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How Ruthless Each Can Be In Order To Get Exactly What They Want Based On Zodiac Signs


As humans, we are known to be many things. Truthfully we all have good and evil inside of us. We all make decisions we maybe shouldn’t. We all have things we take pride in, people we confide in, and things we wish we could change– about ourselves or our lives. When we relate this to our zodiac signs, the lines can blur and become quite controversial, especially if you are the average person that does not believe in reading our future through the stars. But, believe it or not, your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself and even those closest to you (or maybe those that aren’t so close).

Below we outline each zodiac sign’s basic personality traits– good and bad– as well as how ruthless he/she can be in order to get what they want. Whether they are stepping on someone’s toes to do so or just plain waiting around to get it, each sign will have a reason; that’s for sure. We will also examine each sign according to their element: earth, air, water, and fire. How does this connection between other zodiacs affect your ruthlessness? Does it make you more understanding and less selfish? Read on to find out!

Libra Girl: Ruthlessness And Manipulation

A peaceful and friendly Libra isn’t all that ruthless; however, they are capable of ruthlessness through manipulation and can be known to attack for a few reasons. First, Libras are easygoing, so achieving what they want or attaining a goal is something they know will come with time. They don’t prefer confrontation, so being ruthless isn’t their first route to take when trying to achieve their dreams. However, if a Libra woman feels threatened, their capability to become manipulative increases ten-fold. If they know you have wronged them and you have something they want (or they want to wrong you in return), their ruthlessness can become a problem. Otherwise, a Libra girl is usually diplomatic and understanding of people, her own goals, and the world around her.

Libra Guy: Ruthless and Inconsiderate

A casual and cool Libra guy has a hard time controlling his tendency to be sarcastic and inconsiderate when he is riled up. Even though Libras are easygoing and often like peace as opposed to war, a Libra man has significant trouble when he feels wronged. He usually needs approval from others, so when he gets defensive, it is never good. His ruthlessness will come out and he will have a hard time controlling his emotions. He’ll turn to be inconsiderate and rude– doing anything to hurt you emotionally, to make sure you are feeling what he is feeling (or felt). He’ll want to get even with you. This is where that natural friendliness of a Libra will go away, virtually being nonexistent. Just beware.

Aquarius Girl: Determined

An Aquarius has some incredible qualities. Not only is an Aquarius woman loyal, she is kind to all those that she meets and always social with those she is most comfortable with. In addition to this, she is determined, more so than almost any other zodiac (save for a Sagittarius and a Leo, but more on that later). The thing about an Aquarius girl, though, is that she tends to be indecisive. Furthermore, she is capable of superficiality. So her level of ruthlessness most certainly depends on the situation. When she is having a hard time with a choice or just feeling like other people’s emotions aren’t as important, her ruthlessness can take a turn for the worse. In general, however, she knows what she wants will come with time, determination, and skill.

Aquarius Guy: Ruthless Determination

Aquarius men are very sociable and willful, persuasive and easygoing with anything he is trying to persuade you of. They love to have a good time, especially in a casual way. They need little to no drama in their lives and they want to keep it that way; they won’t attract to a girl that can’t handle herself or her emotions. He is also very determined, so when he has to get ruthless, don’t have any doubt that he will. On top of that, he is incredibly unpredictable and superficial. This superficiality will not help the person that he targets; it will only hurt them. He’ll do anything he needs to get what he wants, no matter how casual or cool he may seem. That determination is something no one can shut down.

Gemini Girl: Devious Kind Of Ruthlessness

A Gemini girl is that of the twin sign, so balance is key with her. She is very optimistic, so it is easy for others to be themselves around her. She makes them feel comfortable with her natural charisma and the ease at which she converses. Her intelligence intrigues people, too. However, sometimes her curiosity can turn into a negative kind of nosiness. Furthermore, if she is feeling moody, she tends to feel mischievous, too, and that is where her ruthlessness comes into play. A Gemini woman has the confidence to obtain what she wants, so if she is that fully determined, her ruthlessness can turn all the way up in an instance. The funny thing about her is that she is very devious and those that are the target may not even know what is coming.

