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October Energies Are Peaking And This Is How They Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

This month is going to be extremely passionate and filled with drama, for most of the planets are moving into Scorpio.

Also, Pluto is turning Direct after a 5-month Retrograde, so this will provide us with the impetus to work towards our goals, and dreams, with the notion that nothing can stop us.

Mars moves into Libra which has both cons and pros. Pros involve using teamwork and flair to finish any work, while cons involve the many bumps on the road, due to Libra’s indecisiveness. There will be some problems when you are fixing the boundaries, but you will be able to go beyond that.

Venus is going to be in Scorpio which will be a sign for you that love is in the air. Don’t worry about it putting added strains on your relationship. If anything, it is going to help you understand which ones are worth fighting for- since Venus wants that soul connection.

On October 13th, we would have the Full Moon in our midst, which is going to be in Aries. This Full Moon is going to ask us to let go of anything that is not authentic or anything that we aren’t really passionate about.


Here is the full horoscope-


You will be beset with a relationship, where you would need to see if you are compatible, or not. Let go if you aren’t.



Your schedule is going to be extremely hectic, so don’t forget to care for your health and well-being. Also, there isn’t any harm in finding someone who is going to support you through this.


Life can get pretty strenuous at times, so it is prudent that you seek pleasures. Don’t forget to do what you need to, but also don’t let go of things that you want to.


You will face adventure and love in your path, sometimes overlapping. If you are unattached, now might be a good time to get out and explore, while couples could find the spark to relight their fire.


You will retreat deep within yourself, which will allow you to retrospect about life and your past. Your domestic life will get thrown into the spotlight, so you would need to balance every part of it. Find the emotional nourishment to heal.


Use your wit and charm to open doors to success this month. Do socialize, but remember that your expenses won’t be paid by someone else. So, don’t kill your pockets.


Money is of the essence during this period, and you are looking for ways to increase it. But remember, you might have to prove your worth if you are indeed looking for that jackpot.



Drop that façade and be who you are. You need to understand that it is an absolutely true fact that when someone loves themselves, others are drawn to love them too. Take care of yourself though.


You won’t be active to the extent that you thought you would, but that is probably a good thing. You will get the necessary time to stand still, and get back your focus, while also managing to chart a plan for your action.


Your reputation and career have always been important to you, but this time around you would see the need to discard the attributes that make you so focused on winning. Simply because it affects a lot of people around you.



Learn more things- they will help you bring about a new sphere, a new dimension to your character. Goals and dreams are really important for you during this period.


Remember that this life gifted to us has always been magical. To experience that, go out, meet new people. Do something that makes you happy. Anything that makes life worth living.


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