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Here’s Which Reality Show We’d Star In, According To Our Zodiac Signs

How do people really feel about reality television? Do they consider shows such as Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New York a guilty pleasure… or do they say that they don’t watch the stuff, but they actually do?

TV shows that feature challenges, contests, pitching dreams and ideas, or following a year in the life of a group of friends are definitely popular. It can be interesting to watch how other people live, especially if they are super wealthy and go on amazing vacations and live in mansions. While average folks would never drop hundreds or even thousands when on a shopping spree, there are many episodes of The Real Housewives that feature this very scene.

But fans of these shows love finding out things about themselves based on their star signs, and since reality TV is such a big topic, it’s interesting to think about what show best matches each sign.

Chances are, many reality TV viewers have wondered what it would be like to be a reality TV star. Would it be weird to do everything that they do in a regular day in front of a bunch of cameras? Or would they eventually get used to it?

Let’s find out what reality show every sign would star on, based on their astro alliances.


20 Scorpios Want To Speak Their Minds On ‘The Real Housewives Of New York’

Scorpio signs aren’t known for being shy and quiet. On the contrary, Scorpios have a lot of courage, care a lot about the people around them, and care deeply about what interests them.

If you’re a Scorpio, then the reality show that you would star on would definitely be The Real Housewives of New York.

For several seasons now, these ladies have been speaking their minds, and you would be perfect. This particular franchise is known for lots of fights and passionate conversations, and you wouldn’t mind getting right in there and sharing your opinions. In fact, you would love it.

19 Pisces Signs Want To Get Emotional On ‘The Real World’

The Real World is one of the OG reality shows. The first season premiered in 1992 and followed a group of strangers who moved into the same house. Since then, there have been 32 seasons, each one filmed in a different city.

Needless to say, when you get a bunch of different personalities in the same place, there are a lot of arguments and there is definitely a lot of drama. Since you’re a Pisces sign, that means that you’re emotional… but you don’t mind. You actually enjoy talking about how you feel. You would jump right in and be a great part of The Real World.

18 Cancer Signs Would Love The Homebody ‘Big Brother’

Cancer signs are homebodies. Going out never sounds like a good idea, and staying in is always what they want to do.

What reality show would a Cancer sign star on? It would have to be Big Brother.

Similar to The Real WorldBig Brother involves strangers in the same house. The first episode premiered in 1999. People vote to see who will stay and who will go, and the winner gets some money. It totally makes sense that Cancer signs would enjoy being on a show like this. Hey, they wouldn’t have to leave the house…. unless voted off, of course. But they would work hard to not let that happen.

17 Water Signs Relate To The Emotions On ‘The Real Housewives’

Water signs, in general, are very emotional people. While some people would prefer to talk about anything other than how they feel about something, Water signs would never feel bad about how they feel. They embrace their emotions, even negative ones.

Water signs (that means Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpios) would love to be on The Real Housewives. Whether you’re watching the New York, Orange County, Atlanta, or Beverly Hills versions, you can agree that this is a show where people talk about their feelings a lot. Friends are always fighting or talking about something that is bothering them. For water signs, this would be pretty normal and they would be happy to talk to everyone involved in each disagreement and learn how they’re feeling.

16 Cancer Signs Would Also Be On ‘The Real World’

If you’re a Cancer sign, then you’re a homebody, and your couch means a lot to you. So does any cozy chair that you have in your house or apartment.

While it’s not like you dislike being social, a night in always sounds better to you than a raging party.

You probably spend a lot of time watching TV in general, even if you’re not the biggest fan of reality TV in particular. Since you’re a homebody, you would also star on The Real World. A reality show that features one major setting would be very appealing to you, and you would think that it’s great.

15 Sagittarius Would Love ‘The Amazing Race’

Sagittarius signs think that travel is one of the most incredible things ever. They would enjoy being on The Amazing Race.

