Even though life often times feels like one endless search for true love, it can still be intimidating to finally be face-to-face that special someone. And while some people might like to think that they’re pros at dating and know all the dos and don’ts, that simply isn’t the case.

Nearly everyone finds relationships, especially new ones, to be challenging. Most people often find themselves freaking out over that one major relationship insecurity that they have. It seems like each astro sign has an intense internal conflict when it comes to dealing with love.

At least one specific issue seems to always come up in every relationship for that sign, and the issues it presents can sometimes overpower all the good. That’s why it’s critical to finally face the issue and hopefully resolve it. Of course, all couples need to know where their weaknesses lie before they can remedy the situation.

Fortunately, astrology can pinpoint that one relationship fear that every person is inevitably going to come across. The stars can also direct each sign on how to fix whatever’s presenting a roadblock in the relationship.

Get ready to hear the life-changing relationship advice that each sign so desperately needs.

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24 Libra Fear: Being Completely Honest

You’re almost embarrassed to hear that this is the major issue that you have to deal with. However, you’re not even surprised. You of all people know that honesty is something you have to work on.

You’ve been hurt so many times that it’s simply difficult to be your true self with your partner. 

That’s why we recommend taking it slow! You don’t have to automatically be an open book the first time you meet someone. Instead, take it slow and see if this person is someone you’re willing to trust. We promise that this special someone isn’t going to be able to fall for you until you open yourself up. Only your real self will whisk this person off their feet and have them falling in love with who you truly are! How to get a Libra Man fall for you

23 Getting Over It: Time To Ditch The Mask

Since being truthful is the one thing you have to work on, you better get on it. The best advice that we can give you is to ditch the mask completely. How do you expect to truly get to know someone, and vice versa when you’re constantly putting up a facade that blocks who you truly are.

If you keep on wearing a mask, you’ll enter this relationship with dishonest intentions. While we completely understand that you feel more than vulnerable being your true self as they might not appreciate who you truly are, it’s simply something that you need to do. Stop stressing over the person who you think they want and instead start being who you truly are.

22 Aries Fear: Not Feeling Good Enough

While you might’ve thought that being in a comfortable relationship would end this fear, it’s only getting worse. You’re often so head over heels for the person that you’re dating that you’re hoping they feel the same way. While we can’t make any promises that they do, your attitude totally isn’t helping.

Spending all of your time worrying if you’re good enough is time taken away from your lover. 

Unless there was a specific situation or comment that proves you might have something to worry about, you’re totally fine. Simply strive to be the best version of yourself and you’ll eventually become that person. how to love an Aries and Secrets Things You Need To Know About An Aries

21 Getting Over It: Take A Look In The Mirror

While it almost feels like a cliche at this point to hear this, we all often feel like we’re simply not good enough. Sometimes all it takes is taking one long good look at yourself in the mirror to figure out who you really are.

Strip away whatever persona you might be putting on for the world to see and instead figure out what it is that you desire. You’ll never feel 100% proud of yourself unless you dedicate every moment of your life striving towards something better. Come to terms with who you are today, and strive to be someone better tomorrow. We promise that in time you will fall as in love with yourself as your partner has!

20 Capricorn Fear: Reading Too Much Into Things

As a Capricorn, you’re known for constantly analyzing a situation and figuring out the best course of action. It’s safe to say that there is always a way to figure out even the biggest problem as long as you’re logical. That’s why you often end up so confused in relationships as there isn’t always a logical way out of every situation.

Instead, sometimes you have to put your heart on the line and see where things go. 

It’s unhealthy to keep reading too much into every situation. You’re going to slowly go insane constantly analyzing every word your partner tells you, trying to see if there was a hidden intent behind their words. It’s safe to say that you simply won’t always get an answer, even if you keep obsessing over it!  If you’re planning on dating a Capricorn then you should know the Brutally Honest Secrets things about Capricorn.

19 Getting Over It: Go With The Flow

Put your brain on the back burner and just go with the flow. Forget about analyzing situations or trying to figure out the logical course of action and instead follow your heart. We promise this will slowly get you to where you need to go in your relationship.

When you stop spending all of your time thinking, you’ll finally be able to see the situation for what it really is. We promise that everything isn’t as bad as you’ve been making it up in your head. Follow your heart and see where it leads you. Overthinking things will only stress you and your partner out. If you’re happy, simply keep doing what you’re doing!

18 Virgo Fear: Things Moving Way Too Fast

As a Virgo, you get stressed when things start to move a little faster than you’re used to. It feels like the whole world is spinning in circles and you aren’t able to keep up with everything going on.

Since you’re used to overthinking everything, a fast pace throws you off course. 

