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22 Things Most Women Lie To Their Men About

Women lie to men just like men lie to women, and it’s not always in a malicious way. Sometimes it’s just little white lies that we tell. They’re the kinds of things that we assume won’t cause any harm.

There are times in a relationship or even a marriage when it’s best not to be honest. It’s a crazy notion but bear with us and it will all be revealed. Studies have shown that a white lie can actually make your relationship stronger while the brutal truth can actually ruin it. According to the research done at Oxford University lies sometimes are the best policy.

Some women will lie to protect their partner’s feelings and those are the lies that are often okay to tell. There are many reasons why a woman chooses to lie to her spouse and they aren’t all sinister. Some of them actually make a lot of sense. Check out these 25 things most women lie to their men about, according to studies.

Women Will Lie About Their Age

You might think that this would just happen before a relationship starts but that’s not always the case. Some men have found out that their girlfriend has been lying to them about their age for a while. It usually happens if a woman thinks that she might be too young for a guy or too old for a guy but she doesn’t want to mess up her chances of being with him. Genuine age lying usually starts with women past the age of 24.

That You Didn’t Use His Shaving Cream

C’mon, we have all done it before. We run out of shaving cream and then we see our man’s shaving cream and we use it on our own pits. One lie that we have probably all said at one point, “I don’t know who used your shaving cream!” What we really should be saying when we are asked that question is, “I straight-up used your shaving cream all over my legs and pits and I don’t regret it!”

She Just Wants Some Peace And Quiet

Sometimes women lie because they need to get away and don’t want to have to argue about it. This CafeMom user confessed that she lies to her husband about going to yoga when she just needs a break from her kids. “My husband thinks I go to a yoga class every Wednesday night. The class happens to be right at bedtime for the kids. I don’t go to class. I just go to a bookstore and read for the hour. I hate bedtime duty.” Penny O.

She Doesn’t Flirt With Other Guys

Well, the cats out of the bag with this one. One common lie that women tell men is, “I don’t flirt with other guys.” It may be hard to catch your woman “flirting” because many people have different definitions of what flirting is. Flirting for most people is when you engage with the opposite sex in such a way that they would think that you were interested in them, even if it’s just chatting. When women flirt it’s usually harmless more like a confidence boost but whether that will be okay with your man is another story entirely.

“I’ve Never Done This Before”

Now this one can be taken a few different ways, but it usually involves trying new things in the bedroom. It’s probably a statement that men have heard more than once throughout their dating life and they probably know you are lying the moment you say it. It’s likely the first thing they hear when they take a girl home from the club is: “I’ve never done this before.” If she’s saying something like this, it’s most likely not true.

The Magic Number

We all have a number in our heads of the number of people we have been with. It’s rarely the same number that we tell our spouse when he asks. Women usually lie about their number because they don’t want to be judged even though men are never judged for their number. One CafeMom user wrote, “My husband is the great love of my life. He does not need to know about my wild years. He thinks he knows my ‘number,’ but he is off by about 10 or 15. Like I said, wild years.”

She Likes Cuddling

Not all women are into it. Especially if you are one of those women that overheat at night and need the fan on. Sometimes all that body heat is just a little too much. One CafeMom user knows exactly what we are talking about: “I hate cuddling! I get hot and feel crowded. He loves it, so I pretend not to mind and then as soon as he is asleep, I wriggle back to my cool side of the bed.”Featured Today

She Lies On Social Media

She’s telling her man she’s in the perfect relationship and she’s also telling everyone on her feed. Whether it’s true or not is another story entirely. You might notice as you are scrolling through your feed that there are so many #relationshipgoals around you. The Works provided a survey that stated that 64% of Australian women made deceitful statements or embellishments on social media. That’s compared to the 36% of men who do the same.

She Says She’s Fine

If you are a guy and you don’t know that a woman telling you, “I’m fine,” is just a lie, then we may not be able to help you. This should be an immediate red flag to men that you are entering the danger zone. She is just not telling you what’s wrong because she’s disgusted with your existence but you are bound to hear about it at some point. It’s always best to talk things out otherwise she is bound to grow resentful.

How Much A Pedicure Costs

What? It’s best that guys just don’t know these things. Sometimes women will lie about how much their spa services cost because maybe they won’t be allowed to go as often if their man had any idea how much these things cost. One CafeMom user wrote, “My husband has no idea how much my monthly mani-pedi costs, and I’m going to keep it that way! He’d think it was crazy expensive, but I think it is cheaper than therapy, and that hour of pampering keeps me sane!” — Flora G.