Gemini Guy: Average Ruthlessness With A Side Of Deviousness

A Gemini guy is so intelligent it can be very intimidating and overwhelming at first. Not only will their smarts impress you, but so will their charisma! They can have a casual and cool conversation with little to no nerves going into it. This is the kind of guy that knows exactly how to walk up to you at a bar or at a wedding where he is dateless. On the negative side, a Gemini guy will be moody. On his downtime, if he is off, you’ll know it. He won’t have a problem telling you how he feels because usually, he won’t want to be bothered. This is where a matter of deviousness will show up, too, and his ruthlessness will come into play. It can be nasty, so prepare yourself.

Pisces Guy: Brushing It Off

A Pisces guy has a hard time being ruthless because he has a very sensitive disposition. He feels wholly with his heart instead of his mind or his body. He cares about others, their feelings, and their future, especially those close to him. However, if you wrong a Pisces man, it will be simple for him to brush you away and brush you off; it won’t phase him in the least. That is where ruthlessness comes into play because he won’t care how he hurts you, what he says, or how it affects you. If you aren’t a good person in his book, it will be easy for him to step over you to get what he wants. Watch out for tendency to have a temper, too. Emotions run incredibly high for a Pisces, regardless of gender.

Cancer Girl: Ruthlessness Times Ten

An emotional and sensitive Cancer girl is super fun and energetic, always knowing how to spice up a party and liven up anything that isn’t too much fun. However, her shortcomings at times can make for a very ruthless person. A Cancer woman has some insecurities that tend to really affect her emotions, her daily life, and her overall happiness in general. When she feels wronged or doesn’t agree with someone, she lets them know immediately. Furthermore, if something doesn’t work out in her favor, a Cancer woman can tend to become manipulative, lashing out. She is so emotional and often so worried about her own emotions that she can be as ruthless as they come in most cases. Watch your back with these ones.

Cancer Guy: Attention, Please

A flirty and fun Cancer guy loves pretty much one thing and only one thing: attention. Similar to a Cancer girl, a Cancer man has some insecurities that drive him crazy, that he won’t stop thinking about, and that he simply just can’t accept himself. Furthermore, if he isn’t getting attention, he’ll do anything to get it. Is a girl at the bar hitting it off with his best friend? He’ll steal her attention away and try to make out with her first in the back of the bar. It’s that simple in his mind. He wants what he can’t have, so he’ll do anything to get it. It feeds his ego– and Cancers are big on their egos. Ruthlessness is his middle name, pretty much.

Scorpio Girl: A Girl And A Woman Walk Into A Bad Situation…

A Scorpio girl and a Scorpio woman are two different things– and this does in fact affect their ruthlessness. A Scorpio girl is immature in her thinking because she is still so concerned with her emotions, often needing reassurance from those that are closest to her. Because of this insecure way of thinking, a Scorpio girl can be ruthless. However, a Scorpio woman, one that has learned many things, grown into her emotions, and can maturely communication them, has a significantly less chance of being ruthless. A Scorpio woman usually gets what she wants, but has other means to get it besides being ruthless and conniving. She is very sexual, physical, and coy with her partners. She can also be similarly coy with her friends, but rarely does she turn into someone she is not.

Scorpio Guy: Emotionally Obsessive

Scorpio men are very passionate, feeling every emotion fully and completely. They are in tune with their physical side, knowing how to use their body to manipulate people to get what they want. A Scorpio man is also a little too obsessive at times, so if he feels like you are going to hurt him, his ruthlessness to figure out if you will wrong him will know no bounds until he figures it out, no matter what. Furthermore, he can be very stubborn, so that ruthlessness can come out if his pride gets in the way. Just know that his emotions– and yours– are important to him, but he may not show that when he is feeling defensive or hurt. To protect yourself, always be honest.