It’s time that you calm down over how fast things are going as it usually is a good sign. It shows that you and your boo are so into each other that it just feels natural to be going at this pace. We have a feeling that if things were moving a little bit too slow, you would be even more stressed out that maybe this person isn’t into you. If you feel comfortable with what’s going on, then we recommend that you keep doing what it is that you’re doing! Here are the secrets things that you should know about loving a Virgo

17 Getting Over It: Maybe The Heart Isn’t In It

If you feel like your relationship is going way too fast, then maybe your heart simply isn’t in it. This might be the universe giving you a sign that you’re simply not as into this person as you thought you were. Instead, you might need to spend some time alone trying to figure out what it is that you’re doing exactly.

If things really are moving way too quickly for you and you’re not comfortable, you probably just aren’t into this person. If that’s the case, you better come to terms with it ASAP. We have a feeling that if you were head over heels for this person, a fast pace would be exactly what you’re looking for. Follow your heart on what is truly best to do!

16 Gemini Fear: Being Pushed Into Something

As a Gemini, you’re constantly used to being in control of every situation and doing things your way. That’s why your biggest fear is being pushed into things when you simply aren’t ready. The last thing that you want is to find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable.

As one of the most independent astro signs out there, this totally isn’t what you’re used to. 

Figure out if you’re willing to do whatever is laid on the table. If so, are you doing it for yourself, or because you feel pressured to? Take some time to figure out the answer to the question as it’ll expose what you truly desire. It’s totally okay to not be truly comfortable with the situation you’re being faced with. Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM


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15 Getting Over It: Take Back Control

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you truly are being pressured, we recommend that you make sure to stick up for yourself. Don’t let anyone push you around if you aren’t comfortable with what is going on.

The last thing you want is to feel like you’re being taken advantage of and manipulated. A Gemini is not about to let someone take control of their lives for their own personal benefit. Even if you might have found yourself adoring this special someone, you’re not about to put up with this. At the end of the day, the only person that you should be putting first is yourself!

14 Pisces Fear: Merging Friend Groups

In every relationship, there is an eventual stage where your friend groups are going to merge with his. For you, this is an incredibly stressful stage as it showcases how serious your relationship is.

Let’s just say, you aren’t exactly playing games as this is the real deal!

It’s time to come to terms with the fact that you and your lover must both now share friends! It’s about to become a usual weekly occurrence to hang out with large groups, and not just you two anymore. The key question that you have to ask yourself is whether you’re ready to show off your love to the world or if you’re not exactly proud of your relationship. If that’s the actual reason you want to keep your friends away, you have some serious issues at hand. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!

13 Getting Over It: Have Fun With Your New Friends!

If you’re head over heels for your partner, then take advantage of this new situation! You now have even more friends to hang out with. Merging friend groups is one of the best parts of any relationship as it brings people together.

Now instead of constant girls night out, you’ll be able to go to little parties once you get your partner’s friends involved as well. Get ready to have even more fun as you’ll constantly be surrounded by your favorite people. What’s better than hanging out with both your BF and your BFFs? As long as everyone gets along, it’s safe to say that you won the golden ticket!

12 Aquarius Fear: Being Left When Most Vulnerable

You’ve definitely been through some rough situations in the past which makes the thought being left at your most vulnerable incredibly stressful. The last thing we want is for the person we rely on to leave us at our lowest point.

While we can’t guarantee that this won’t happen, we can guarantee that stressing over it simply won’t help. 

Instead, you’re going to have to spend time working on your relationship so that it’s strong enough for this never to happen. If everything is amazing between the two of you, then this shouldn’t be something that you should worry about. However, you should question that if some unresolved issues might eventually lead to distress. This fear might be a sign that there are more major things in your relationship that you have to deal with. How to get a Aquarius Man fall for you

11 Getting Over It: Submit Comfort To Love

As much as you don’t want to hear this, sometimes the only thing that you have left to do is to trade your desire for comfort for love. The truth is, when you enter a relationship you will never have the guarantee of not getting your heart crushed.

Even if you’re literally dating Prince Charming, there is still a chance that things might fall apart between the two of you. That’s why you have to understand that there is absolutely nothing you can do. You have to take the risk of being vulnerable in order to receive the reward of true love. While we completely understand that you’ve been hurt in the past, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to protect yourself when dealing with love.

10 Leo Fear: Needing To Take Control

As a Leo, you’re so used to holding all the power in your life that relationships are a whole different planet for you. A part of you wants to take control and lead the way, but the more rational side understands that you and your lover are equals.

While it might be immensely stressful, you’re going to have to figure out how to give up control. 

The truth is that you won’t be able to control every situation in life. We promise that the last thing that you want is to be in charge and calling the shots in your relationship. This will totally get out of hand when you won’t feeling like you’re in a relationship any longer. Instead, what you need is for a partner to challenge you and stop your negative ways from coming out. Leo Man easy to get, but easy to Lose. “HOLD TIGHT” Know the SECRETS

Getting Over It: Find A Balance Of Power

The only way to stop you from desiring to take control is for you to create a balance of power in your relationship. While you might be used to calling the shots, this totally isn’t healthy. Instead, what you need is for you and your partner to jump on the same page and become a team.

