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20 Things She Thinks Impress Him (But Which Actually Make Him Want To Ditch Her)

  Getting that special someone’s attention can be so difficult, we know. Some of us start acting like ladies we totally aren’t to get that man’s eyes to focus on us. And then when you end up falling for him, you want to show him that you’re everything he’s ever wanted, but how?

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

There are so many things to do to catch the attention of a love interest; some should be attempted, while others should be flushed down the toilet. We see and hear of it all the time; women go the extra mile desperately to make a man smitten over them. We tend to do whatever it takes, even if that means switching up our hairstyle, or even lifestyle. Nowadays, with social media, many women have the wrong idea of what should be done to get a man’s attention; they think that dressing in a certain way, and sending pictures will do the trick, but that is surely what we do not advise if you want positive results. It is human nature to feed off attention, but you want to get his proper attention and for the right reasons too. Have you found yourself in a rut after doing everything to impress him? If so, we are here to inform you what to not do if you do not want to scare him off.

20Playing Dumb

There are various subjects that could come up when you’re first starting to get to know a guy; whether it be celebs, sports, or history. It is during this stage that a man will want to talk to you about certain things, by trying to educate you. If you find yourself already knowing the facts and information he is bringing to the table, do not act like you have no clue. Let him say what he must, but then let him know that what he told you is something you already know by sharing your knowledge. Do not dumb yourself down to impress him just because you want him to feel macho or smarter. A man will want to ditch you if you do not know of any of the topics he discusses.

19An Altered Voice

We all want to be cute and flirtatious with our new crush, but certain things that movies and television make seem like a turn on are actually turn offs. If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you’ll remember the backlash Krystal got on Arie’s season for constantly using a voice that was not hers. Yes, what we are saying here is that men are not impressed by your “what you think is cute” baby voice. Women tend to believe that by talking to men in a soft and high-pitched tone, it will get a man falling in love with them, instead, you’ll never hear from them again ― unless they’re Arie.

18Don’t Pretend You’re Not Hungry

We know you may be a little shy at first, but when it comes to food, it is human nature that we want to fill our bellies. We all have different servings we take liking to, but do not think you are impressing a man if you proudly, and constantly tell him you’re not hungry.   Whether you have a voracious appetite or not, a man doesn’t not want to hear these four words when you’re out on a dinner date: “I am not hungry.” Quite frankly, pretending you’re not hungry is not adorable. It is not attractive to eat very little on a date, contrary to what you may think. And if this happens on more than one occasion, chances are there won’t be another date. We’re not telling you to stuff your face either but show him your real appetite to impress him instead.

17Acting Like One Of His Boys

We know love makes us do silly things; before we fall and then when we do. Some women do this and believe they will score more brownie points, but it is quite the contrary. What are we talking about? Acting like a dude. If you’re a woman, just be your lady-self around him; just because you’re a woman that does not mean you cannot find enjoyment in sports and video games. Acting like a guy will just not do it for him; he wants a woman, not another male friend. Faking acting like a bro won’t make him take you on many more dates, that we can guarantee you, so please, don’t act like his bro.

16Laughing For Nothing

Having a sense of humor is great, but let us face it, none of us laugh 24/7 ― so why act like you do to try and amaze him? If you believe in your heart that giggling at everything he says is going to make him give you the relationship green-light, you are totally wrong. Why, you ask? Because if you do that consistently, he will never truly know when you are genuinely laughing at his silliness. He does want to feel special and laughing at words that come out of his mouth is surely a way to make him feel as such, but always giggling will irritate him.

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How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 


15That Duckface Pose

Ever since the Kardashians came along, the whole selfie game jumped to a whole other level; the duckface came along. Before, we would innocently take pictures of our faces without even thinking twice, now, some women have the tendency to take about 50 selfies with the duckface until they find the perfect one. However, though we think pouting our lips, with a serious face is uber attractive to men, it is the complete opposite. You will not impress him by sending him Snapchats of your puckered-up lips all the time. If he has not told you, we are here to tell you that he despises it and prefers seeing you smile.

14Pretending To Cheer For His Team

We’re being straight up: just do not pretend or fake anything when you are with a man. One big no-no for them is a woman pretending to be a sports junkie. Of course, naturally, to get your crush to fall for you, you’re going to try and share the same interests as him. However, when it comes to sports for men, it is religion to them, and the last thing you want to do is mess with that. If you always have been into sports, that is totally a go! If not, do not pretend to be a huge fan of your crush’s favourite team, because he will catch on.Featured Today  

13Wearing Clothing Like You’re Heading To The Beach

If you want him to #wifey you, then do not pay attention and ignore all those magazine spreads and social media posts with revealing women. We’re not saying we have something against women showing skin, but too much, is too much. If a man wants to settle down with you, you must attract him using your brains ― not by having barely any clothing on. We guarantee you you will not win the heart of a serious man by wearing minimal clothing. Of course, wearing a fashionable skirt is great, but there are limits as to what is too much. He might ditch you if he sees this and might assume you’re not a potential girlfriend.

12Acting Too Cool For School

We do not want you to go all Danny Zuko cool on your man, because if you recall, acting cool totally turned Sandy off and disappointed her. The same applies for the ladies, acting cool is no fun if you are just putting on an act. Evidently, a man goes nuts for a woman who is cool, calm, and collected, but when you’re faking your coolness, he’ll eventually see right it. Chances are he will notice because you will nonchalantly say offensive jokes or things that you think are cool, but actually are not. He will catch on and be annoyed that you’re not being yourself.

