pieces of my heart again.

Maybe I just want to see what it looks like to live without love so once you leave me, it won’t hurt me so bad. Because there is nothing worse than living in a dream and thinking that everything will be okay.


I don’t want you to fall in love with my kindness and the way I treat people.

I don’t even want you to fall in love with the mornings that we spend in bed, cuddling and telling each other how much we would be lost if we don’t have each other.
It’s easier to beg you not to love me so if you start feeling that way, it won’t be any surprise and it won’t feel like my whole world is falling apart.

Because, even if you say that everything is okay, I can see the way you look at me and I know that the end is close. I can feel that you don’t feel the same passion as you felt before and that is breaking my heart over and over again.

I don’t want to miss all the things that we did together and I don’t want to cry every time I think of them.

Because this time darling, I am just asking you please, don’t fall in love with me.

Don’t do that unless you are planning to stay forever!



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