Neither of you should be fighting each other for control. Even if your partner is willing to bend over backward out of love, you shouldn’t take advantage of them. Make sure that both you and your lover have a say in absolutely everything, and it will all work out that way that it is supposed to!

Cancer Fear: Being Apart From Each Other

When you find yourself in a relationship, you often fall head over heels for someone ASAP. You’re not about to be playing games and would rather put your heart on the table and get some fireworks going. The last thing that you want is to wait around for your partner to figure things out.

You’re here for the real deal, and no one is about to get in the way of you and love!

That’s why when you finally do find that special someone, you never want to be apart. We can’t even blame you for wanting to be with the person who makes you happiest. However, it’s time that you question if spending all of this time together is actually what your relationship needs. Here are some qualities of Cancer men and how you should treat them the right way. 


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Getting Over It: Distance Can Be Healthy

While being with your new boo might be all the rage, we recommend spending some time apart. This will give you and your partner some time to truly access your relationship and figure out where everything is going. You’ll be able to look back at the moments you’ve spent together and see if there were any red flags that you may have ignored.

If you figure out that you’re even more in love with your partner since the last time you saw them, then just jump right back into things! If there is anything we can promise you, it’s that spending this time apart will push you and your partner even more together than you even thought was possible.

Taurus Fear: Self-Sabotaging Actions

As a Taurus, you often find yourself becoming a little problematic as you seek out a partner to give you the exact attention that you desire. You’re willing to cross the line and start a conflict, just to resolve it and have your partner declare how much they adore you.

You’re not even surprised to hear that starting conflicts on purpose aren’t exactly your most glamorous moments. 

Instead, it’s time that you take a look at the actual internal conflicts from within that are causing you to do this. We doubt that you’re actually willing to become completely chaotic and cause these issues. Most likely, there is something in your past or self that you haven’t come to terms with, and are instead seeking validation from current lovers.  Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

Getting Over It: Open A New Chapter

Whatever it might be in your past holding you back, it’s time to let it go. Finding yourself in a new relationship is the best way to open a new chapter and close a new one. While you might not be able to start writing a whole new book completely, you’ll at least be able to start something new!

Forget about the old version of yourself being problematic, and look at the future. We recommend using the future version of yourself as the motivation to strive towards. Everything in your life will reflect the new person that you’re working towards. Say goodbye to your old ways, and say hello to your new self.

Scorpio Fear: Having To Be There For Someone Else

You’re so used to constantly being on your own, that the idea of having to be there for someone else is stressful, to say the least. You often find yourself completely all over the place since the guarantee that you’ll be there for someone else seems a little unrealistic.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re about to jump into a relationship, your partner deserves you to be there for them through whatever situation you might find yourself in!

While this might be completely overwhelming, we promise that it’s not. Simply start off slowly by always helping your significant other through any problems they may have. Make sure that they know that you’ll always come through for them when they most need it. If you expect them to do the same, you better keep your word. If you’re planning on dating a Scorpio then you should know the 15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios.

Getting Over It: Remember To Love

Even though it’s stressful to know that you have to be your lover’s rock, it’s something that you have to come to terms with. However, we do have to tell you that it’s such a natural part of every relationship that it shouldn’t be too hard for you to be there for your partner.

If you instead find yourself unable to be as supportive as you should be, there may be bigger issues at hand. Take some time to figure out if you have any underlying contempt for your partner that you are holding back. There is no point in stressing out that you’re not an awesome girlfriend if maybe you shouldn’t even be this person’s girlfriend in the first place.

Sagittarius Fear: Having The Ex Brought Into The Picture

Eventually throughout one’s relationship, the ex is brought back into the picture. This might be an incredibly stressful situation for either people in the relationship. Whether it’s an ex being brought up simply in conversation, or real life, you might not be ready to deal with it.

We can’t even blame you for stressing out if your love’s ex decides to enter the picture and jump back into their lives. 

You might not be ready to deal with this situation. However, we promise that everything will be more than okay as long as you stay relaxed. This person is part of the past and is no longer significant. If your partner is mature, there is a huge chance that their ex might still be a major part of their life. Relationships evolve over time, so don’t stress too much! You can also read our another Secrets things that make Sagittarius the most romantic partner ever

Getting Over It: Re-Analyze The Relationship

However, the reason that you’re stressing over an ex entering back into the picture is that maybe a flame could be rekindled between your lover and an old fling. They say that if two people are able to be friends after a relationship, either both people still love each other or they never did.

You’ll have to take some time and figure out exactly why your partner might be longing to get back in touch with their ex. If it’s your ex being brought back into the picture, you’ll have to ask yourself the same question. It’s completely fine to take some time and figure things out as the last thing you want is for you or your partner to end up hurt.

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