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What do guys really like in a woman? That’s the million dollar question.

Let’s not kid ourselves by saying that looks aren’t important.

They are, and they definitely play a significant role when things are just starting to heat up and the relationship is still in the developing stages.

Now, this is not to say that looks are something that will get you far, but it will definitely make a guy notice you and keep you on his radar for a bit.

But if you want to keep his attention in the long run, you’re going to need a lot more than just your appearance, no matter how hot you are.

Guys will always notice an attractive woman, that’s a fact. 

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with appreciating her beautiful physical features, as long as that’s not the only thing that’s keeping him hooked.

The biggest mistake us girls sometimes make is sleep with a man a bit too soon (we’ve all been there) and then regretting it later on when he inevitably loses interest.

But that’s not on you, that’s on him. Guys sometimes aren’t able to appreciate the woman that you are if they get a taste of you too soon.

They see you as a small victory in their book, bragging about it to their buddies, and are off to the next one.

That’s just the sad reality of how things are. Thankfully, not all men are like that, and some are actually able to see beyond our looks.

What guys really like in a girl is much more than what looks can offer.

They want a girl who will not only be their lover, but a best frien.

A girl who they can have a beer with and talk about the most random things, but also be able to take her to their parents’ and know they’re going to love her.

A smart girl who is aware of her beauty, yet nurtures her academic side as well.

Looks fade, but personality lasts a lifetime!

Guys who only like you for the way you look aren’t really worth your time anyway, don’t you think?

Why would you want somebody who can’t appreciate all the other amazing aspects of your persona?

So don’t worry if you can’t seem to find a normal guy out there, because there are so many amazing things about you that you’re not even aware of!

Your looks are only a small portion of your fabulousness, and while you should be proud and confident of the way you look no matter what size you are, there are other things a real man will be able to appreciate as well.

Remember, your looks will get his attention, but your personality (and so much more) is what’s going to make him want to stay!

So, let’s break it down.

Here are 6 things guys really like in a girl that go beyond their physical appearance:

1. Guys like feminine girls who can take care of themselves

Guys like girls who are ladylike and who don’t shy away from their feminine side, but at the same time take care of themselves and don’t need a manto save them all the time.

Guys don’t like women who will pretend to be weak and totally helpless in order to win them over.

That’s the kind of girl they might have sex with, but will forget all about the day after. Aim higher!

Give him the opportunity to chase you, but don’t play dumb. Be a girly girl, but don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Guys really like girls they need to put in some effort into because it gives them a little ego boost – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Be a girl who can take care of herself, but don’t forget to let your man win you over from time to time…

It might seem silly to you, but in his world, it’s a pretty big deal.

Don’t make him think that you need his approval (because you sure as hell don’t), but keep in mind that he would love to feel like he’s won you over due to his smooth, charming abilities.

It’s really not a big deal to you anyway, and it will go a long way for your relationship.

Men are simply wired to be the “protectors” of their women and they need to feel like they are doing their job.

Let him see you can totally handle your shit if it ever came to it, but that you’d be more than happy to have him help you out, because that’s what partnership is all about.

2. Guys like self-assured girls who know what they want

No, guys don’t like girls whose only purpose in life is to please a man. That’s not an attractive quality to anyone.

It’s one thing to be a good girlfriend, but it’s a whole other thing having no purpose in life outside of your romantic relationship.

Being self-assured and confident does not mean being arrogant and overly pleased with yourself.

It means having control over your life. It means being confident in what you do and who you are.

It means not letting other people’s opinions define or limit your self-worth!

There is nothing like a beautiful, confident woman who radiates positivity, one who is kind yet modest and does not need anyone’s validation.

Somebody who is one hundred percent comfortable with who she is, but still appreciates a good man who can add to her life and keep her grounded and happy.

For as long as you know who you are, don’t let anyone limit you in any way.

And if you can appreciate a good man when you find one, you’re on the right track.

Guys love women who are positive, competent and confident. Rest assured, a good guy is going to recognize these amazing qualities in you.

Don’t settle for somebody who can’t, because that’s not what all men are like. It’s just an exception to the rule. Aim high, and you’ll find a good guy.

