You do not trust people easily. It is hard to get to know the real you. You tend to play games and make it very difficult for the other person because you want to be sure they are serious about the thing. Unfortunately, not all the people have this kind of patience, and you lose some great partners due to that.


You are a real royalty and know precisely what you want. You keep very high standards, so it is quite difficult to find somebody, who will fit all the categories. You prefer to be alone than with someone, who is not worth your time and energy.


You are an inspiring and spontaneous soul. You like to keep things interesting, which means you always need something and someone new in your life. You get bored when the relationship gets into a routine, and you tend to walk away before things get too dangerous and complicated.

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You like to keep to yourself a lot, which means you are also not eager to share your problems. When something bothers you about the relationship or your partner, you are not the one who is bringing it up. You would rather shut yourself down or walk away. Problem-solving is not your most active feature.


You are a practical and analytical person, who likes to put together a list of pros and cons, before making any decisions. You treat your relationships with the same mindset. To you, feelings are not the most important things, and you do not make decisions based on emotions.


When you love someone, you put your whole self into the relationship. To you together meaning committing to each other with 100%. You can become overly emotional when something is not as you want it to be and stir up unnecessary drama.

7. LEO

You are the dominant part of the relationship. You are very independent and have specific ways of doing things. You are not great at compromise, so it might be pretty hard to live by your rules. You are never the one ending arguments because you cannot admit doing something wrong or being sorry. This might be a deal breaker for a lot of people.


You are all about the other person. You will commit all your time and energy to them and want to make them very happy. If your partner is on the same level, everything works out fine, but there are some people, who need more space in a relationship. You need to find someone, who is as committed as you are.


You are very loyal, and when you are together with someone, you do not have eyes for others. You always want to be open and honest with your partner, and you try to solve any problems. Of course, we all have our good and sick days, but you are pretty easy to love.

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You want to please everyone around you, which makes you a great friend and a partner. You are a great listener and pay attention to the small details, which means that nothing goes unnoticed. You are a great problem-solver as well.



You have the most significant heart and a lot of empathy inside. You always try to understand other people and you are never criticizing or judging anyone without reason. You believe in the best of people, and all in all are a great partner.


Congratulations you are the easiest to love. Your personality is hot and caring, and everyone around you feels very blessed to know you. Relationship with you is as high as we see in the movies. You are an exceptional catch.

So as now you know where each Zodiac stands on the list, you can maybe understand better, why some of your relationships have not worked out in the past. Always try to analyze your behavior as well, it is still easier to blame the other one, but the truth usually is that both partners play a role in the breakup.

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