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If Couples Do These 10 Things Together They’re Soulmates (& 10 That Mean They’re Doomed)

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Say a girl has met a new guy and is having an incredible time with him. Suddenly, her weeknights are full of cozy dates, they’re making dinner together, talking about moving in, grabbing burgers and fries at the local pub on Friday nights, and she’s wondering if it’s too soon to say that he’s totally her soulmate.

Hey, she can’t help it if this is how she feels, even if it hasn’t been very long.

It’s clear that everyone is on a journey where they’re looking for a soulmate. If they didn’t want that, they wouldn’t keep dating… and there have definitely been moments when they questioned why they kept at it. Any single woman will absolutely relate, right?! It can be so difficult to be solo when a woman wants to be in a relationship.

Sure, if a person calls someone their soulmate and feels like they’re her one true love, it’s definitely a gut feeling. But there are some other ways to tell if a gal is in a relationship with a guy who is her soulmate… and some ways to see that she’s with the wrong guy.

Read on to find out about 10 things that couples do together that prove that they’re soulmates and 10 that mean they’re doomed.

20Soulmates: They’re On The Same Page About Early Relationship Milestones

We know that being on the same page as our partner is super important. This is especially true when it comes to relationship milestones. We can see how things would get awkward and weird and fast.

For example, if we’re ready to move in with our boyfriend after a few months and he tells us that he doesn’t want to for quite some time, we’re definitely not on the same page.

When we can say that we’re on the same page as our boyfriend, though, we can say that we’re definitely soulmates. We want the same things and are really happy. This is the best place to be in and is basically relationship bliss.

19Doomed: She Wants To Commit/He Wants To Wait

On the other hand, if we want to commit to this new guy that we’ve been dating and he wants to wait a few months (or even longer… yikes) to call us his girlfriend, that’s not so cool. We’re more doomed than soulmates if this is what’s happening.

It’s not a good sign when a couple feels differently about something as crucial as commitment. They should both want to be together and they should want to get serious at the same time. Otherwise, they’re not going to be dating for very long, or at least they shouldn’t because it’s clear that they’re on different pages.

18Soulmates: They Have Weekend Routines They Always Do Together

A couple’s weekend routine is a beautiful thing. We really look forward to spending time with the guy that we love. Our weekends wouldn’t be the same without breakfasts at home or brunches out (depending on how we’re feeling… or how our bank accounts are feeling, which is more like it) or cozy nights on the sofa or any number of things that we do together.

We’ve totally found our soulmate when we share a weekend routine with our partner.

This shows that we love spending time together and that we’re in sync when it comes to what we like to do on our days off. We’re creating a life together, and it’s awesome.

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17Doomed: He Likes To See His Friends Every Weekend

We could say that our relationship is doomed if our boyfriend loves seeing his friends every single weekend. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with us each having separate social lives, and in fact, that’s a healthy thing to do.

But we can’t ignore our partner and only see our friends when we have some time off. That’s honestly just plain strange and suggests that we don’t care about the relationship or really enjoy hanging out with our partner. We have to ask ourselves why he doesn’t want to see us every weekend and why he would rather make plans with his friends.

16Soulmates: They’re Both Homebodies Who Think The Perfect Date Is Take-Out And TV

We would probably all agree that soulmates are people who like and dislike the same things and have similar personalities.

That’s why we can consider our boyfriend our soulmate when we’re both homebodies who think that the perfect date is staying in with take-out while watching TV.

We’re not upset with the other person for not wanting to go out and for always wanting to stay home. It’s the opposite because we’re so thankful to have found someone who loves hanging out at home as much as we do. Since we like spending our free time at home and just really love being together and don’t need any fancy date nights out, that’s a good sign that we’re going to last.

15Doomed: He’s The Life Of The Party And She Sits At Home Alone

A relationship can’t last and sustain itself if one partner loves to go out and party and the other one loves to stay home. People might say that opposites attract and that it’s possible to date someone who does different things than us, but the truth is that if we spend our time very differently from our partner, we might not have enough in common.

Our relationship is pretty much doomed if we’re always finding ourselves sitting home alone while our boyfriend goes out. If he’s the life of the party and we’re just not, we might want to consider why we’re still together.

14Soulmates: They Love To Try New Things And Have New Experiences

We could say that the couple who tries new things and has new experiences is the couple who stays together. We could also say that this means that they’re soulmates.We should be really happy if this is the way that we would describe our relationship.We’re having a great time with our boyfriend and we know that he feels the same way. From weekend trips to exploring more of our neighborhood and our city to longer travel opportunities, we’re always up for a new experience, and we want to experience it as a couple. This is a great way to grow together.Featured Tod Click Here To Discover What Men Secretly Want, But They Could Never Tell You.

13Doomed: They Stay Home A Lot Complaining And Not Having A Good Time

Sometimes we come across a couple who both seem pretty miserable. They both spend a lot of time complaining, and we have to wonder if the only thing that they have in common is the fact that they whine and say negative things a lot.

If a couple who tries new things together are soulmates, then the couple who stays home complaining all the time is definitely doomed. This isn’t the ideal situation at all and is something that we never want to experience. This proves that we’re both unhappy with our lives and with the relationship and that it’s not working.

12Soulmates: They Become A Part Of Each Other’s Families

It’s funny how so many people complain about their in-laws or having to spend time with their partner’s families because when we’re in a happy relationship, we often really love our boyfriend’s fam. It’s fun to spend Christmas and other holidays together, and we create tons of fun memories.

When we can confidently say that we’ve become a part of our BF’s family and he has become part of ours, too, then we can also say that we’re soulmates.

This sets us up for a positive long-term relationship and for the fact that we could be family, too, if we do stay together and get married.

