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5 Biggest Sleepy Heads Of The Zodiac – Are You One Of Them?


If there was a sleep competition, Sags would win first prize, leaving every other zodiac sign behind them. The only thing that can get them out of bed in the morning is that small nuisance called ‘work’.

They are night owls, and day time is not their friend—especially when they have had only a few hours sleep before waking up.


It’s well known that Taureans love to indulge themselves. And whatever they do, they tend to go over the top. They overeat, overdrink, and naturally oversleep.

Their luck in all of this is that they are also driven and hardworking, so they will sleep in on the weekends and do what needs to be done during the week—although getting out of bed is a huge challenge for them, and they have a habit of running late just because of it.


Cancers are in touch with their own emotions, and they are also able to relate on a higher level with the emotions of people who surround them. That’s very exhausting, to say the least, and sleep is the only way in which they can process everything that has happened during the day and regain their strength.

A Cancerian who has had a good night sleep is a happy Cancerian. That’s why it’s a pity to wake them up too early.


After a busy day of being a mediator among their friends and family members and making sure everyone around them is happy, Libra could really use some rest. The best—and probably the only way to do that—s through sleep.

Libras sleep late every chance they get. And going to sleep is something they actually look forward to, so they may indulge in a nightcap or a warm bubble bath before sailing away into la la land.


The amount of sleep a Gemini needs is the same as that of a toddler, at least 8 hours. Geminis are always on the move, and they spend so much energy during the day that they literally collapse on the bed.

During the work week, they love to go to bed early, so they are prepared for the next day. During the weekends, however, they are ready to sacrifice their sleep for socializing and having fun with friends.

But if they don’t have any plans for the weekend, they will spend a whole day in their Pj’s because they want to be prepared for their next nap.



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