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Emotional Abuse In Relationships. Don’t Fall For This!

Emotional abuse in relationships. Don’t fall for this! It happens, you seem to love a person, but being with him is hell. This is because you are in a toxic relationship. Weak people use your love to assert themselves. They seem to treat you well, but yet they constantly egg you on, talk about your shortcomings, and instill feelings of insecurity and guilt.

You cannot fix such a relationship, you can only leave it. Emotional Abuse in Relationships: Here are 14 signs of toxic relationships and emotional abuse. If you have at least a few of them, this is a chance to think about whether you need this relationship at all.

1. Bullying.

If your partner constantly jokes with you, but these jokes hurt you and cause others to grin, don’t let this situation go. This is pure humiliation!

2. You always feel guilty.

If you are afraid of making the smallest mistake and are consumed by a constant feeling of guilt, this is a sign of a toxic relationship. The saddest thing is that your partner may blame you for his failures as if you are to blame for everything in the world.

3. You suddenly need protection.

You are not allowed to go out alone or with friends. But this is not guardianship, but a banal desire to control your every step.

4. Checking telephone conversations.

Signs of emotional abuse include constantly monitoring your conversations. And it’s not surprising, because the rapist doesn’t want to lose the victim.

5. Snarky comments.

“Well, where should you go there in this, you’re plump,” “I love you, even though you’re stupid!” — these seem like normal phrases, but they cause terrible disgust. This is manipulation, the purpose of which is to undermine your self-esteem.

6. Constant emphasis on shortcomings.

We are all not perfect. But if your partner sees only bad traits in you, and does not notice all your good efforts, this does not lead to anything good, except low self-esteem.

7. No compliments.

Moreover, you are even afraid to ask what you look like, lest you hear a whole tirade about your lack of sense of style.

8. Lack of empathy.

Sometimes we just want to be pitied. But a toxic partner is more likely to call you “oversensitive” than to say a few comforting words.

9. You always do everything wrong.

Oh, in any argument he will give you a 100-point list of your past mistakes. You’re always wrong, right?

10. Financial control.

A stingy spouse is your biggest nightmare. There are constant reports about why cheese has become 50 kopecks more expensive. If you notice this about a person and he does not react in any way to your statements, think about whether you should continue the relationship with him at all.

11. Your family is against your partner.

Sometimes you know better from the outside. If your family and friends say he is a bad person, maybe he is.

12. You have changed a lot.

Remember, with a good husband, the wife also blooms. But if others say that you have changed a lot for the worse, maybe this is the influence of your significant other.

13. It’s hard for you to be with him.

If you feel great alone and are just waiting for your partner to go somewhere, this is the first sign of separation.

14. Constant deception.

Relationships are built on truth, period. If there is a place for lies, then there is no place for love. Have you been in a toxic relationship?


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