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Are You The One Who Knows Me Best? (412 Questions For Couples)

I know so many couples who swear they know each other inside out. They finish each other’s sentences. They anticipate each other’s moves. They speak their own language and come to an agreement easily. And though those are all signs of compatible couples, they don’t answer the question, “Is the person I love the one who knows me best?”

The thing is, no matter how well you know your partner, you can’t know every single thing about them, even when you think you do. But that shouldn’t be regarded as a problem.

One of the major elements of a successful relationship is not knowing everything about each other. That’s why relationships stay fresh and interesting, and couples spend a lifetime getting to know one another day by day. There’s always something new to learn.

If you still think that you know every single detail about your partner, you should check the questions listed below. I think you are going to be amazed at how much you still have to learn about your significant other.

There are also some questions that should be addressed if you are taking your relationship to the next, more serious level. So, turn to your partner and ask him, “Are you the one who knows me best?”

Childhood & Family Questions:

1. Do I have a middle name? If you think I do, what is my middle name?
2. Am I into the zodiac? What is my zodiac sign?
3. Is there any funny/scary/ interesting anecdote related to the day I was born?
4. Do I have any aunts and uncles? Do you know their names?
5. What is my mom’s maiden name?
6. What town did I grow up in? What’s my favorite and my most awful childhood memory related to that town?
7. What was my favorite childhood game?
8. Was I more into sports or into arts as a child?
9. What were my favorite hobbies?
10. What was my favorite bedtime story?
11. What’s the name of the first book I ever read?
12. How old was I when I learned a foreign language?
13. What were my activities during summer break?
14. Did I ever learn how to swim? If yes, how old was I? Do I like swimming?
15. What was I into during my school years?
16. Did I get an allowance as a child? If I did, what was my favorite thing to spend my allowance on?
17. How many chores did I have to do when I was growing up?
18. Did I have a favorite place as a child?
19. What do my parents do for a living?
20. Where do my parents live? Do I still own a room at their place?
21. How many brothers or sisters do I have?
22. Do I have any nieces or nephews?
23. Who do I resemble more—my mother or my father?
24. Are my grandparents still alive? Am I or was I close to them?
25.­­ Am I close to any of my extended family members?
26. Who was my best friend when I was a child? Is that person still in my life?
27. Where did I go to high school?
28. Where did I go to college?
29. Was I a part of any student organization? Was that something I enjoyed or was it a means to an end?
30. What were my favorite subjects?
31. Was I a good student or was I a slacker?
32. What are my thoughts concerning your parents?
33. What are your thoughts concerning mine?
34. If they reach a phase where they can’t be on their own, do I want my parents to move in with us or go to a nursing facility?
35. Is the intensity of the relationship you have with my parents important to me?
36. Did I have a celebrity crush when I was growing up?
37. What is my least favorite childhood memory?
38. Did I have any pets? Do I like animals in general? What was the name of my first pet?
39. What was the TV show I never missed as a child?
40. Is my family religious?
42. Is religion important to me?
43. What’s my height?
44. What’s my favorite color? Why?
45. Who was my favourite singer growing up? Which song did I like the best?
46. My favourite cartoon?
47. My favourite movie?
48. Do I have a nickname I am ashamed of?