How Much Your Amazon Order Costs

It’s the same when it comes to going to the spa, women often hide from their spouses how much they spend when they are at the mall or online shopping. She may come home with an awesome outfit and tell her man a different price than the outfit cost. Dating coach DeAnne Lorraine told Men’s Health, “We think a man will judge us for our spending habits, and that he’ll think we’re silly or frivolous.” A problem occurs however if he finds out that you have been lying.

She Tells Him He’s The Best

As in the best that she’s ever had. We’re not saying that it’s not true but it also may be a lie. What else would you expect her to say? One CafeMom user admitted that she has lied to her husband. “I for sure love my husband the most of all my partners, but he isn’t the best I’ve ever had. That honor goes to a random hookup I met while on vacation back in my single days. But why would I tell my husband that? I tell him he is the best EVER, and he is proud as a peacock about it.” — Kim W.

She Never Thinks About Anyone One Else

It’s pretty impossible to never think about another person ever again. Have you seen the men in Hollywood today? Men certainly can’t say that they never think about other women, it’s a human impulse. There is no point in telling your partner that perhaps, every now and then, another man crosses your mind. Women’s Health states that it’s perfectly normal because it’s not like it’s easy to control your thoughts. If a woman says that she only thinks about her boyfriend, she is lying.

9That She Thinks About The One That Got Away

There are a lot of women who are still hung up about someone from their past. It may not even be someone who is a threat to their relationship, it could even just be the guy she dated in high school. But for whatever reason, her mind just flicks to him every now and then. One CafeMom user wrote, “I haven’t lied exactly about this, but my husband doesn’t know that I have a brief relationship with a woman when I was in college. I loved her but I think it was a one-time thing and I don’t define myself as bi. I’m not sure what he’d think.”

8She Dated One Of Her Good Friends

If a woman has guy friends then it’s not out of the question to think that she may have dated one at some point. A friendship can easily turn into something else with a guy and a girl and she may not want to tell you that especially if she is still hanging out with the guy. If that friendship is important to her, she may not want to lose it just because her guy gets jealous. A good way to tell is to gauge just how close they really are.

Her Ex Means Nothing To Her

If a woman has been in a relationship for a decent enough time, then it’s impossible for her to say that her ex doesn’t mean anything to her. She may just be saying that to her man because she doesn’t want him to be jealous or even mad at her. Even if she still has feelings for her ex, she is unlikely to ever tell her boyfriend. She may like to present herself as a good girl or to spare her partner’s feelings.

She Lies About How Much She Understands

Say you’re dating someone that speaks another language and you pretend that you don’t understand that language. You could probably be privy to some personal information at some point. One CafeMom user wrote, “My husband is from Panama and still speaks in Spanish to his mom and family. I pretend I don’t really understand so I can eavesdrop on their conversations. Four years of high school Spanish is finally paying off!”

She’s Got This Covered

She’s Still In Contact With Her Ex

Now, this one can be a deal breaker. You have to ask yourself, why is she in contact with him. Is it because of genuine friendship or are there still feelings there? One CafeMom user admits she still contacts her ex-husband. “I still email with my ex-husband. My current husband would hate that because he is a little insecure about the fact that we had a very friendly divorce. I’m never going to get back together with my ex, but I still like him as a person, so I’d miss being a part of his life if we stopped all communications. So, we stick to email and don’t mention it to our current partners.”

She Doesn’t Think He’s Talented

If you start admitting those types of things, it’s grounds for divorce. If your man thinks that he’s an awesome writer but you fall asleep every time he reads his work, what are you going to do? You don’t want to hurt his feelings. One Thought Catalog user wrote, “This is horrible to admit, but my husband loves to write me poems and then read them to me. I think the thought behind it is sweet, but his poems are awful. I cringe sometimes when he gets all serious and choked up while reading me something about my ‘eyes as stormy as a sea during a storm.’ Yikes.”

Whatever You Want

It’s a rare day indeed that a woman doesn’t know what she wants. She also knows how she wants you to act as well. So if you suggest you are going out with your friends and she say, “Whatever you want,” you can bet there is going to be a fight somewhere down the road. It’s better to just be honest and say that you are angry that he’s going out instead of pretending you don’t care.

She Doesn’t Want To Do Anything For Her Birthday This Year

Guys, don’t fall into that trap. If a girl ever says this, she is just having a bad day and may be feeling bummed about getting another year older. She still fully expects you to celebrate her day like it’s the most amazing day of the year. She may fully expect you to paint her name in the sky with fireworks or take her to Paris. The point is, it’s a dangerous game to play, to just do nothing for her birthday.


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