11Doomed: They Only See One Of Their Families/Complain About Them All The Time

Sometimes, a couple will only spend time with one of their families and not the other one. There could be lots of reasons for this, but it doesn’t really seem fair if our boyfriend never wants to see our family and only wants to see his. We should be able to see our relatives equally.

It’s definitely a sign that something isn’t right with the relationship. It’s also not good if our boyfriend says negative things about either his family or ours. That’s not super respectful and puts a negative spin on family gatherings. It’s not exactly the situation that we want to be in.

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10Soulmates: They Love To Cook Together And Share Chores

Whether we’ve been cooking for a long time or are just learning now, it’s cool to do this with our boyfriend. It’s cheaper and healthier to eat at home, which is something that we hear a lot but that might not be that fun to hear (going out for dinner is so much fun, after all).

It’s not only good for our relationship when we can cook and share chores around the house with our boyfriend since it’s a nice, equal way to behave, but it’s also a sign that we’re soulmates.

We truly enjoy being in this relationship and putting equal effort in, and that’s awesome.

9Doomed: They Fight About Everything

TV and movies often make it seem like couples who argue a lot are full of passion, and it can almost seem like a regular part of any love story. But it’s really not, and a couple who fights a lot is definitely doomed.

There shouldn’t be a reason to argue about everything, right? If we really don’t get along with our partner, then it could show us that we’re not right for each other. We can’t stay with someone who makes us so upset all the time or who doesn’t seem to understand the choices that we’re making. It’s not fair or pleasant to be in this type of relationship.

8Soulmates: They’re Full Of Wanderlust And Travel As A Couple

It’s awesome when we love to travel and our boyfriend shares that passion. It means that we can do even more fun and exciting things together and that we have so much exploration to do and so many romantic adventures to go on.

Travel is a big thing to have in common since so many people dream of seeing the world whenever they can.

It also means that we’re soulmates. If we stay together (and hopefully we will since it sounds like we’re super well-matched), then there are tons of trips that we can go on as a couple, and there’s so much in store for us.Click Here To Discover What Men Secretly Want, But They Could Never Tell You.

7Doomed: One Of Them Enjoys Travel More Than The Other

We can guess that if we love to travel and our boyfriend dislikes it and never wants to go anywhere, or vice versa, then that spells doom for our relationship.

Travel is a thing that we need to be on the same page about. It might not seem super important at the beginning of the relationship, but that’s because we’re going on fun dates and getting to know each other. Once we’re in a more serious relationship, it’ll become clear that we want to spend our free time in different ways, and that he’s not going to be our travel buddy. That could cause some tension for sure.

6Soulmates: They Go On Double Dates And Socialize As A Couple

When we’re growing up, we see a lot of couples going on double dates in movies and on TV shows, and we might assume that this is just what you do as you get older.

Once we really are older and in a serious relationship, we might realize that you have to put some time and effort into setting up those double dates.

It’s important to socialize together since it’s another way to bond and feel truly in love. And it’s awesome to go on double dates since they’re really fun. If we do this a lot, then we can rest easy knowing that we’re soulmates. We both like having an enjoyable social life.

5Doomed: They Always Socialize Separately

Our relationship isn’t likely going to work out (and we’re not soulmates at all) if we socialize separately. When we invite our boyfriend to go to something, he says no or claims that he has other plans, and maybe he doesn’t even extend an invite to us when he’s going to a party or event.

We can be certain that it’s a bad sign when we go to a party and no one even knows that we have a boyfriend because he’s not there and he never comes with us to anything. We should be creating a life together, not going to things by ourselves.

4Soulmates: They Get Healthy Together And Adopt New Lifestyle Habits

It’s understandably tough to eat better and incorporate more veggies into our daily meals when our boyfriend is always ordering pizza and all kinds of take-out. People always say that it’s so much easier (and also more enjoyable) to adopt new, healthier lifestyle habits as a team.

When we’ve decided to get healthier as a couple, it’s not only another way to spend time together, but it’s also proof that we’re soulmates.

We’re on the same page about everything, including our lifestyles, and that’s a really big thing. If he was telling us that we shouldn’t do this or refusing to join in, that would be another story.

3Doomed: They Don’t Support Or Cheer Each Other On

Couples should always be each other’s support system. It’s pretty weird when that’s not the case, but it does happen, unfortunately. This type of couple is anything but happy, and this kind of relationship is veering toward toxic.

Couples are more doomed than soulmates if they don’t support each other and if they often say negative things to each other about the way that they’re living or the decisions that they’re making. They should be cheering each other on, not the opposite. It’s tough to be in this kind of relationship, and if we’ve ever experienced it, we know that it makes you miserable.

2Soulmates: They Get Engaged And Plan The Wedding As A Team

It often seems like only the girl plans her wedding and her fiance has nothing to do with it, but that’s kind of a shame because when a couple gets engaged, it’s such a thrilling and special time.

A couple who takes a team approach to the wedding planning is definitely in the soulmate category.

We can agree that it’s more fun to do this kind of thing as a couple and that we want our fiance to feel supported and listened to. It’s no fun if we just do everything and don’t give him a say on anything at all.Click Here To Discover What Men Secretly Want, But They Could Never Tell You.

1Doomed: She Plans It All And He Complains About Everything

On the other hand, a couple who approaches their wedding in the opposite way is doomed. She decides that she’s going to plan the entire thing, down to every single last little detail, and he ends up complaining about everything that she’s chosen.

This isn’t the best scenario to be in because it seems like she cares more about the wedding than the relationship or, really, anything else. If a couple gets engaged just to begin fighting about the wedding, they need to take a step back and realize that they should be more of a team. If they’re not, maybe they’re not soulmates after all.


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