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You are strong and you can manage to be alone just fine. But you can’t fight falling in love. None of us can. We all have our weak spot and in most cases, it’s love. You can’t resist it.

You can try to escape love, but love is going to outrun you. Every single time.

Sure, you have to experience a lot of crappy situations. You have to go through pain and sorrow. Getting rid of these bad emotions is what makes you stronger—you learn from your mistakes.

Most of us swear not to fall in love ever again. Most of us lose faith. Most of us give up.

Until one day, love sneaks up on you and disarms you. All the things you’ve said you won’t do ever again, you do. Love makes you blind. Love makes you forget all the pain. Love makes you forget the past—it makes you happy. Finally.

This person that changed all your attitudes about love is someone who is here for the long run. He is going to stay. If he wasn’t the real deal, he wouldn’t succeed in changing your mind to fall hopelessly and foolishly in love.


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1. You are best friends

He is the one you will run to every time you have a problem. He is the one you will confide in when you’re sad or something is bothering you. He is the one who will put a smile on your face every time you see him.

You get each other on a deeper level. Your communication is something only the two of you can understand. Simply put, he is the one for you.

2. You respect each other

As you respect yourself, you respect him. You are a mature, grown up, independent woman. Your behavior towards others is unquestionable because you know that you would like to be treated the same way you treat others.

Those ‘high school games’, and theatrical plots are not what interest you. You leave that to immature women who have nothing better to do. That’s why you want to treat him with respect. And you expect the same in return.

3. You are planning a future together

This is a huge sign that the two of you are going to be together. You are imagining what your life would be like in the future. You are talking about living together, about having kids, about where to live. Suddenly, your plans are a part of his and the other way around. In your minds, you’ve already created a life that you both love and can’t wait to live.


4. You challenge each other

This is what makes you better. This is what improves you. This is what really counts. By challenging each other, you will never get bored. A relationship you’ve started will always be full of ups and downs, but it’s going to be fun.

You challenging him will make him work harder to be more like you and he challenging you will have the same result. That’s how you’re going to take each other’s best virtues and incorporate them to what you already own.

5. You will never give up

This is also one of the crucial signs the two of you are going to last. You are never going to stop fighting for survival. Who says that relationships don’t take work? Even the best relationships are hard.

They just look perfect because those people give all they’ve got to keep the relationship going. The catch is in the constant investing in the one you love. The catch is in the phrase: “We can solve whatever gets thrown in our faces!”

6. You don’t change each other

From the moment you fell in love, you knew what you were getting into. You knew that you loved your partner because he is the way he is. You don’t get the right to try to change him—then it’s not him anymore.

Then, that person is someone else. Although you may think you love that updated version of your man, it can go the other way, too. But not the two of you. You love each other exactly as you are—that’s why you are meant to be. How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

7. You give each other space

A man is born alone and he dies alone. It’s more than necessary that every once in awhile, you or your partner have some time for yourselves. You can love each other unconditionally and you can spend all of your free time together, but that sometimes gets old. Sometimes, you just need a bit of space to gather your thoughts and spend some time in quiet.

Now, your secret ingredient to a lifelong happy relationship is understanding—you give each other space because you both know you need it from time to time.

8. You complete each other

When one of you is broken or beaten, the other one is strong. When one of you has no strength left, the other one turns into a Hulk. You complete each other and together you form one whole. One everything. One perfection. One eternal love.

Tell him how much you love him.

Look him in the eyes and show him you’re never going to leave him because you know he’s never going to leave you.  



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