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How to Make Your Relationship Last Forever: 8 Ways to Make it Everlasting

When we are in love with our own girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband, we wish that our relationship with them will never end. We want to cherish our love for eternity with them. But how do we make our relationships last forever? Is it even possible? Here are 8 ways to make your relationship everlasting:

1. Let God be the center of your relationship.
God’s love is everlasting. Hence, if you want your relationship to last forever, keep the words of God and obey His commandments. Let God be the center of your relationship. Let his teachings and instructions, which are all good to keep your lives physically and spiritually healthy, guide your relationship.

2. Love with pure energy.
The law of conservation of energy or the first law of thermodynamics tells that energy cannot be destroyed. Thus, if you want an indestructible relationship, give your best efforts to make your partner happy. Do your best to be the best partner to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

If you are afraid to be hurt, then your love will not be complete. Give unconditional love. Love your partner without expecting something in return. Remember that the love you give away is the only love you can treasure and keep forever. Therefore, when you love, make it pure love.

3. Express your love.
Don’t hide or restrict your love. Express it through words and actions. Send love letters and notes to your partner. Write a poem. Compose a love song for your better half. Do great things out of your love to create moments, stories, and history.

To make your relationship last forever, transform your love into words or information. Remember that information may never be lost. It will forever exist in the heart and mind of your partner, as well as in yourself. Let your love be transformed into indestructible pieces of information that will never be lost in this universe.

4. Be spiritual.
Don’t falter and lose faith when your relationship is tested by time, space and other physical problems. If you need to wait, be patient. If you’re in a long distance relationship, don’t let distance stop the two of you from loving each other. Let your love go beyond time and space.

Spiritual things may be unseen but they are the ones that last forever. Instead of satisfying the desires of your flesh, like money, lust, and gluttony, focus on nurturing your relationship with love, kindness, faithfulness, peacefulness, and truthfulness.

5. Keep calm and have balance.
If you want your relationship to continue surviving, keep calm. Do not panic but always keep balance. Your relationship doesn’t need to be perfect to continue moving and existing. Relationship problems like jealousy, insecurities, and some misunderstandings are just normal. But to keep your relationship going, you have to ensure that these jealousy, insecurities, and misunderstandings are balanced with love, trust, and understanding.

Don’t let negativities exist too much in your relationship and destroy it. If you’re already tired or bored with your relationship, take a vacation with your partner. Go to a place where the two of you can revitalize the passion in your relationship. Always pray or meditate on the good things to keep the positivity and balance in your relationship.

6. Love yourself.
To make your relationship long-lasting, love your partner completely as you love yourself completely. Don’t just make your partner your world but make your relationship your world too. If you want your relationship to survive, you have to survive along with it. Hence, take care of your partner and relationship as you take care of yourself.

Love and take care of yourself, not by indulging it with your material desires, but by nurturing it with moral and spiritual virtues, such as love, patience, diligence, wisdom, compassion, faithfulness, and self-control which are what you, your partner and your relationship need to continue growing.

7. Be forgiving.
Forgiveness is an important element that a relationship needs to make it last. Without forgiving each other in a relationship, both of you will be chained by the past and may not move forward. Forgiving yourself for your own mistakes is also vital to concentrate on the present and go forward.

Learn to forgive by learning how to heal your mental and emotional pain. Listening, understanding, meditating, and praying will help you heal your broken heart. Also remember that the more you forgive, the more you will also receive forgiveness.


8. Be humble.
No human being has ever lived forever to testify if forever actually exists. We have limited knowledge and capabilities. We can’t even understand the full mystery of life, the Universe, and beyond. Even if we do everything, we still cannot be sure if our relationship will last forever. We still can’t be certain if all our efforts will reward us eternity. That is why we need to be humble.

We have to accept our weaknesses. We have to realize that our own efforts will not be enough. We have to humble ourselves and have faith that God, an Almighty being, will give us His grace – an unmerited gift which is more than what we have worked for or what we deserve.

Final thoughts

We all want our relationship to last forever, especially if we are truly happy about it. However, making it last is not something we can surely attain. With our limited capabilities as human beings, no matter what we do, we may still fall short of our quest for eternity. But do not be discouraged because this is the essence of life: to continue without losing faith and hope amidst the uncertainties we face every day.

To remain faithful and hopeful that your relationship will last forever, put your faith and hope into actions. Make them work through love. In other words, don’t just hope and believe, but out of your love, do your best to keep your relationship alive. This is to make sure that your faith is not dead and you are hoping on something that has substance.



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