Ever since its premiere in 2001, teams have been competing to see who will win. And you would love traveling to various locations and you would never complain. To you, travel is the most thrilling thing that you could possibly do. You don’t get people who say that travel is stressful or too complicated, and you would rather not spend all of your time curled up on your couch. You would think that being on this show was almost too much fun.

14 Life Of The Party Leos Would Be Great On ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Of all of the astro signs, Leos are the ones who would be described as the life of the party. Leos aren’t shy at all and really enjoy when others are paying lots of attention to them. While other signs prefer more privacy, Leos don’t mind lots of spectators.

If you’re a Leo sign, then your dream reality show would be Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

You definitely wish that you were part of such a fabulous family and that the cameras were on you all the time. You would enjoy filming your daily life with your mom and sisters, and you would bring lots of personality (and a dramatic flair) to the reality show.

13 Aries Signs Want To Find Love On ‘The Bachelor’

Everyone wants to find love, but for Aries signs, this is a really big deal to them. They are full of passion. They like to take care of themselves, so they wouldn’t date just any guy.

Are you an Aries sign? Then you know that picking the right guy to be with is quite the process. You want to make sure that he understands that you’re self-sufficient and that living your own life is important to you. Still, you wouldn’t mind embarking on the search for life. The reality show that you would star on would be The Bachelor. You’re strong enough to compete with a group of women… as long as you thought that the guy who was chosen as the Bachelor was interesting.

12 Fire Signs Would Have Fun On ‘Jersey Shore’

Fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) are passionate, as you can tell from the “fire” part. If there is one reality show full of very passionate people, it would have to be Jersey Shore.

Some people watch a reality show like this one and wonder how people can yell and fight so much. They think that having these discussions should be private and done behind closed doors.

But you would be happy to jump right in and talk about what you care about and how you feel, and passionate people don’t scare you away since you’re one of them.

You would have a great time on Jersey Shore. You’re a social creature who enjoys being around others.

11 Leos Would Also Gladly Star On ‘The Bachelorette’

Leos need to star on a reality show that allows them to show off who they are. You’re not afraid of standing out, that’s for sure.

Another reality show that would work well for you is The Bachelor. You wouldn’t be worried about all of the other women on the show. Instead, you would come up with a game plan or strategy for how you could stand out and, ultimately, win. You probably would win, too, since you’re the kind of strong personality that just can’t possibly be ignored. You would never let yourself be ignored, either, so there’s that important aspect.

10 Ambitious Virgos Would Try To Follow Their Dreams On ‘Shark Tank’

Virgo signs are ambitious. They love to work hard and they would have to be on a reality show that allowed them to do something related to their work ethic.

It makes perfect sense that the reality show that they would star on would be Shark Tank.

This series has been beloved by fans since it premiered in 2009 and it has had 13 seasons so far. The format of this show allows people to pitch their dreams (product and business ideas) to the “sharks” or the mentors. Virgos are shy, sure, but they would relish the opportunity to be ambitious, so they could get over it for the duration of the episode.

Stubborn Taurus Signs Would Be On ‘The Hills’

While it’s true that many people are stubborn, this is a trait that Taurus signs seem to have more than others. It can be kind of intense to talk to a Taurus sign and realize that no matter what you say, they just aren’t going to agree with you or back down.

Taurus signs would be awesome on a reality show like The Hills. This classic show, starring Lauren Conrad, was on the air from 2004 until 2010. It followed Lauren and her group of friends as they came of age in L.A. and tried to follow their dreams. The girls on this show could often be very stubborn, especially when dealing with issues in their friendships or love lives.

Family-Loving Capricorns Would Also Be On ‘KUWTK’

Are you a Capricorn? This is a sign who really, really loves their family. They also love things that are traditional, and nothing makes them happier than a family gathering, celebration, or holiday.

Family-loving Capricorns would be thrilled to star on a family-oriented show such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

They would think that it’s a dream come true to get to spend that much time with the people that they love so much. They probably watch this series regularly and are kind of envious that the Kardashian-Jenner clan is so close. Even if they’re very close with their own family, they know that they could always spend more time together.

