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5 Ways To Know If He Is The Right One For You

1. You can’t stop thinking about him.

OK, so this might be the obvious answer, but think about this a little bit more. We all know that when you are in love you think about that person all the time, in fact your whole life revolves around them. But when I say you can’t stop thinking about him, I mean that even when you try to stop, you can’t. He is on your mind from the moment you wake up until the second you fall asleep. You are thinking about what he is doing every second that he is not with you. Your friends might think you are obsessive, but just know it’s a good thing because this means your feelings for him are deep.

2. He challenges you

This is often overlooked in relationships, but is one of the most important qualities you will ever find in your dream man. He will challenge you in ways you never knew anyone could. He will make you see the world in a different way than you ever have before. You’ll realize that you have never been so open-minded. Sometimes in relationships, you find yourself falling for someone who is the exact mirror image of yourself, which gives you no room for growth. Growing together and challenging each other should be an important factor of every relationship.

3. The way he looks at you.

OK, so you want to know if he is your soulmate? This is one way to tell. When you are deep in conversation or he’s holding you tight and staring deep into your eyes, you’ll know. When you look at him and know that he isn’t questioning or he has no doubt in your relationship, you’ll know. You both will feel this undeniable connection of pure love and happiness and this bond that no one could ever break. You’ll feel that he isn’t looking at you, but he is looking into your mind, heart and soul.

4. The s*x is amazing.

When I say amazing sex, I mean fu*king AMAZING. You stare into each other’s eyes the whole time. You are so comfortable with doing whatever the hell you want to each other. He gives you the best orgasm of your life. You connect on this level that is unexplainable. In the end, he will leave you wanting more of him.

5. He thinks he is the luckiest man alive.

So has he told you this before, and did you believe him? If so, you are one lucky girl. This is one of the best feelings to have and for someone to make you feel this special is truly a blessing to your life. If he tells you this then just know that you are the luckiest girl alive to have a man like him.



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