Love & Relationship

49. What’s something I can’t live without?
50. What do I love most about you?
51. What’s the age I get mistaken for? How old did you think I was when we met for the first time?
52. What was the reason for our last argument?
53. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
54. When did we first kiss? What’s so special about that place/moment/feeling to me?
55. What is my favorite part of your body?
56. Why do I find you so attractive?
57. What are my turn-ons?
58. What is my turn offs?
59. What are top 3 things I like about you?
60. Where did we take our first picture together?
61. What is the best gift that I ever gave you?
62. What is the most special gift that I ever gave to you?
63. What outfit of yours is my favorite one?
64. What do I think is the greatest weakness in our relationship?
65. Have I changed since we first met? Is that a good or a bad thing?
66. What is one thing you wish I did differently?
67. Who is better with money, you or me?
68. What’s my shoe size? Who has more shoes?
69. What is my idea of a romantic weekend?
70. Am I the jealous type?
71. How did my last relationship end?
72. Am I still friends with any of my exes? Does it bother you?
73. Where do I stand when it comes to marriage?
74. Have I ever been married before?
75. Have I ever been engaged before?
76. Have I ever lived with some ex-boyfriend before?
77. What are my thoughts about divorce?
78. What are my thoughts on open relationships and polygamy?
79. Would I want to live with you before marriage?
80. What does my dream wedding looks like?
81. What is the sexiest thing I have hanging in my closet?
82. What kind of kisses do I prefer?
83. Where is my favorite place to be kissed?
89. What type of hugs is my favorite?
90. Do you like the fact that we are different?
100. Do you know my boundaries?
101. What is the thing that I would not tolerate in a relationship?
102. What is one thing that can make my body shiver?
103. Do you know the exact moment I fell in love with you?
104. How many people have I dated before you?
105. Did my past affect me when we first started dating?
106. What is the worst date that I have been on?
107. What do I consider to be our worst date?
108. What is something that I really like about you?
109. Do I like public displays of affection?
110. Do you know why I love you?
111. Do you know the place I want to live?
112. Can you remember what was the first text I had to send you?
113. Do you know the date of our anniversary?

Food and beverages:

114. What’s my favorite pizza topping?
115. What’s my favorite take-out food?
116. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?
117. What’s my favorite take-out cuisine?
118. Do I like a wine? If I do, red or white?
119. What’s the name of my favorite cocktail?
120. What’s my favorite restaurant?
121. What’s my absolute favorite coffee?
122. What kind of milkshake do I like?
123. Do I like hot chocolate?
124. Why do I eat so many pickles/ tomatoes/ lettuce?
125. Do I like fruits? If yes, what’s my favorite fruit?
126. What’s my favorite breakfast meal?
127. Pepsi or Coke? Which one would I choose?
128. My favorite snack while watching a good movie?
129. Vanilla or chocolate? Which one do I like better?
130. How do I take my coffee?
131. Do I prefer hot or iced coffee?
132. Do I like spicy food?
133. My favorite cereal brand?
134. What’s the one food I could never get sick of eating?
135. Who can eat more—you or me?
136. What is my favorite kind of cake?
137. What’s my favorite pancake filling?
138. Have I ever snuck food or drink into a movie theater?
139. Do I know how to cook? Be honest.
140. What is my favorite chocolate bar?
141. What’s my favorite sweet?

Travel & Holidays:


142. If I had the chance to travel anywhere in the world, where would I go?
143. Do I like to travel?
144. What are the places I visited?
145. What souvenirs do I like the most? Do I collect any of them?
146. What’s my favorite means of transportation during my travels?
147. Am I scared to fly on an airplane?
148. Do I like boats?
149. Do I like to spend time outdoors?
150. What’s my favorite outdoor activity?
152. Do I like camping?
153. Do I know how to start a fire?
154. What is the farthest that I have ever traveled?
155. What’s my favorite holiday?
156. Do I like Halloween?
157. Do I like to dress up for Halloween?
158. Which holiday gets me more excited, Christmas or Easter?
159. What is my favorite season?
160. What is my favorite summer activity?
161. What is the perfect thing for me to do on a snowy winter day?
162. Would I rather live in a place with a better climate than we live in?
163. What is my favorite holiday?
164. Do I like rainy days?
165. Do I like snow?
166. What would my dream vacation look like?
167. What’s the first thing on my traveling bucket list?
168. Would I rather spend my time at a lake, a mountain or the ocean?
169. Who or what would I bring to a deserted island?
170. What is the most surreal place I would like to visit?

