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How each zodiac sign react to breakups!!!



Our Zodiac sign can say a lot about you and how you will react in different situations. However, it is not only about how you may find love or who your perfect match can possibly be. Sometimes things can be the opposite way. Based on your zodiac sign we can tell you how you would react while experiencing one of the inevitable heartbreaks. To know how you will react through your split, keep on reading.

Aries ones are the type that will get bored in a relationship easily if you do not manage to keep things thrilling. When Aries break up or get dumped, they react in two of the extremest way possible. They may just forget all about their partner in a blink of an eye or they will be the drama queens/kings! The good thing about them is that they will get over it easily and put themselves together.

Taurus, unlike Aries, will take their time to get over everything but when they do, they don’t look back anymore! They will go through all the stages of the break up one by one but deep down, they still are looking forward to a reconciliation. They get so caught up in the thoughts of the good times they had with their partner that they may forget all about the bad memories.

Geminis are the type of people that you envy whenever you see them with their partner. Although you will hear the news of this happy couple break up when they seemed to be happy! It may come as a shock to everyone! They can put on a mask and pretend like happiness is all they’ve got in their relationship. They always have a plan B in order to help them move on faster.

Cancers need to be cherished and loved unconditionally. If these people feel like the flame of their love is receding, they will react in the worst way possible. What they do is to be hypersensitive and super jealous to hurt their partner emotionally. Being clingy is what they are known for in a relationship but the truth is that they are too loving and devoted! When they go through a breakup, they don’t show anything. When it’s sunk, their emotions start exploding!


Leos think too highly of themselves when in a relationship. They feel the need to prove that their partner is wrong. Worse than that, they won’t apologise! When they break up, they feel like the person will come crawling back to them in no time. That is why they won’t even react in breakups! If there is a single piece of advice that we can give them, it is to learn how to compromise!

Virgos are extremely down to earth. In a relationship, they make everything clear at the beginning so the person can run away if they want right at the beginning. They will do anything to keep the relationship going. They may be too involved in a relationship that they forget how to detach themselves. When Virgos go through a breakup, they will turn to work in order to keep their minds off of it.


All Libras want in life is to create a great balance. They feel like if their relationship falls, they will fall as well and they will be humiliated in front of their friends. But even they know how to handle that humiliation! What they do is to turn that into a lesson and project it into people’s minds so they would think that the relationship was a chance for them to grow and become more mature.

Scorpios are the extremists. They love with all their hearts and also hate with all their hearts! When going through a breakup, they set a plan to frame them and make their partner regret what they have done! They love to be the dominator in the relationship and hate to be bossed around by their partner. They need someone who is incredibly devoted to them.


Sagittarius ones crave love in everything and everyone! You might think that someone with such a personality can stay in a long lasting relationship but surprisingly they cannot commit to only one person! Polygamy could be something totally normal to them. In case these people face a breakup, they will just jump into a rebound relationship to get over things easily.

Capricorns whether in love or at work are diligent. They always try to keep the balance in everything. They are looking for peace all the time so even if they feel like their partner wants to leave them, they will talk them into staying. All they want is to have a family. They are extremely loyal but If their partner cheats, they will create a fence to keep them away!

Aquarius ones can be extremely devoted and dedicated and also can be extremely manipulative. These people are smart as well. If they feel like the relationship is too much for them to handle, and that it wouldn’t work out, instead of breaking up, they manipulate their partner into doing the part for them. If they feel like they might have a better chance with someone else, they will go for it.

Pisces one, like most people, like to be with the ones that meet all their expectations. They don’t really like to label their relationship. Even though they don’t take relationships seriously, in the case of facing a breakup, if the relationship was a deep one, they will crush down to a severe case of depression.

Although these may be accurate, your reaction to a breakup can change depending on how deeply you guys were in love. How much you trusted him. For how long did you want to have him in your life, and so many other things.



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