3. Guys like girls who are smart yet humble

Don’t be fooled into thinking that guys like girls who are dumb! That’s a completely false concept that needs to stop being used as a means to finding a guy.

Any guy who prefers girls who aren’t very smart is a guy who isn’t smart himself.

Because only a real man can appreciate an intelligent woman and not be intimidated by her brains!

Men like girls who are smart. It turns them on. What they don’t like is a girl who will lecture them all the time and use their brains against them.

They don’t like a girl who will pretend to be smarter than God, even if she was extremely bright. That’s a complete turn-off.

Guys love girls with brains!

They love a girl who can solve a complex math equation, answer a physics question on Jeopardy without thinking about it, and never mention it afterwards.

The kind of girl who is not going to rub in his face how smart she is, but who can conduct herself with grace and dignity.

Trust me, any man would be proud to have an intelligent woman by his side.

Only those who lack in the confidence department and are easily scared away by smart women will choose somebody a little less educated.

Never let your intelligence suffer for the sake of a man’s ego! Be proud! Be confident!

You have worked hard for who you are and no man can take that away from you.

4. Guys like girls who nurture their independence

Oftentimes, girls who are independent and self-sufficient have this falsely twisted stigma around them that makes it harder for them to find a guy.

It is incorrectly assumed that women who preserve their independence and don’t necessarily need a man to run the show are hard to love and difficult to figure out.

None of these things could be further from the truth!

Only a real man can appreciate a woman’s independence without letting it damage his fragile ego.

Remember, only men who have their own issues are going to make you feel bad about your ability to be on your own.

A real man will applaud you and encourage you to be anything you set your mind to!

It’s correct that men like to feel wanted and needed, but that doesn’t mean that they want you to give up your freedom and independence.

All this means is that they like the chase.

They don’t like it when it’s too easy for them to win you over; they need to feel like their efforts were spot on and they won you fair and square.

But always make him see that you’re a woman who doesn’t need a man to feel whole.

You’re perfectly fine on your own, but you are totally able to appreciate a man who will make you feel even better about yourself.

5. Guys like girls who don’t take themselves too seriously

This is key. Always being able to have pure, innocent fun and not take life too seriously! Because, what’s the point of anything if you have zero fun?

And let me tell you, guys appreciate the hell out of a woman who can make any situation fun!

A girl who is quirky, light-hearted, and totally not preoccupied with what the world thinks.

A girl they can take on a date and have the time of their life with, just sitting there, eating dinner, sipping wine, and just talking about stuff that makes your stomach ache from all the laughter.

When you try too hard and think too much, it never works out.

Guys notice when you’re desperately trying to say something witty to come off as funny and smart.

Don’t do that. Relax, be yourself, and let the situation unfold the way it’s supposed to. You don’t want to keep forcing a joke that just isn’t working, right?

So don’t, it’s as simple as that.

Find humor in the most ordinary things. Don’t always dwell on bad shit, and let yourself just laugh about stuff that you might not normally think is funny.

Don’t think about what you’re going to say. Be completely spontaneous – you never know how it can turn out!

Guys like girls they can talk to about anything without feeling judged.

They like girls who can make light of any situation and who are just genuinely upbeat and energetic.

6. Guys like girls with a good attitude and a positive personality

Nobody likes a person who is always grumpy and has something bad to say about anything.

And guys are no exception. They are instantly attracted to kind, generous girls!

Being kind, positive, and humble means so much more than your looks ever will! When a guy sees the kind-hearted girl that you are, he is going to be a million times more attracted to you than by your physical appearance.

Somebody who is always negative, looks down on people, and thinks she’s better than everyone is not somebody who is going to garner a lot of attention.

Keep in mind that when you radiate positivity and good energy, it’s infectious and felt all around you.

It is so comfortable being in the company of a person who can make anyone feel better by their mere presence.

Your beauty will only get you so far… If your personality is off-putting, it is highly unlikely that you will keep any guy around.

Sooner or later, this becomes a priority for anyone. So always keep in mind to be humble, appreciative, and kind.

Those are qualities that will get you a good man and actually help keep him around.




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