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10 Brutally Harsh Negative Personalty Traits You Definitely Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Whether you’re a fearless Aries or a passionate Pisces, we all know that our own astrological sign has a lot to offer the world. However, nobody’s perfect. Here are 10 negative personality traits that are often associated with each sign.

ARIES (MARCH 21 – April 19)


1. Can’t wait for change; you want it NOW!

2. Not a very good team player

3. You want recognition, and you’ll pout until you get it.

4. Sharing attention kills you.

5. Halfway out of the starting gate before the race begins

6. Waiting for other people to catch up is torture.

7. Happiest when the spotlight is on you

8. Unwilling to share the limelight

9. Downplays anyone else’s contribution.

10. You’ll hold your breath until you get your way.



1. Stubborn when presented with new information

2. It takes a lot to change your mind.

3. Shockingly narrow-minded

4. Not really open to new ideas

5. The thought of innovation bothers you, too.

6. You place too much value on material things.

7. But, you’re tight with money, even when it’s something you need.

8. Convinced that your way is the best way

9. Level of self-indulgence that’s inappropriate

10. So practical it’s painful



1. Duplicity is your middle name.

2. You can be very manipulative.

3. Lying is your second language.

4. You seem to have several personalities.

5. You’ll flirt with anyone.

6. You get bored with new things very quickly.

7. You can change on a dime, but not for long.

8. It’s really hard for people to trust you.

9. No one knows what you’ll do next.

10. You’re kind of shallow.



1. You’re way to sensitive.

2. Your emotions control you.

3. Even you don’t know why you’re so moody.

4. You’ll take your moods out on anyone around you.

5. You’re overly sentimental.

6. It’s hard to be friends with you.

7. Your emotions are unpredictable.

8. Not very stable in a relationship

9. You’re quirky.

10. Loyal, even when someone doesn’t deserve it.



1. Dominates social situations

2. Bossy on the job

3. You resent not being the center of attention.

4. Not a very good leader

5. Easily offended

6. Self-centered

7. Pride is your downfall.

8. You like to brag. A lot.

9. It’s tough to get along with you.

10. You’re kind of arrogant, too.



1. You’re pretty high-strung

2. Nothing is good enough for you.

3. You mind everyone else’s business.

4. Too nosy!

5. You like to gossip.

6. You really hold a grudge.

7. Picky, picky, picky.

8. You need to learn to relax.

9. Really self-critical

10. But, even more critical of everyone else



1. You can’t make decisions.

2. Hardly anything satisfies you.

3. Can’t keep criticism to yourself

4. Contradictory by nature

5. Too materialistic

6. You spend money like it grows on trees.

7. Spoiled and childish

8. Whimsical, but not in a good way

9. You’re easy to manipulate.

10. You’ll follow your heart, even when it leads you down the wrong road.



1. You’re really mean sometimes.

2. Possessive of friends

3. Jealous of romantic partners

4. Your jealously is inappropriate most of the time.

5. Temperamental

6. You’ll argue about ANYTHING.

7. You can hold a grudge forever.

8. Spiteful and filled with vengeance

9. Tends to dominate social situations

10. Critical to a fault



1. Practicality is your main fault.

2. You’re inconsiderate.

3. You’re brutally honest.

4. You come off as harsh.

5. You’re impatient in social settings.

6. You get bored at work.

7. Careless with other people’s feelings

8. You think you know everything.

9. You’ll tell everyone else how to do things.

10. When it comes to relationships, you’re overconfident.



1. You’ve got an opinion about everything.

2. Hard-headed in any situation

3. You know exactly how things should be.

4. Rigid and conservative

5. Even facts won’t change your opinion.

6. Very materialistic

7. Self-absorbed to a fault

8. You have a superiority complex.

9. You don’t like to share the spotlight

10. Your favorite topic of conversation is you.



1. Two words: fickle and flighty

2. Indecisive

3. You’re contrary just for the sake of it.

4. Not very introspective or self-aware

5. You come off as detached.

6. Showing emotion scares you.

7. People often think you don’t care.

8. You fixate on people and ideas.

9. You’re too idealistic and unconventional.

10. You’ll go out of your way to shock people.



1. Even the littlest thing offends you.

2. You’ll avoid conflict at all costs.

3. You long for acceptance.

4. You’re hard to talk to.

5. “Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)” could be your theme song.

6. You have no boundaries.

7. You’ll believe anything.

8. It’s easy to take advantage of you.

9. You’re easily tricked.

10. You’re vulnerable to being manipulated.



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