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The Laid-Back Taurus Will Give Tons Of Pleasure To The Zodiac Signs

The Sun is moving away from the bold, action-oriented Aries to the grounded Taurus on April 20th.

During the Aries season, you had the opportunity to think out of the box and now, the Taurus season will bring stability to the plan.

The Taurus sign has Venus as its ruler. So, get ready for some abundance in your life with the Taurean energy. Here is how it will affect you:


The Sun will be shining on the House of your resources so finance will be the chief element of focus during this time. Money matters should be considered and you can start saving up. You can also align yourself with your passion and follow your dreams. Try to monetize it somehow.


This is your season and the Sun will shine on your house. It’s time to pay attention to what you like the most and connect with your inner desires. Things will be exciting and fun. So, you better start valuing them too. Plus, if you focus on your desires, you will bring happiness into your life.


The Sun enters the house of your dreams and imagination. Look inside – your spirit is trying to connect with you. The next season will be Gemini’s, so you should start preparing yourself. Your dreams will be your guide, don’t disregard them.


The Sun lights up your social life. Reach out to others and make some wonderful connections. If you do it right, you will gain a lot of allies. Plus, because of the Mercury retrograde taking place in this area, you will also reconnect with old friends.



The Sun will shine on your career. Expect professional growth this season. Start planning and taking steps towards what you want to achieve in the future. Define what you expect to get from your workplace and your efforts will be rewarded.


The House of Expansion will be powerful this season. Start by widening your spiritual and mental self. Try to travel, or pick up a hobby if you want. There is no end to knowledge and this is a good time for introspection.


The Sun will spice up your House of Intimacy. Relationships will grow stronger during this period. You will be able to connect with people better and communicate your values. Mercury retrograde will help you get rid of something that does not serve you any longer. Good riddance, we say.


This Taurus Season, it’s time to build a strong relationship. Start by appreciating your friends or your partner. Start questioning your weakness and solve them. Work hard to be better and you won’t regret it.


The Sun will brighten up the House of Daily Routines and make you more organized. Due to the earthy vibe of Taurus, you will engage in self-care routines and have a strong sense of well-being. This will make financial progress easy.



The House of Fun and Romance will influence you this Taurus season. Be open-minded and invite new perspectives to your life. Find inspiration, that’s how you can be both responsible and fun. Also, be romantic and bring flowers to your sweetheart. Go for a special date if you can.


Since the House of Foundations is the chief highlight during this Taurus season, you have to get ready to make your base stronger. Start bringing changes in the household. If you find yourself emotionally drained, then don’t hesitate to reach out for support.



The Taurus sun lights up your House of Communication. It’s a stimulant of your mental faculties as well as your social side. So, start off by making your relationships stronger on the communication end.

If you can, reach out for others and make new bonds. A great place to meet new people as well as develop professionally would be joining a money management workshop or summer school. Plan it out.



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