Leo Girl: Strong And Opinionated Woman

Leo girls are pretty incredible. They are very successful, very controlled in their emotions and actions, and know exactly what they want and how to get it. In a professional sense, a Leo could never actually be too ruthless because she takes her job and her career very seriously. However, there are times she can become ruthless if it is necessary, but usually, in a professional setting, it isn’t. However, in a personal sense, Leo’s ruthlessness knows NO bounds. A Leo has strong opinions, so if you do not understand those opinions, this Leo woman tends to lash out and say mean and hurtful things, ruthless in her demeanor and need for control and understanding. Save yourself some time– because a Leo woman is confident and will rarely backtrack in her words. She wholeheartedly believes in herself, no matter what.

Leo Guy: Control And Limitless Ruthlessness

A Leo man is dominant and powerful, very confident in any sense (professional, personal, etc.). He loves to be in control, whether he is choosing the movie, deciding where you go to dinner, or telling you what to do with your money and budget. The control varies, but he needs it whether he will admit that or not (he probably won’t). This control often extends further into selfishness and arrogance; he always thinks he is right and never will admit if he is wrong. This big ego will make his ruthlessness incredibly hard to handle when he feels overpowered. He wants a woman that goes by what he says, no questions asked. A Leo man’s ruthlessness is limitless, so prepare yourself– you have been warned.

Aries Girl: More Poised, Less Ruthlessness

An Aries girl is incredibly independent. If you think she needs you, think again. She will never let on that she needs you and won’t say she is afraid to lose you, even if she is at times. This looks like a stubborn trait, however, an Aries is just direct and self-assured. She doesn’t need everything she wants. Sometimes she is content with a life that she planned or is living with someone else. A career is important to her, as are her friends and her close family. However, she isn’t ruthless in every sense of the word when it comes to getting what she wants. The only time an Aries woman is ruthless is if you make her angry, if you offend her or someone close to her. Even still, she is mature and poised with her words, and rarely shows aggression.

Aries Guy: Lack Of Empathy

An Aries guy is a Spring baby, so he loves change and growth. Furthermore, he loves to be independent and self-sufficient. He can live his life with virtually no one around him and it won’t really phase him; loneliness isn’t something he feels too often. He knows how to help himself and not need anyone else. Because of this, he tends to be impulsive with his words. He can be direct and have a complete lack of understanding and empathy for the person he is talking to. This is where ruthlessness may play a role because he simply doesn’t understand the way he is coming off. Give him the benefit of the doubt and explain it to him; you’ll both be better because of it.

Sagittarius Girl: Still A Good Friend

A Sagittarius is truly the life of any party. An adventure for a Sagittarius is the best thing in the world. Even a trip to the grocery store or the doctor’s office can be entertaining with her by your side. Because of her carefree and adventurous lifestyle and personality, a Sagittarius woman can easily become careless, unreliable, and bored/restless. This tends to be where the ruthlessness comes in. However, it never makes her rotten to the core, as she is still a good friend even if she disagrees or is upset with you. Her ruthlessness comes in waves and tends to be hidden with laughter or a nonchalant attitude. Sometimes this can hurt, so be careful with these ones. Generally, though, you will not get any ruthless and unkind behavior from her.

Sagittarius Guy: Carefree And Casual, What Is Ruthlessness?

A carefree and happy Sagittarius guy is super fun, like more fun than a water slide or an arcade for a ten year old kid. He just knows how to have a good time and everyone around him will somehow have one too; he is just incredibly good at knowing how to make people feel comfortable enough to let loose and have a great time. His adventurous charisma is electric; everyone will want to be around him. That’s why it is frankly very easy for a Sagittarius man to get what he wants. His social knowledge and ease at which he converses just flows naturally. People find themselves wanting to give him what he wants. That’s why this kind of man doesn’t need to be ruthless; you won’t find him doing so.