11Dedicating All Your Time To Him

Men value independence; being clingy after the first date will certainly not get you another chance at seeing him. We say this because there is a common re-occurrence among women nowadays when they just begin seeing a man. Women, sadly, tend to completely depend on the man they are crushing over, totally leaving behind their squad. They think if they devote all their time to the man they like, and ditch their support system, he will take her more seriously. Turns out, he won’t, because distancing yourself from your friends and family will immediately make him believe you are relying on him only.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

10Changing Up The Way You Look

If a man initially approaches you, and asks you to go on a date, it is because he is attracted to you. Now, if you show up one day on a date looking completely different, because of beauty mods, do not be surprised if he takes the next exit. With social media nowadays, beauty mods are on the rise because of the idealistic looks portrayed. Some women take that to heart and truly believe if they change their looks it will impress a man even more. If he already likes you for you, why change your image? Just because a man may be obsessed with models, do not think that changing your entire appearance will for sure affect him.

9Letting Go Of Who You Are

Do not give up your hopes and dreams to impress a man; having wishes in your heart is the most beautiful thing and a real man will want to see those shine through. Like women, men are attracted to women who are passionate and driven, so if you suddenly have abandon all you future plans to be with him, he may just get on the lost highway. To impress him, you do not have to put all your focus on him, because he will sense it; he will sense that you are downplaying all your desires for him. Do not make him your everything if he still is not yours.

8Layering On Makeup

Makeup is bigger and better than ever before; try being a woman and scrolling through Instagram without coming across numerous makeup looks and video tutorials. Also, try going through a day without hearing about beauty queens Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. What this means, is that society puts loads of pressure on women to look a certain way, and that is not always impressive, especially to men. There is nothing inherently wrong with makeup, but if you’re packing on loads of makeup on just to impress a man, you’re doing it wrong. For them, less is more and they want to see your natural beauty most.

7Mentioning Your Bad Habits

Some things are better off unsaid; like how much you do not care about your health or exercise. We now reside in a world that is extremely health-conscious, and though we all crave chocolate bars, candies, and chips, know how to talk about it and what to say to him. We know we all joke around about how much we love a good ol’ Oh Henry, but you will not impress a man if you brag to him about how much you love to always order take-out food and binge on junk food. And bragging about how terrible your eating habits are will probably have him telling you, “that don’t impress me much.”

6When You Always Agree

You could certainly share many similar opinions with the new man you have your eyes on, but that does not mean you have to nod your head yes to everything. In a real world, two people do not always agree ― it is nearly impossible. So, if you’re agreeing with everything he says, he certainly will not buy it. Take for example, if he asks you out on a date for dinner, and questions where you would like to eat, do not simply reply “I will want whatever you want.” Though you feel like your nonchalant vibe will impress him, he will get annoyed if you constantly agree with what he wants and shoot that same bland response at him. He can tell you’re doing it just to appease him, and he’ll want to dash.

5Don’t Go Too Big Or You May Go Home

When it comes to special occasions like birthdays and the Holidays, women and men have a very different outtake. And we’re going to tell you to start taking this seriously, because it will save you money and time. Men, care much less about their birthdays or other important occasions than we do. They do not need that over-the-top birthday celebration or birthday gift to be impressed. For them, it is the small things that count, and if it is only the beginning, and you’re overly spoiling him, he may not appreciate it as much as you would think ― some men find it feels like strangulation.

4Don’t Be So Loud

Just because Hollywood glamorizes it, that does not mean it will float people’s boats IRL. We’ve all seen it before; the loud party girl wins the hottest boy’s heart at the house party, but that does not mean a thing in reality. To impress him, you do not have to get out of your comfort zone. What this means is, if you’re not Regina George, there is no need to be that girl who does body shots or gets on the bar to show off her dances moves. It won’t impress him for the right reasons, and if he is looking for something serious, chances are, he will feel unwelcome.

3Showing Him Off To The World

A man will always value a woman’s support, but as usual, in the beginning, when you’re first getting to know someone, there are lines to not cross. One of them, is being too overwhelming when it comes to support. His aspirations are certainly important to him, but if he is still not your man, you will not impress him by being his number-one fan. And with social media nowadays, some women get too personal and show off the boy they’re crushing on on their Snapchat story while trying to promote him. Then, they bomb-text their best friends about his new business pitch and also post on Facebook. That will not win his heart over because he might get scared and run out.

2When You’re Too Nice

Unless you are dating him, there is definitely no need for this next one. Sometimes we believe that the key to a man’s heart is winning the heart of the parents, but when you first meet a guy, that is a bit too touchy. We know that you’re completely innocently doing this, but it will actually give off the wrong impression. If you always beg to meet his parents and bring them a gift or a little something every time you see them, it will come off as desperate. You may feel like you are super sweet doing so, but he will be more uncomfortable than impressed if you aren’t an item.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

1Acting Too Fast

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Society puts this pressure on women that we need to always be coquettish with men and cater to their needs. However, that is totally false, as the right guy will not need you to force yourself into things you do not want to. We are adults and free to make our own choices, but men like when things move slow, especially when it comes to settling down. When it comes to affection, there needs to be a mutual understanding on when to take things further. If you are not feeling certain things, then do not do them just to impress him. If he feels that is all you’re trying to impress him with, it may just ruin things.


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