We know that our zodiac sign says a lot about us, so, of course, it also says how we approach love.

Aries: Assertive

An Aries always says what they think. They are really straightforward so they will probably tell you right away if they do like you. If your Aries crush didn’t say anything yet, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes they need a bit of space to truly recognize how they feel.


Taurus: Traditional

A Taurus likes simple things. Your presence always makes them smile and you’ll see right away if they like you or not by the old-fashioned questions they ask you. A Taurus is ready to run their ‘head against the wall’ just to be with you.


Gemini: Smart

A Gemini needs mindful conversations with you to be interested in you. They know a lot and think even more, so you need to be constantly informed about everything to be the person a Gemini falls in love with. But Gemini is the sign that falls out of love easily as well, so be careful when falling for them.


Cancer: Comfortable

If a Cancer likes you, they will become more protective and caring towards you. If they want to introduce you to their family, you need to know that you mean a lot to them, because family is the most important factor in a relationship with a Cancer. They provide their partner with extreme openness and trust. The perfect date for a Cancer is movie night, with a comfy blanket and tea. And don’t worry, Cancer won’t ever cheat on you. They are real monogamists.


Leo: Bold

The love of a Leo is theatrical and loud. If a Leo loves you, the whole world is going to know that he loves you. He’ll create some awesome scenarios just to impress you. But Leos are also very cuddly, warm-hearted creatures, and they will do anything to make you happy.

Virgo: Slow

Virgo is a really shy sign, though they probably have everything figured out. They have a great job, a wonderful income and a beautiful house, but they can’t make the first step to impress someone. When it comes to their crush they are very traditional, and they may take you on a normal date but the date will turn into a lot of staring and blushing. Be gentle with a Virgo and give them some time.


Libra: Direct

If a Libran likes you, ohh believe me, you’ll know. They love to be loved and they’ll do anything to impress you. A Libran will make you remember all the things you want in a beautiful relationship and will raise the bar really high. Libra will always make you feel understood and loved.


Scorpio: Spicy

A Scorpio makes clear their intentions from the start. If they like you, you’ll always feel them watching you. They will make you feel wanted and you’ll think that you’re the only two people in the entire world. A Scorpio will never ask you boring, everyday questions.


Sagittarius: Confident

There is no way you can make a Sagittarian feel nervous. They are really communicative and open, but may become a little clumsy from time to time, if the person they like is nearby. They laugh a lot and they’ll make you happy!


Capricorn: Unpredictable

You can’t really tell if a Capricorn likes you or not. One minute, they’re all over you, bombarding you with compliments, but the next, they’re nowhere to be found. A Capricorn is really focused on their job, so you might fall into second place. But don’t worry, if they love you, they’ll make time for you and make you happy, as long as you stay by their side.


Aquarius: Worldly

Ohh, Aquarius. This sign will never run after you, but they’ll always tell you if they like you. Aquarians like intellectual stimulation more than anything else, and their global mindset is extremely sexy. They might show signs of strange behavior just to see if you’re going to accept them just the way they are.


Pisces: Affectionate

If you are the object of affection of a Pisces, they will show you with love and attention. Pisces are usually very talented and they will most likely bring this to an extreme with you by writing you songs or drawing your portraits constantly. But don’t be freaked out. It’s just their way of saying that you are very important to them.



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