Taurus Girl: Understand Her Or Feel The Wrath

A Taurus girl tends to be someone that others turn to when they are upset. She is mature, knows how to articulate her feelings and advice pretty well, and is very loyal to and protective of those that she cares about. In a negative sense, a Taurus tends to hide their feelings until they fester, or until they say something they may regret. They always try to fix it though, as they know they are strong-willed and overly opinionated at times. Ruthlessness isn’t something a Taurus girl tends to take on, however, she knows she is capable of it and, at times, will come off that way. She wants you to understand her and, furthermore, agree with her. If that isn’t the case, you could possibly see some claws come out.

Taurus Guy: Pessimistic And Ruthless To The Core, If They Need To Be

A generous Taurus man is loyal and kind, often lending a hand to those in need, whether those close to him or strangers on the street. They are deep, introverted thinkers that are incredibly intuitive too. However, they tend to hide their feelings until they explode. Ruthlessness, here, is something they simply can’t control. They will lash out completely when they feel someone has wronged them. Their pessimism certainly does not help either because they have a hard time being positive with any situation. With a Taurus man, it is best not to allow them to bottle things up. Ask them about their feelings and let them feel comfortable telling them to you. It will save you lots of hurt feelings in the long run.

Virgo Girl: Sense And Sensibility

A Virgo girl is very gentle in her demeanor, always rational with her words and never impulsive in her actions. Even though she is introverted, she holds the time with those close to her at a very high level of importance. She is cautious with her words and actions, so you will never find her acting ruthless, manipulative, or mean to get what she wants. She is too sensible and patient for that type of behavior. However, she tends to be skeptical and critical of those that have the ability to let loose and speak their opinion emotionally. She just doesn’t understand that type of person, essentially. Even still, if she doesn’t understand or agree with you, she will have her reasons as to why, and you will never see her misbehave ruthlessly to get her point across.

Virgo Guy: Overly Critical

Virgo men are so smart and poised, they can actually be quite boring sometimes. They are sensible and practical. Things that bother them are a complete break in their routine, someone with a strong opinion that doesn’t make sense, or something that disrupts their patience and caution in their daily lives. In a negative sense, a Virgo man has a hard time seeing eye to eye with people that won’t agree with him. He is critical of these people. He is also very fussy, not liking anything to upset his routine. He will rarely turn ruthless, but does have the capability to if he feels he has to. We’ll give him an average ruthlessness rating because you’ll rarely see him get that upset or aggressive.

Capricorn Girl: Too Calm And Patient To Snap

A Capricorn is similar to a Virgo in the sense of her introverted disposition and patient way of thinking. A Capricorn woman is practical, always responsible for her affairs. Further, she is responsible in the way she speaks, never speaking out of turn or upsetting anyone. She is thoughtful with all of her actions, too. This down-to-earth demeanor and personality type makes for easy relationships and friendships with Capricorn women. They are never unpredictable or unstable emotionally; it just isn’t who they are. So, with a Capricorn woman, you will never see instability in the form of ruthlessness and manipulation, as that is simply not how they go about handling situations and obtaining things that they want. They will do things the right way, in their own time.

Capricorn Guy: Not A Bad Or Ruthless Bone In His Body

Capricorn men LOVE their routine and their stability. Don’t take them out of their comfort zone. Don’t throw a wrench in their plan. They probably won’t know what to do, honestly. Their patience knows no bounds. Their personality is kind and open, yet down-to-earth and ultimately introverted. Unfortunately he isn’t all that creative, so don’t expect something special from him, however a Capricorn guy virtually does not understand the meaning of ruthless because his emotions will never get that intense, so rest assured that he won’t ever purposefully hurt you. He will simply not allow his negative feelings to fester and explode because that would be too much stress on his daily life. Don’t worry about this one; he won’t do you wrong by any means.



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