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4 Things Every Woman Regrets In Her Life

  Every woman will eventually regret something in her life. It is natural thing and it makes us different than who we were before. I think women don’t think about regretting so much when they are young because they are already living a life full of adrenaline and everything seems perfect. Every single decision they make when being young is excellent. But as time passes most of us will realize that we weren’t so smart when we were young. The catch is that women start to think about their life when they reach a certain age. I never thought about my life when was 20 years old but now with 30 years old there are times when I stop for a second and think whether I could have done some things in different way.   There are some common things that some women will regret eventually and I am bringing you the list of the most popular. So let’s start! 1. One night stand – I believe most of you will agree with me regarding this thing. Even it was great to meet a guy in a beach bar and spend a night with him, things like that can have nasty consequences. It is okay to do this when you are young but if you reached some serious age, this is not an option. I know a lot of girls who slept with a guy on a school trip and they never heard off him later. For some of them it was their first sexual experience. Now they regret they did that because they wanted to give their virginity to a special person and not to the stranger from the club whose name they don’t even know. I just want to say that even you are young, you should think about future. If your decision looks great even after 2 years, then go ahead, because you don’t have anything to be ashamed of . 2. Motherhood – Being a mom is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When you hold your baby in your arms the whole world can fall apart and you won’t be aware of anything. There is some special bond between mother and a child and from my experience I can just tell that it is great being a full time mom. I know it can exhausting and busy to watch your kids all day but everything pays off when those little hands hug you during sleep. That’s the best feeling ever and you are selfishly hiding it from everyone else. On the other hand there are moms who just regretted having that role. Some of them can be occupied with their job and some of them would like to have fun and travel but they can’t do that because of the kids. Let’s be honest, life is much easier when you don’t have kids but for me, they are the biggest blessing of all. I met a woman who told me she regrets being a mom. At first I couldn’t believe what she was saying but then she kept telling me how her health got worse since she got her children. Not all women can be lucky enough to have an amazing pregnancy and the act of delivering a baby. For some of us situation gets complex and unfortunately some women lose their lives. All these fact affect the decision of having a child and when you think about it you can see it makes sense. From the moment I realized that, I stopped reprobating women who don’t want to have kids. After all, it is their choice whether they want a peaceful and tidy house or creative mess that is a consequence of their kids.   3. Abortion – This is a delicate topic and I am sure almost every woman regretted in the end if she has done this. Killing an innocent child is a crime and even people can forgive you for doing so, trust me you will never forgive yourself. I heard stories about women who accidentally got pregnant and keeping a child was not an option. In most cases the child’s father didn’t want to marry them and they didn’t have any other choice than get rid of their baby. Listen to me please, if you are experiencing a situation like this don’t kill your child. They are not guilty for anything and you are not the one to judge whether they will die or live. Maybe your child will help you realize what you are capable of. Maybe you will be the best mom in the whole world because you will compensate all the love they didn’t get from their father. Maybe you will learn and grow together with your child and become a better person. So don’t do things now that you will regret later. 4. Not listening to yourself but other people – Do you know that feeling when you were listening to your mom and dad when they told you which university to enroll? Or their advice about the perfect prom dress? I know, I know it sucks, right? Well, the catch is we always listen to our parents when we are young but in the future we realize that they were not right about all the things.   So my motto is: If you make mistakes, it is because it was your choice and not other people’s choice. I am not saying you shouldn’t listen to your parents but it is better to make your own decision about certain things. Probably you don’t want your mom and dad choose a partner for you so you should try to distinguish what is good for them to know and what isn’t. If you are old enough try to make your own decisions. It doesn’t mean they need to be perfect but they are made by you. And that is the point of everything. We are all tailors of our destiny and I am sure you don’t want to end up in a nursing home with the fact that you haven’t made any important decision in your life. So resist all of them and make your own choice. Trust me, that is the best thing you will ever do in your life.  


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