Uncategorized questions:

171. Would you describe me as organized or messy?
172. What was that crucial moment in my life that changed me into who I am today?
173. What is my greatest concern?
174. What’s the name of the last book I read?
175. What’s the name of my favorite author?
176. What’s my favorite social media account and why?
177. What are the things that make me proud of myself?
178. What are the things I am ashamed of?
179. Who is my role model?
180. What’s my most recent good moment?
181. What is the one thing that always brings me down?
182. Who are the people that are the most important in my life?
183. What is the thing I would like to change/improve myself the most if I could?
184. What are my life and relationship goals?
185. What’s the compliment I got about myself that I like the most?
186. What is the thing that annoys me the most?
187. Do I know how to do my own laundry?
187. Do I know how to iron clothes?
188. What’s the longest period of time I was sleep-deprived?
189. Was I ever awake for 24 hours straight?
190. Am I a cat or a dog person?
191. Do I let my hair air dry or do I use a blow dryer?
192. Do I prefer bright colors or more neutral pastel colors?
193. Is there one color that seems to dominate my closet or my home?
194. Do I prefer cold or warm weather?
195. What kind of presents do I prefer—handmade or store-bought? Thoughtful or expensive?
196. What’s happiness for me?
168. Am I self-conscious about being short/tall?
169. Would I rather do laundry, dishes or none of it?
170. Am I into sports? Do I have a favorite sports team?
171. What is my favorite kind of music to listen to?
172. What is my least favorite kind of music?
173. Where do I stand when it comes to reality television shows?
174. What is my current favorite TV show?
175. What is my phone number?
176. Have I ever had an operation? If so, why did I have to undergo the operation? What kind of operation was it?
177. When was the last time I had to rush down to the ER?
178. Have I ever been in a major car or some other type of accident?
179. Have I ever broken any of my bones?
180. What’s the brand of toilet paper I use?
181. What’s my guilty pleasure?
182. Do I like movie theaters?
183. Would I rather watch a horror, action, romance or comedy movie?
184. Have I ever had any kind of paranormal experience or something that most of the people would consider crazy?
185. What do I do when I want to relax and relieve some stress?
186. How much do I weigh?
187. What’s my natural hair color?
188. Do I like tattoos? Do I have any tattoo on my body? Would I like to have one? Which tattoo would that be?
189. What’s my morning routine?
190. How do I behave while drunk?
191. Can I hold my liquor?
192. Am I an annoying or funny drunk?
193. Is there anything I like more than sleeping?
194. Have I ever done drugs?
195. Do I believe in second chances?
196. Do I prefer sleeping with the lights on or off?
197. Do I remember my own dreams?
198. Do I have nightmares? If I do, which was my worst?
199. Do I prefer sleeping with my doors/window open or closed?
200. Have I ever been broken?
201. What’s my opinion about gay rights?
202. What is my opinion about abortion?
203. Do I have a piercing? If not, would I like to have one?
204. Have I ever laughed in a way that my tears started to fall?
205. Have I ever dated somebody I met online?
206. Have I ever had a near-death experience?
207.If I could have any animal as a pet, which would it be?
208. If I could own my own business, what would it be?
209. What was I into during my university studies?
210. Can you list the things I want to do before I die?
211. What do I think about people that curse? Have you ever heard me cursing?
212. What am I most nervous about?
213. Do I have any hidden talents?

