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Never Loan These 5 Zodiac Signs Money – You Probably Won’t Get It Back

  We’ve all been there before. We feel bad about a friend who’s in a jam, so we feel inclined to help them out a little. It might be for food, or a night out, or perhaps something much bigger, like their rent. Regardless, I’m sure we’ve all felt like idiots once we realized that money was never coming back to us. If you’d like to avoid the same thing happening again, take our advice, and don’t ever loan these 5 signs any moola.   How to get a Virgo Man fall for you Gemini Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell Gemini’s are fun and full of life! When you want to have a good time, it’s a sure thing to bring a Gemini along! Just make sure that your Gemini friend has adequate funds before you invite them. They love to be flashy and show off, which tends to get them in a pickle with money sometimes. They have a knack for spending money they don’t have yet. That’s because Geminis aren’t particularly motivated by money or luxury, but their changeable natures make them prone to impulse buys. Be mindful of how you word your invitations with a Gemini. If you’re not careful, they may just expect you to foot the whole bill for the excursion. After all, it was your idea!   Capricorn  Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM Capricorn’s have a natural way with money. They are great at earning and investing it, (although they can get a little ruthless/competitive in doing so) and they’re even better at saving it. Capricorns never purchase impulsively, which is generally a good thing, but sometimes their love for frugality can slip into being a bit miserly. Plus, when they’re in a jam, and down on their luck, Capricorn’s can get a little stingy. Okay, they can get REALLY stingy. They’re the Zodiac sign that will go out to lunch with you, and say they aren’t hungry, but then they will eat half your sandwich and fries and not pitch in on it. We all do what we must, eh Cappy?   Sagittarius Sagittarians are the travelers of the Zodiac. They are addicted to it! For this reason, they never seem to put down roots. Sagittarians place a great value on freedom, so it’s important that they foster that freedom with their finances. Only thing is, travel can get damn expensive. Have you seen what they’re charging for flights these days? When it comes to weighing money woes with their cash flow, Sag’s tend to rely on the Universe to provide for them. That may be everything from finding a little money on the side, to borrowing a little cash from a friend. Only thing is, sometimes it’s not so easy to pay back those friends. I’m sure most of them originally intend to pay them back, but when those friends are out of sight, they’re often out of mind too.   Leo Leo’s are such loveable creatures! Truly such a pleasure to be around, if you don’t mind being the sidekick everywhere you go together. They’re also notorious for not keeping their word about loans. You know how we just said Sagittarians at least originally intended to pay back their friends loan? Well, most Leo’s don’t. To a Leo, a loan is actually a donation. Yeah sure, you can try to be clear about it, and say words like, ”No problem. I can LOAN you a few bucks till payday” but it’s no use. You may as well kiss that money goodbye forever, the moment it leaves your hands. Leo is the self appointed King of the Zodiac. Kings deserve royal treatment, and they don’t worry about such trivial matters as debts.   How to get a Aries Man fall for you Scorpio Scorpio’s are usually one of the more intelligent Zodiac signs, and they don’t shy away from hard work. They are willing to work hard for everything they want in life. Does that mean they will always take the noble and honorable route to achieve their goals? Certainly not. Despite all their wonderful qualities, they also tend to be one of the shadier zodiac signs. They’re the type that will trick someone into buying something of theirs far above its true value, then say ‘No refunds!’ if the jig is up. They may even borrow money from friends they don’t actually like that much, then just write off the friendship completely. So yeah, if you’re going to loan a Scorpio money, make damn sure they love you first.  


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