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Zodiac Sign

Love & Acceptance Taught By The Zodiac Signs

We have all felt the powers of love. The sacred animal of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is actually the Lion, the King of the Animals. The choice of the goddess is justified just if we simply decode the symbolism of this animal.

As the lion is definitely the most respected and powerful animal in the animal kingdom, love will be the power which will make us queens and kings. Love will help us in understanding our divine origins.

Each sign of the Zodiac has felt love sometimes, and her power touched us all. However, love has also hurt many of us, and we have learned the needed lessons. Love does not hurt, but attachments do. Love is, in fact, universal.

Here are the different things which each Zodiac sign will teach us when it comes to love:

Aries: Love is our awakening.

This sign symbolizes nature’s forces, which wake up after being asleep for a while. Aries will teach us that, in fact, love represents the awakening’s true force. Simply like the spring season wakes up all nature, love invigorates this sign and then wakes all instincts up.


Taurus: Love is something real.

Taurus is a more stable sign, probably the most stable one from the others, looking for “love caves.” The primitive instincts of Taurus are not often sugar-coated. In fact, Taurus wants love to actually be real and free, intense and deep.

Gemini: Love is something inspiring.

Gemini is always conscious of some nearby influences. Gemini feels love as some uplifting force, a force which may dispel dark thoughts and negativity. Love inspires Gemini. When they feel love, they always do something amazing. They teach us that above all, love is something inspiring.

Cancer: Love is also nurturing.

Cancer is a water sign, and the Moon is its ruler. Therefore, Cancer loves something it wants to protect or nurture. What we can learn from Cancer is actually that love may sustain us emotionally and physically.


Leo: Love is courageous.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo. Hence, the love of Leos is obvious, real, and it has to be respected. When it comes to love, Leos are prepared to do something crazy. Hence, their actions will inspire us all. They teach us that, in fact, love will give us the strength to suppress the fears and fuel the dreams.

Virgo: Love is also selfless.

The planet Mercury rules this sign, and because of that, Virgos are also blessed with strong mental skills. But, they are reckless when talking about love. They are prepared to sacrifice everything for their loved one. They teach us that everything we are doing for love, we are doing it selflessly.

Libra: Love is really peaceful.

Libras adore being in love. In fact, love is the energy that is keeping them going. However, peace is what actually keeps their love intact. Libras truly desire that love will fulfill them so that they will feel whole. They teach us that above everything else, love is something peaceful.

Scorpio: Love is quite instinctive.

Scorpios have weak spots from secrets and mysteries. However, they know that the instincts they have will feed their goals and dreams. They love the truth. When in love, Scorpios are honest and passionate, just like primitive instincts.

Sagittarius: Love is our journey.

For Sagittarians, life is some kind of a game, a game which can be dangerous, interesting, or adventurous. Hence, love is what they often use as their vehicle to embark on the amazing journey, in order to seek some more brain-stimulating and interesting activities.


Capricorn: Love definitely lasts forever.

Capricorns really love thrills. As the planet Mars influences them, they can also be quite flirty. But, they believe that love lasts forever, just like everything precious for them. Although they will grow older, their love will still be solid.

Aquarius: Love doesn’t know about limits.

This sign is the exception from the other signs. Although they will follow the rules, they will not really like those rules. They are authentic. When in love, nothing will be able to keep them aside from what is in their minds. Time or space cannot truly restrict Aquarians. They will always know how to get everything they would like to.

Pisces: Love is making us divine.

According to many people, Pisces has the most powerful intuition. This is probably as it feels closer to the Source. However, when they are in love, they are like living fairytales. They will remind us about every single thing that love can do. Hence, it will also remind us what our capabilities are



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