214. Who has had the biggest impact on my life?
215. When is the last time I went to a concert?
216. Do I like watching SCI-Fi movies?
217. Did I ever have some odd s*xual experience?
218. How often do I go to the toilet?
219. Do I have any favorite actors?
220. Name a movie that I could watch a million times and never get bored with.
221. How do I eat my fries—do I dip them or pour ketchup all over them?
222. How do I feel about pizza with pineapple?
223. If I was a superhero, what would I want my superpower to be?
224. DC or Marvel?
225. Have I ever been arrested or in jail?
226. Am I politically engaged?
227. Do I have a dream car?
228. Do I have a dream house?
229. Are there any foreign languages I would like to learn?
230. Is there anything in my life I would like to change?
231. What is the thing that can cheer me up when I am sad?
232. Do I want to attend some kind of seminar? What would be the topic?
233. Do I want to have kids? If I do, how many would I have?
234. Career or family? Which one would I choose if I was left with only two choices?
235. If I could get one wish to come true, what wish would that be?
236. What do I have in my purse?
237. What do I have on my night cabinet?
238. Do I wear too much makeup?
239. Have I ever stolen anything?
240. How many times have I changed my hair color?
241. House or an apartment? Which one would I prefer?
242. Can I sing nicely?
243. Do I own or can play any musical instrument?
244. Android or an iPhone? Which one is my style?
245. PC or a Mac?
246. Do I know how to ride a bike?
247. Can I roller skate?
248. Can I ice skate?
249. Do I secretly smoke?
250. Do I like snowboarding or skiing activities?
251. Do I prefer casual wear or to dress up?
252. Do I drive?
253. Do I know how to ride a horse?
254. Have I ever cheated on anybody? What’s my general stand on cheating?
255. Do I like jeans?
256. Am I a night owl or a morning bird?
257. What’s the shortest hairstyle I have ever worn?
258. Do I prefer hot or cold water when I shower?
259. Do I have any allergies? If yes, what are they?
260. Do I have a bad habit?
261. Do I wax or shave?
262. Pool or the beach? Both?
263. What kind of swimsuit do I prefer?
264. Is there something I am especially good at ?
265. Is there a person I can talk to 24/7 on the phone?
266. Showers vs. bubble baths?
267. Am I right or left-handed?
268. Would you describe me as an introvert or extrovert?
269. Do you know if I have any phobias?
270. Do you suspect I have some secret you should know about?
273. What do I do when I am bored?
274. Do I have any birthmarks? If I have, where are they placed?
275. What is my favorite pastime activity?
276. Do I believe in life after death?
277. Do I believe in aliens?
278. Do I believe in all those conspiracy theories?
279. Do I lead a healthy lifestyle?
280. Do I prefer city or village life?
281. Do I prefer noise or peace and quiet?
282. Am I a social person?
283. What’s my favourite shower song?
284. Have you ever heard me snore?
285. Have you ever heard me talking in my sleep?
286. Am I a blanket hogger?
287. Do I toss and turn while I sleep?
288. Do I prefer a high or low pillow?
289. When did I started living on my own?
290. Am I addicted to my phone?
291. Is there any video game I like to play?
292. Do I like comics?
293. Am I ambitious?
294.What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me?
295. What is the nicest thing I have ever done for somebody else?
296. How often do I go and see a dentist?
297. How many times a day do I brush my teeth?
298. Do I floss my teeth?
299. What are your favourite things about me?
300. How do you know if I am upset?