Earth Signs Would Want A Home Reno On ‘Fixer Upper’

Earth signs are down to earth, quieter signs who aren’t big on drama. You don’t like drama in your personal life and you definitely wouldn’t want to star on a reality show that had a lot of arguments and conflict.

Instead, you would want to be on a reality series that is nice and quiet and chill. You would be happy to be on Fixer Upper. In your opinion, nothing would be better than hiring the lovely Chip and Joanna Gaines to fix up a house for you to live in. You’ve probably spent many weeknights or weekend afternoons with a Fixer Upper marathon, so you’re a fan of this show.

Virgos Would Work Hard On ‘Food Network Star’

If Virgos were to star on a second reality show, it would definitely be Food Network Star. This is a really fun show and the 14th season wrapped in August 2018. People compete to be, well, the next star on the Food Network.

Virgo foodies would be perfect for this series since they embrace a strong work ethic and really enjoy putting their heart and soul into something.

They would like being part of a challenge-focused show since it would give them the chance to prove their worth, value, and intelligence. Again, they’re pretty shy and quiet, but they would work on that and succeed.

Libras Want To Find Love On ’90 Day Fiance’

90 Day Fiance premiered in 2014 and since then, fans have been fascinated by a show that is all about love. The main premise is following a few different couples, but while this might seem like a regular old reality show about people who are in love, there’s a difference: one half of each couple is from a place outside the U.S. And they need to figure out if they will get married and stay or decide to return to the place where they grew up or have been living.

Libra signs want to find love, and if this is your sign, then you would star on 90 Day Fiance. You don’t like being on your own and being around others is important to you. It makes sense that you would be on such a romance-focused show.

Aquarius Signs Would Show Their Dual Nature On ‘Siesta Key’

Sometimes Aquarius signs are quiet and in their heads, and other times, they’re the life of the party.

You might be thinking that this is a bit confusing, and sure, it might sound that way. But that’s why Aquarius signs are so charming. Other people find them mysterious and fascinating. Are you an Aquarius sign?

You would star on Siesta Key, the MTV show that has had two seasons so far.

The show follows a group of young people who live in Florida and who are dealing with love and friendship problems. You would show your dual nature on the show since the group sometimes gets along and other times, they are almost like enemies.

Curious Geminis Would Try Out For ‘Survivor’

Gemini signs are curious and they don’t like following the same schedule all the time. You can always tell what someone’s personality is like if you ask them to follow a schedule. Some people love that and really can’t live without it, and others think that it’s really dull.

Curious Gemini signs would be really excited to be on Survivor. This is a super long-running reality series: the pilot aired back in 2000 and there have been 37 seasons and 554 episodes. Yup, that’s a long time and a lot of episodes.

Since you want to learn about the world around you, being on Survivor would get you up close and personal with nature. You would have the best time ever.

Air Signs Are Interested In ‘Dragon’s Den’

The Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) would enjoy being on Dragon’s Den. This is a reality show about following your dreams and making your passions heard.

Air signs can kind of have their head in the clouds, which makes sense since they are called air signs after all, but if they work hard at something, they will see results.

You could definitely be on Dragon’s Den and pitch an idea that you have. The mentors would see if they wanted to work with you, and it’s possible that your dreams would come true by the end of the episode.

Libras Would Be Producers Helping Out On ‘Teen Mom’

Libras care a lot about helping other people. When you’re a Libra sign, you’re super sweet to everyone that you know (and strangers, too). You like to fix issues that come up and you’re always there to lend a listening ear when someone is going through something tough.

Being a Libra, you would be an awesome producer on MTV’s Teen Mom. The unique thing about the producers on this show is that they are very involved and are even filmed sometimes. They have conversations with the girls about how they feel and what just happened. You would be great at that.

Even if being on any of these reality shows seems like a long shot, at least we can still watch these awesome series from the comfort of our couch, right?


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