301. Do you know how to behave when I am upset?
302. How do you know I am happy even when I am not smiling?
303. Am I stubborn?
304. Am I financially well off or am I struggling?
305. Do I have any trouble in returning my student loans?
306. If I hit the jackpot, what’s the first thing I would do?
307. What would I do if I knew the end of the world was really coming?
308. Am I calm and collected or do I panic in serious situations?
309. Am I a balanced person?
310. Am I confident?
311. Do I like your friends?
312. Am I afraid of snakes?
313. Am I afraid of spiders?
314. Would you describe me as a sore loser or am I graceful even in my defeat?
315. Am I a good friend/girlfriend/wife?
316.Am I a party animal?
317. Have I ever been a maid of honour?
318. Have I ever attended a bachelor or bachelorette party?
319. Would I make a good boss?
320. If I could chose a vacation spot for the two of us, where would we go first?
321. What is the craziest life story I have ever shared with other people?
322. Do I like to run?
323. Am I into muscles?
324. Do you know what name would I give to my baby?
325. Do I wear contact lenses, glasses or do I have perfect vision?
326. Do I prefer to read books or e-books?
327. Facebook or Twitter?
328. Do I have an Instagram account?
329. Have I ever won an award for anything?
330. What is one of my biggest regrets?
331. Am I always on time or am I always running late?
332. Do I get out of bed easily, sometime even before the alarm goes off? Do I get up as soon as my alarm clock goes off? Do I snooze my alarm clock for as many times as I can before I finally get up?
333. Do I read print?
334. Do I have favourite newspapers or some magazine?
335. What’s my favourite flower?
336. Do I have any plants around my home?
337. Am I part of any volunteering organization?
338. Do I watch the news?
339. Did I ever change my name?
340. Could I survive without electricity for a month?
341. Who is my favourite villain?
342. Do I like cheese?
343. Which song is the one that gets on my nerves the most?
344. Would I rather lose all of my money and possessions or all of the photos in my phone?
345. What’s my favourite photo of us? Why that one?
346. Do I prefer the real world or would I much rather live in some kind of virtual reality?
347. Have I ever wanted to be invisible?
348. If I believed in reincarnation, what would I like to come back as?
349. Is my current job my dream job, too? If not, what would my dream job be?
350. Do I want to know the future or do I prefer to be surprised?
351. Do I prefer milk, sugar or honey in my tea?
352. Do I like sushi?
353. If I had to choose between eating meat and eating vegetables for the rest of my life, which one would I chose?
354. Do I know anything about history?
355. Have I ever lost my keys, phone or something else?
356. Do I prefer selfies or group photos? Am I a good photographer?
357. What’s the last thing I got in the mail?
358. Do I ever send postcards while on vacation? Have you ever received any from me?
359. What’s my favourite perfume?
360. Do I like hoodies?
361. Do I like high heels?
362. Does it take long for me to get ready when going out?
363. Am I a girly girl, a tomboy or something in between?
364. Do I like romance or do I consider it corny?
365. Do I like scented candles?
366. Do I get along with my colleagues at work?
367. Am I an approachable and down to earth type of person?
368. What is the first thing I would toss from my apartment if I could?
369. What are my strengths?
370. What are my weaknesses?
371. What’s the last thing I ate?
372. Which food do I crave during PMS?
373. What are the three things I hate and the three things I love?
374. Do I like jewellery? What’s my favourite piece?
375. What is my favorite thing when it comes to my physical appearance?
376. What is my favorite thing when it comes to YOUR physical appearance?
377. What’s my favourite blog?
378. Do I prefer sweet or salted popcorn?
379. Is there anybody I miss all the time?
380. What is the name of my favourite band and have I ever attended any of their concerts?
381. What is the hardest thing I have ever been through?
382. Have I ever worked as a babysitter?
383. Do you know the story about I got my name?
384. What makes me nostalgic?
385. What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given me?
386. Who I consider to be the most intelligent person?
387. What is my favourite quote?
388. What is the phrase I use the most?
389. Do I get grossed out easily?
390. Have I ever been skinny dipping?
391. Have I ever fired a gun? If not, do I even want to?
392. What’s my favourite accent?
393. Am I left or right-handed?
394. What is the weirdest thing I can do with my face?
395. Do I use Snapchat often or maybe even too often?
396. What is the longest time I have been without the Internet?
397. Do I get mad at you often? Can you tell that I am mad even when I don’t say anything?
398. If I could spend a day in somebody else’s shoes, who would that someone be?
399. What’s my favourite sex position?
400. What’s the weirdest place we have ever gotten intimate in?
401. When was the last time I tried something new?
402. What gets me excited about life?
403. Is there anything I would regret not doing in the past?
404. Do I have some things I wish I had never done?
405. Do I have a lot of friends or do I hang out with just a few of my dearest?
406. Do I like my name?
407. What do I like the most about our relationship?
408. Which personality trait of yours is my favorite?
409. Do you remember all the things I said on our first date?
410. When did we last kiss?
411. Do I forgive easily or do I hold grudges?
412. Do you know how much you mean to me?
413. If you had to describe me using only three words what would those words be?



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